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Legend of the Dragon Soul

Legend of the Dragon Soul


When a legend of 11 dragons vanishes from history, the world begins to fall into a state of chaos. Now, the only way to restore order is in the hands of destined individuals chosen to finish what the dragons of old could not.

2,305 readers have visited Legend of the Dragon Soul since Oblivian created it.


Restarted for better starting setting
Long ago, then land of Elendia was still young and home to many powerful creatures, a demonic nine-tailed fox appeared proclaiming itself a God and ruled the land with cruel force. Under it's destructive might the land began to die out, losing the brilliance that it had as life started to die out. But, as all hope seemed lost and the land on verge of death, 11 dragons stood up against the demon fox. Nine of them sealed one of the Demon Fox's tails, weakening it for the remaining 2 to destroy the evil beast. With the Demon Fox destroyed, peace finally returned to the land of Elendia, but it was still greatly damaged and scared from the Fox's rule.

In order to rebuild the damaged land, each dragon took a place in watching and balancing the flow of each of the forces that made up the world.

Light, the holy rays that help in bringing peace and the day time.
Dark, balancing the flow of negativity in the world and brings about the silent dark blanket of night.
Fire, the mighty flames that reduce evil to ashes and fills the land with warmth.
Water, giving the land oceans and streams, it fills the seas with life.
Wind, filling the sky with life as it shares it's breath of life to all living things.
Earth, giving the land minerals and energy up to the tallest mountain.
Lightning, with a thundering roar in the stormy skies, it gives the spark of life to each new being.
Wood, turning the land green with life, it helps sustain the beings in the land.
Ice, bring the cold to keep the land cool, it shows it's beauty in it's icy arts.
Spirit, channeling the life through the living creatures of the land, it makes sure those that pass on find peace.
Chaos, said to be the root of all the forces before they become what they are, it leads the others on with their duty.

Each dragon placed themselves in charge of each of the forces, helping to rebuild the land as best they could to it's once former glory. To further help the land, they taught selected humans how to wield the power of the forces to help the land. For a long time, with the aid of the humans, there was a time of peace, until one devastating day.

Being so close to the origin of the forces, the Chaos Dragon began to feel effects of the tail of the Demon Fox they each sealed. It's evil seeping into his mind as he turned on the other Dragons, using his force to create an army of corrupted and evil beings that he used to attack the humans that also shared the ability to use the forces from the Dragons. Even with the 10 remaining dragons fighting as hard as they could, the combined power of the Demon Fox's tail and the force of Chaos made the Chaos Dragon stronger then even before. As a last resort, the 10 Dragons combined their powers and sacrificed themselves to seal their corrupted Dragon brethren along with his evil forces. Leaving the caring for the land to the humans they entrusted the wielding of the forces to. So ever since then, their bodies have sealed back the Chaos Dragon and his forces, leaving only their souls to watch over. But it's said that, if an evil threatens to undo the seal, then the Dragon Souls will be reborn into selected humans, giving them their power to counter the evil like they did long ago. These chosen to wield the strength of the dragons, wielders of the Dragon Soul, would be the only force strong enough to defend the land if the Chaos Dragon and his forces are unleashed once again.

...and so ends the legend of the 11 Dragons, a legend that should have remained in the memories and hearts of all humans. But, as the centuries went on, the knowledge and history of the dragons vanished from the books and minds of everyone. The humans, believing now that the gift that a number of them have are in fact those "chosen by Gods" and their powers misused in this day and age. With their duty and promise to the dragons forgotten, the world has been on a spiral back into Chaos as the people begin to grow corrupted by power, greed, and lust. Crimes increase as more Power Wielders use their gifts to oppress others. Within these times, the main form of use for those gifted with powers over the forces of the land take part in battles that have become the main form of entertainment all over. "Power Wielders" in groups of 5 take on other teams to earn prizes and for the spot of being the strongest.

It is within this dark time that the forgotten legend begins to take form. Bearing the marks of dragons on their bodies, 8 chosen individuals are each gifted with the power one of the Dragon Souls. Will they manage to learn of their fate in time to stop the growing evil that threatens to release the Chaos Dragon and his forces upon the world once again?


