Meridia of Zavi

A Illaqari who is chilled out, and leveled headed when under pressure. She has white hair and white eyes. She is quite tall as well, and she is an Illaqari.

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a character in “Legend of Ariasfil'”, as played by xVivaLaGloriax


Character Sheet

Name: Meridia

Age: 78

Gender: Female

Race: Illaqari

Appearance: Blue skin, white hair, white eyes. 6'8, slim

Personality: Chilled out (no pun intended), keeps a level head when under pressure. However, if someone says something that she doesn't like, they would know almost straight away.

Fears: That her parents would make her strive for something that she doesn't want to do.

Goals: To one day lead an army and claim a Kingdom in the name of the Illaqari.

Backstory: Her parents are very important people in the Zavi group. Her mother, Vyhala (217) and her father, Krystophyn (302) chose to have a child 78 years ago, and she was the product. They wanted her to follow in their footsteps and become a member of the Illaqari Council, but she feels that it's too “high matinence" for her. The Council have to keep up appearances, but she doesn't mind getting her hands dirty. Most of the warriors from the Zavi group are men, so she fears that she might have to lie about her gender. However, she is willing to take the risk.

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