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Moira Lan Fong

0 · 212 views · located in United States

a character in “Legend of the Chi Warriors”, as played by Bani


Name: Moira 'Bel' Lan Fong

Age: 17

Where are you from? Chinese-American from Hong Kong, shifted to New York recently.

Appearance: Image
(Tell me if that doesn't look like a girl)

Chi Warrior of... Nature.

Personality: Moira is a loner who prefers to keep away from social events, but this is mostly because she is extremely insecure and shy. She does a good job of hiding it by her grumpiness. Short-tempered, volatile and unpredictable, once she sets her mind on something, nothing can keep her from it. She likes Gothic things and has decidedly stopped caring about what people say despite her insecurities and fears of not fitting in.

Talisman: A silver neck-ribbon with embossed rose-vines and green leaves embellished on it and a red rose to the left. The rose turns a shade of violet while she is harnessing her Chi, with the amount of violet tint representing the amount of Chi harnessed.

Weapon: Throwing Knives with wires attached.

Elaboration of your Chi: Lan mainly uses her Chi for healing purposes.
Lan usually prefers to immobilise her enemies with the use of vines and roots that spout responding to her will.
Lan can understand birds, animals and tree spirits within her sight and ask them to help her. (But nowadays not many trees have living spirits left, so it almost doesn't count.)

History: (Will edit later on, when I have thought more on it)

So begins...

Moira Lan Fong's Story