The land of Elendia is a fantasy medieval type of setting, with the exception of there being some more advanced devices from the use of the abilities of the Power Wielders. But those such things are only reserved for nobles and people with enough cash to afford such luxuries. The rich have the best while the rest have what's leftover, so to speak.

At the top is King Ryuu himself, wielding all the power in the land as seeks to gain more under his rule. In his attempt to grow in might, he occasionally sends out Seekers, to find skilled Power Wielders to become one of his Knights of Glory. To many, it would be an honor to join those ranks, if one doesn't feel bothered with a few "dirty" tasks given by the King himself. While the Knights of Glory are said to bring about peace in places they are sent to, the crimes seem to only keep increasing and a number of these" brave and noble knights" abuse their power and cause more problems on their own.

But far away from the civilization, two tribes once stood separated from the corruption, keeping the legend of the Dragons still in record. They were attempting hard to make peace with one another. Due to the fact that each tribe was dedicated to a different dragon, The Light and Dark Dragons. With that difference between them, they struggled to not fall into the corruption the rest of the world was being swallowed by and were on the verge of making an arranged marriage treaty to keep peace between themselves. But it became a disaster when the daughter of the Dark Dragon Tribes Elder suddenly fell drastically into the corruption, killing her fiance on the wedding day. The disaster sparked a war between them as the already risky situation between them escalated into the point that both tribes killed each other. Only two remaining from that bloodshed, the sister of the one that was to wed the Dark Dragon Tribe traitor, and that very traitors brother.

Also an added fact that might have been missed in the Legend above, that wielders of the Dragon Soul are born with a mark on their body that resemble that of a dragon mark. the symbol looks like this:
The symbol also helps them to find other Dragon Soul Wielders, as it resonates when one they haven't met yet is close by.

This is the world of Elendia.
((more details on the dragons will be added in an OOC topic soon. Any other questions can be asked to me))

Dragon Soul Wielders
(due to the restart, the opened spot can either be retaken by the originals or someone else can take it)

Light Dragon Soul Wielder - Pristine ()
Dark Dragon Soul Wielder - Sikes ()
Fire Dragon Soul Wielder - Ayla Demieno
Water Dragon Soul Wielder - Shivir Nibelhiem
Earth Dragon Soul Wielder -
Wind Dragon Soul Wielder - Farren ()
Lightning Dragon Soul Wielder - Krystal ()
Ice Dragon Soul Wielder - Nowaki
Wood Dragon Soul Wielder - Silvia GladeO'Rose
Spirit Dragon Soul Wielder - Cecile Vixen ()

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[center] [b]Appearance[/b]
(Either an image or very well written out details)

[b]Mark Location[/b]
(where the Dragon Mark for the Dragon Soul Wielders is on their body)

(simple right?)

(I want creativity so there are no limits to the ages, just don't make them a baby or something like that)

(I'm very sure you know what this is)

[b]Dragon Soul[/b]
(Which one of the dragon soul does he/she have if they are one)

(what does he or she use to defend her/his self?)

(Abilities that involve either the force they are gifted in or the Dragon Soul they Wield)

(Natural trained skills and abilities he/she has. NO power types.)

(explain a bit how they are. At least write about one paragraph of explaining them)

(explain their life, family, etc. At LEAST 2 paragraphs of info)

(any other information)

(since relationships might form, what's his or her status in regard to that?)

Toggle Rules

- Be Creative, I like creativity so knock yourself out in creating your characters and while RPing. But do be reasonable haha
- Be Polite, Don't kill of other's character without permission, no god moding and do realize that there is another person behind that character people
- Be Mature, While this RP will involve a number events regarding a corrupted world and the chances of relationships forming, DON'T place rated R stuff or above on here. If you really want to then take it to PM.
- Be Helpfull, I know you have other lives, but please inform me if you will be gone for a long time. Have had many people vanish on me without warning in the middle of an RP.
- Have fun! ..that is all..

