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Legend of Pandora

Legend of Pandora


A play-by-post epic set in the kingdom of Pandora. Politics and promises take place of the sword and shield. Create your character and make history. Posts are written in 3rd person, long narrative, like a novel.

464 readers have visited Legend of Pandora since Land of Gregg created it.


.: Welcome to Pandora :.

.: Welcome to the kingdom of Pandora, a once peaceful realm of many kings and many things. The following is an account of the events that have taken place most recently. More information on specific characters, houses, and cities can be found in:

The "Royal Annex" holds all data regarding characters, houses, cities, NPC's, maps, and more.
It can be found @

The "Storyboard" is where the writers pitch ideas, discuss plots, and organize their stories.
It can be found @


The history follows as such:

In the beginning...

Many nations ruled soundly by many powerful houses stood together in the kingdom of Pandora. Between them all, they created the standard sets of laws and government that Pandora was to be governed under. In the highest seat of power, was King Elliot Brackard, of Olympus, Home to House Brackard, and first of his name. The Brackard's have now held the throne for five generations of kings, the longest succession by a single House in recorded history.

Now, following the death of his father, King Elliot Brackard V has come into power. He is the youngest of his four successors, made obvious by his frequently juvenile behaviors. He is proud, almost too much so, and he commands the respect of his elders, holds the adoration of his people, and has made his city welcome to all. The throne has officially changed hands, a war has been put on pause, and the kingdom is stagnant, for the moment. King Brackard's reputation was not earned in the field, but rather in the city itself, constantly throwing lavish festivals and tournaments. Nicknamed the "King of Light", Elliot Brackard has ruled Olympus from atop his throne, adorned in precious gold with gemstones and intricate designs outlining every layer of his garb. For the first time in over a decade, a young and healthy king holds the throne.

The end of the most recent war is now in sight. After a drawn out bloody conflict between Houses Montague, Hawke, Huxley, Dunwood, Brandenburg, and Vonnegut, a peace treaty has been drawn up to end the fighting. Begrudgingly, leaders of all houses have been invited to the capital city Olympus to agree upon the terms. Peace is coming to Pandora. After a history littered with conflicts both large and small, the kingdom looks brightly towards a promise of peace and civility. The people are happy, and the kingdom is regaining its balance. In commemoration, King Brackard is hosting a festival in the capital -- "The Festival of Light". There will be parades, tournaments, feasts, and many other celebrations for a week-long event of splendor. The royalty of all Houses across Pandora have been invited to attend, and many have chosen to participate in various events throughout the festival. Much of the population of the kingdom plan to attend as well, threatening to almost triple the size of Olympus over the course of a few days. A royal council meeting between the Lords of the previously warring Houses has been planned for the first night of the events, wherein formal treaties and documents will be drawn up and signed.

Meanwhile, in the Trade Isles to the southeast, word has spread that through dealings with House Montague, Lord Thorne of the Tsunami Syndicate has received an incredible sum of money to design a new fleet for Lord Montague to take home to Calypso. Details of their business partnership has caused many surrounding Houses to feel uneasy.

Pirating along the southern coast of Pandora is at its all-time worst. Many consider the waters to be unsailable, but the Olympic Navy has been providing consistent resistance from its position in the north-west.

Our story begins five days before the Festival of Light in Olympus.




Toggle Rules

.: Book of Laws :.

The goal here, above all else, is to have fun. Sometimes to do this we need to have a fairly strict set of rules so to minimize future disagreements or misunderstandings. The following sets of rules and guidelines are always subject to change if we find that something doesn't work. We will continue to make new additions to this list and refine it as we see fit.

In the "Legend of Pandora", we write our stories like a novel. This means writing in third person, long narratives. Obviously, the length of the posts will vary based on the situation. Some of us will be writing more independently until our character's stories weave together. If this is the case and you are very much writing "solo", feel free to write on your own schedule. When writing closely with others, allow them time to post responses, plan together in the OOC threads, and make sure you don't step on any toes. We don't want to move the story forward to the next day if someone hasn't had the chance to post their perspective of the events.

1. Have a little respect. This one goes without saying. This is a collaborative roleplay. No one person is against another person (although our characters may be.) We encourage everyone to help each other's stories both internally and externally. Message each other outside of the threads and plan some interesting plot developments for your characters. Offer advice and critiques (where it is appropriate), and work together as much as possible.

2. Don't be a stranger. If you're going to go out of town or know that you'll soon be swamped by school, work, or some other activity, give us some advanced warning. Perhaps there are people here who you'd trust to carry your character passively as an NPC during your absence, or else you can come up with your own plot device to pardon your character. Sudden, prolonged absences may result in characters being removed or written out of the story.

3. Be fearless in your creation. The world of Pandora has a long, complicated history. It would be impossible to explain it all in one sitting, so we will mostly be creating this world together. The admins will have final say over what will and will not be included in the roleplay, but it is up to you, the writers, to create the fabric of this world. Help forge the history and layout of the world. You can always create NPC's, cities, events, anything that you feel has a place in the story. Obviously, if it is anything significant, we can discuss it in the OOC threads, but don't feel restricted to just what you know. Play a part in creating this world as much as you'd like!