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Character Portrait: Shivir Nibelhiem
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#, as written by Fencer
Strange things happened in a short time, the fighters used a weird technique, something that Shivir has never seen before and for someone who travels aimlessly through various parts of the world was a lot to say though apparently the King had seen it and didn't like it at all that stuff or so it seemed since he sent the captain and champion with a group of guards to arrest them and not happy with that he also sent his troops to capture all the participants of the tournament which meant that unfortunately the tournament had vanished along with the chance to deliver the appropriate punishment to the fool who wear the crown and try to control their lives.

The soldiers entered the balcony and began to arrest the contestants Shivir that was still hung from the railing go unnoticed, the young man was waiting for the appropriate moment to flee the scene, that moment would come once the majority of the contestants are evacuated from the balcony or if something big happens, something capable of distracting the soldiers giving him the chance to slip away.

Even so, Shivir thought of a plan B in case that nothing goes the way he was hoping, The Water Wielder began to carefully control the water in the clouds above the arena and gathered to get ready to flood the whole place just in case, that would create the distraction he wanted though Shivir hoped to avoid come to that, that volume of water was quite difficult to control and also due to his sensory ability when he is surrounded by the element plus the number of people gathered there to watch the fights would only give him a great headache, a light rain began to fall due to a momentary lack of concentration and Shivir huffed hoping that nobody would notice him now.


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Character Portrait: Krystal
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Krystal gnashed her teeth feeling irritated and annoyed that she was hesitating to save people. Save? Did I just think that? She thought before feeling the drops of water on her skin. It was just a small fall, but then she smiled sadly before looking up at the weary sky, lifting her palms up to feel ther rain drops. Having a thought, she let the raw energy on her shoulder travel into her chest instead of her metal arm. The feeling began to drown out the hesitation, the sorrow, and the loneliness. The feeling was power, alot of raw powerful. The sky lit up for a second as lightning flashed somewhere outside the arena, Thunder echoed loudly throughout the city. Her crimson eyes began to heat, to feel itchy and... Glow a soft blue color.

Krystal forgot the reason why she was embracing the power, but the lightning didn't. A loud clap of thunder, growling and roaring like an anrgy bear filled the air with power as lightning flashed, but this time, alot closer then expected. It hit a soilder near Pristine, picked him up with a nasty tendril and through him into the arena wall with a beefy sound. Suprised and shocked that she could practically pick people up made her pause for a second and stare at her metal hand as if she had literally, and physically picked the man up and threw him herself.


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Character Portrait: Pristine Character Portrait: Sikes Character Portrait: Ayla Demieno
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Ayla watched with an open mouth. What had just happened? Events had quickly spiraled out of control in the arena. She had lost interest in the battle that was commencing beneath her, instead preferring to stare out her future opponents, a smirk on her lips as she cocked an eyebrow when they caught her eye. But even she couldn't have miss what happened down below. A flicker of light caught the corner of her eye and upon turning her head she was faced with a sight that clutched at her heart. Both the warriors were expelling a flame-like substance. The female's was light in colour, whilst the male's was dark. Almost at once a sharp burning pain exploded over her left collarbone. Wincing, she was damned if she'd remove her eyes from the battle to check her mark. Instead, she kept her eyes trained on them both, leaning over the barrier to get a closer look.

Then all hell broke loose.

Guards rushed into the arena and arrested the pair. In that second, Ayla knew she had to move. There was no staying here. But before she could even turn and head for the stairs, a pounding of feet echoed around the balcony. Swearing under her breath, she backed up a few steps as guards rushed onto the balcony and began arresting everyone in sight. An almost feral snarl escaped her lips, as one made a bee-line for her. He was a portly fellow, a protruding belly threatening to burst his tunic. There was little hair on his head and he had a nasty sneer on his face as he licked his lips, hungrily.

"You, m'lovely, are under arrest by the Kings' orders." Quickly, he bounded forwards and snatched up her wrists.

"Get your filthy hands off me." She hissed in a dangerous voice. Ayla pulled to be free, but it was for show. Instead, she focused on her core of her very being. Heat. She needed heat. So, accessing her inner temperature, she whacked it up. Slowly it began to ascend, her skin growing warm to touch. But the guard didn't notice. Not at first. Not until her skin seemingly burst into flames, though her appearance nor facial expression changed. With a yelp the guard released her, looking down at his red and blistered hands. A satisfied smirk highlighted Ayla's face for an instant, before she had taken off. Dodging around the battling pairs, she made for the stairs, guards shouting behind her. They were chasing her now, but their armor slowed them.

She had just reached the top of the stairs when a figure rose from their depths. Skidding to a stop, she saw what was coming before she could react. He doused her with a bucket of freezing water, before seizing her around the waist and lifting her over his shoulder. Now she kicked and bucked and bit and tore at his flesh. Nothing seemed to faze her. Eventually she fell still. Perhaps it was better this way.

"I've got her." She heard him say to the remaining guards. Demieno was defeated and she accepted that willingly.


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Character Portrait: Pristine Character Portrait: Silvia GladeO'Rose Character Portrait: Sikes
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When the two Wielder's unique attacks met one another, an explosion of power radiated, and Silvia could feel it. So did Fernis, who was growling. As the smoke cleared, and Silvia was one of those who could see through the smokescreen fairly well without waiting for it to subside. What she saw was both the fighters now back to back, surrounded by the King's knights. Silvia raised her eyebrows in surprise.

'Is this what human-held tournaments are like?' she thought to herself, as she looked at the other balconies, seeing the knights capturing, or attempting to capture, the other participants of the tournament, 'How...odd. The Ancient Bears would definitely scoff at the interference as lowly...maybe this was just something humans did?'

"Barbaric wom-!" a knight was approaching Silvia with his sword and shield at the ready, no doubt to capture her as well. But he must not have expected Fernis, because the knight gaped in shock at the sheer size of the humongous mammal, who had lowered its head to peer at the knight before opening its mouth and roaring straight into the knight's pale face.Who knows just how many a damned soul had been taken through the jaws of this wolf, a legend honored and feared throughout Silvia's village.

"R-r-r-reinforce-ce-cements!!" the knight yelled at the top of his lungs with as manliness as he could to hide his fearful squeaky voice, dashing back as fast as his liquefied legs could take him. Silvia looked down the hallway, partly shocked and partly amused. But seeing Fernis growling and in an agitated stance, she clambered on top of it and Fernis leaped down from the balcony into the arena. At first Fernis was confused, but ready to attack, turning in the spot, not knowing what to do.

"Fernis!" she pointed towards the two fighters, before her left shoulder suddenly began to burn painfully. Fernis almost stopped its dash when Silvia cried out, caught by surprise. However, Silvia kept a hand on Fernis, transmitting her thoughts through their bond. A quick recovery, Fernis thundered towards the two fighters as tremendous speed. Many of the knights that surrounded the two heard the stomping and turned around, only to see a large wolf running towards them with a girl riding it. Some quickly scrambled out of the way, some held their ground and tried to stop Fernis, but failed, being knocked out of the way by Fernis's headbutts and claws, Silvia's broken great sword, still wrapped in its protective cloth. They weren't aiming to kill. They were only aiming to maim out of commission. Fernis stopped beside the Dark Force Wielder and the Light Force Wielder.

"GET ON!" she yelled, stretching a hand out towards the girl, then looked at the guy. "BOTH OF YOU!"

As the knights began recovering, Silvia knew her move was a bad one, especially if the knights meant hostility. But somewhere inside her, somehow, was telling her that she couldn't leave these two behind. Silvia's shoulder began to hurt again, gradually becoming more painful. She winced, and almost pulled her hand back, but she kept the hand out, though it was trembling as she resisted the pain.

Fernis growled as the knights starting closing in on them...


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Character Portrait: Pristine Character Portrait: Sikes Character Portrait: Nowaki
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Nowaki sat quietly with his eyes lazily starring at the wall to his left, doing a fine job at keeping to himself. He could hear the cheers and shouting from the audience as the two Force Wielders below fought with each other, but he didn't pay very much attention. That was until there came the sudden sound of screaming cheers that were much louder than the original ones and a small jolt of pain picked his neck. He stood from where he was sitting and walked to the edge of the balcony just in time to see the end of the extraordinary attack that came from both wielders. He'd never seen such flames before, but he didn't wear any kind of surprise on his face. The boy hadn't seen a lot of things, but it was still interesting to watch. He felt a slight rush of heat pour over him, most of it coming from the mark on his neck, and he reached up to touch the area of the scarf that was covering the mark. He was curious as to why he suddenly felt so strange, but he just couldn't come up with an answer.