4. Everybody dies. No character in this roleplay is invincible. Everyone is capable of dying if the situation presents itself. Undoubtedly, your character will get injured at some point, or perhaps be murdered. These things happen. Obviously you have control over how and when some of these things happen, but don't be the first one charging into battle on a horse wearing bright colors if you haven't come to terms with the fact that you may be slain, taken hostage, or injured.

5. Nobody's perfect. Everyone has flaws. Don't pretend you don't and don't pretend your character doesn't. When creating your character, take into account their function in this world. What is their status? Who were their parents? What do they strive to become? What do they fear becoming? What are they afraid of? Who do they hate? Love? Serve? The more of these things you can decide on, the more interesting your character will be. Much of this roleplay will revolve around your actions and your reaction to the actions of others. Know your character in and out and understand how they would adapt to the unfolding events of Pandora.

6. Plan ahead. If you create your character knowing that you plan on trying to usurp the throne of Pandora and become King, let us know. It won't be as easy as that, of course, but it isn't an unreasonable pursuit. Obviously, we all have plans for our characters and our characters all have hopes and dreams. Not all of these will be easily achieved. Some won't be achieved at all. But be vocal about your ideas and plans and you'll have a better chance of having them happen. There is an OOC storyboarding thread where we can discuss and debate the course of the story as it goes on. Be active in voicing your ideas and opinions!

7. Make a name for yourself. In the world of Pandora, your name and title mean everything. Your status dictates how people think of you, what freedoms you are allowed, and where your place is. Like real life, most people strive to improve their status through a variety of means. Be vigilant in this while you roleplay. Perhaps it is important to your character to move up in the world... or maybe they are happy right where they are. Regardless, be aware of who is a higher status or lower status than you so that you know how you are expected to act.

8. Be mature. It is only natural that we have a wide range of ages and personal backgrounds and beliefs amongst us. Regardless, this roleplay may very well venture into adult themes. There may be profanity, blood and gore, sexual situations, and other vulgar or lude musings, but we must above all keep it tasteful. There is an obvious line between acceptable and unacceptable. We'll be defining this as we write.

9. Know the story. We will have many different plots happening in many different areas of the world. Even though not all of the stories will have everything to do with one another, there are events that will have ripple effects. Be aware of what is happening so that you don't miss anything. If you ever have a question or doubt, ask before you write. We don't want someone using an NPC in one castle when the person is actually in prison on the other side of the kingdom. So do your fact checking.

10. Don't rush. This story progresses second by second, day by day. Don't jump ahead a month later or even a week. Stay aware of how fast the story is progressing and make sure you aren't skipping ahead too fast or falling behind too far. Each post doesn't have to span the length of a day, but if it does cover a significant amount of time... you'll have to sit out until the rest of the posts catch up. Work on moment-to-moment posts and really take time to develop your character.

.: Character Creation :.

This is the character template we will be using for the roleplay. Go ahead and follow the instructions below:

For "Character Name" include:

-- First and last name (and middle one if you have it). If you have a nickname, include that as your middle name.
i.e. Rhobis "Longbrow" Farley

For "Synopsis" include:

-- Some up your character in one sentence. Include your title/profession and place of origin somewhere. Keep it simple and creative.
i.e. "A man from Lanchester with nowhere to go." or "A bastard blacksmith from Laruzia."

For the "Avatar" include:

-- The 100x100 avatar of whatever celebrity you would choose to portray your character. Check the cast of characters in the OOC threads to make sure your avatar is available and not already taken.

For "Description" include:

-- The details of your character. Age, gender, height, weight, skin color, eye color, hair color and type, body build, and other distinguishing features like tattoos, scars, birthmarks, etc. Also list your character's title and allegiance. Have they sworn to serve anyone? Are they some merchant's apprentice or student? Some characters may have no allegiance, like a bandit or pirate, but most have sworn allegiance to a King or royal house of some kind. Your title is dictated by your profession more often than not. The title "Ser" means that you are at least a Knight. A "Master" is a mentor or tutor in some doctrine like medicine, melee or ranged combat, cooking, blacksmithing, etc. A "Lord" has a vast estate and alot of wealth as well as a small personal army and staff of servants to attend them. Other titles could include "Captain" of a ship, any military rank in the Royal Guard or other army in the realm, "Prince", "Princess", "King", "Queen", etc. People without titles have not attained any specific rank or measure of nobility yet... but it doesn't mean that they can't in the future.

For "Personality" include:

-- How your character acts, what others perceptions of you are, your fears, desires, strengths, weaknesses, etc.

For "Equipment" include:

-- Your weapon's of choice, and any items or objects you possess that are important to you. This could include a special horse or gifted piece of jewelry you own. You can also include clothing, property, or anything else you would like.

For "History" include:

-- Your family lineage, where you come from, where you live now and everything in between. Were any of your close friends or family of any imporance throughout history? This can be summarized of course, but what important events happened in the course of your life? Detail your family, friends, and other important relationships as well.

.: NPC's :.

NPC's play an important role in this game. There will undoubtedly be several non-player written characters that play large roles in your characters' lives. Perhaps you have a squire or attendant of some kind that you feature in your posts often enough to write a short bio following the same format as above. Post them just as you would a normal character and know that they will not be used by other writers in their posts unless given consent by you.

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Character Portrait: Draiken Hawke
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Character Portrait: Draiken Hawke
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Character Portrait: Draiken Hawke
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