When the attack finished, the two opponents were quickly surrounded by what Nowaki could tell were soldiers, similar to the ones he'd encounter in his hometown. Only after a few moments, men wearing the same uniforms as the ones down below began to file into the balcony and push the other contestants into a group the best they could. Nowaki turned around, his amethyst eyes narrowing slightly as he listened to the resistance of the contestants, he even watched one woman run out with a few of the soldiers chasing after her. A faint shower began to fall onto the city, and with Nowaki being on the edge he could feel the droplets land and sink into the cloth on his shoulders. After a few seconds he hands wrap tightly around his wrists and he was forced to straighten up.

"You're under arrest by the direct order of the King."

It was a some-what tall man with an intimidating stance and facial features, clearly serious about his job. Nowaki's felt his heart lurch as a feeling he hadn't felt for a long time swept over him; a feeling he didn't like. He was scared. "No, let go!" He managed to yelp as he made an attempt to pull his wrists free, but the man had a firm grip. "Quite struggling!" The man demanded with a threatening tone that Nowaki barely noticed. He was starting to shake, his heart was pounding, he couldn't be held still like this any longer. "I said, let go!", he shouted as he yanked himself forward, bumping into a couple of people. There was the sudden sound of what seemed to be the sound of glass cracking and the ground around Nowaki laced itself heavily with ice, along with the soldiers hands and feet and there wasn't a doubt that he received instant frost bite. Even a few of the raindrops that managed to fall by during that moment turned into slush. The man soldier made a second attempt to grab the boys wrist; a mistake. "Leave me alone!" He said, his voice as raspy as usual as he stepped forward and rammed his right side into the man. Withing seconds the soldiers body had been completely frozen and laced with ice and the impact from Nowaki pushing into him caused the body to hit the edge of the balcony, tip over, and crash into pieces below.

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Character Portrait: Pristine
17 sightings Pristine played by Zodia195
Light Dragon Soul Wielder
Character Portrait: Krystal
3 sightings Krystal played by BlueWind_22
"People ask why's it so hard to trust people. I ask them why it's so hard to keep a promise."

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Character Portrait: Silvia GladeO'Rose
Silvia GladeO'Rose

"Fernis...down boy. They're not for eating... Good boy. "

Character Portrait: Farren

"Throw caution to the wind, and soar among the sky!"

Character Portrait: Cecile Vixen
Cecile Vixen

"Tread carefully around me. If you so much as walk in a way I don't agree with, you'll be dead before you see me."

Character Portrait: Shivir Nibelhiem
Shivir Nibelhiem

"A Knight, a King doesn't matter, everyone need breathe"


Character Portrait: Silvia GladeO'Rose
Silvia GladeO'Rose

"Fernis...down boy. They're not for eating... Good boy. "

Character Portrait: Farren

"Throw caution to the wind, and soar among the sky!"

Character Portrait: Cecile Vixen
Cecile Vixen

"Tread carefully around me. If you so much as walk in a way I don't agree with, you'll be dead before you see me."

Character Portrait: Shivir Nibelhiem
Shivir Nibelhiem

"A Knight, a King doesn't matter, everyone need breathe"

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Character Portrait: Silvia GladeO'Rose
Silvia GladeO'Rose

"Fernis...down boy. They're not for eating... Good boy. "

Character Portrait: Shivir Nibelhiem
Shivir Nibelhiem

"A Knight, a King doesn't matter, everyone need breathe"

Character Portrait: Farren

"Throw caution to the wind, and soar among the sky!"

Character Portrait: Cecile Vixen
Cecile Vixen

"Tread carefully around me. If you so much as walk in a way I don't agree with, you'll be dead before you see me."

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