"Throw caution to the wind, and soar among the sky!"

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Mark Location
Left-side of neck




Dragon Soul
Wind Dragon

Small Carpenter's Knife


Aerokinesis - Ability to control and even generate air particles. Farren mostly uses this as massive bursts of air, such as a gaint push or pull of air. This ability however has many more practical purposes, an example would be him being able to create a shield of air underwater so he doesn't drown.

As Light as Air - Farren can make himself as light as the air, allowing himself to glide effortlessly across the sky aswell as survive any fall. If he used this in combination with his air manipulation; he can easily fly across the sky, although it isn't slow it's by no means fast.

Wind's Movement - Farren when in danger can move like the air: not in the sense of floating around, but dodging almost impossible blows with almost impossible movements. Farren doesn't need to consciously anticipate the movements, he does it out of pure instinct not matter how complicated the blow. This ability also makes Farren a natural with acrobatics.

Wind's Warning - This is perhaps Farren's most peculiar ability, it's as if he can sense the danger in the air. For example when in a certain situation, Farren might feel the wind change, which varies on the danger building up.

Tornado - This is definitely the most dangerous move in Farren's arsenal. Farren can only access this move when something extremely bad is going to happen, or if in deep emotional state. The size of the tornado varies as it's linked to what's going on. When he does unleash a tornado though it lays waste to whatever is around it. As said Farren can't just whoop a tornado out of anywhere, it's like he needs something's permission to do so.


Athleticism/Acrobatics: Farren is fairly athletic, as well as very acrobatic: he can climb structures with ease and finesse as well as preforming some impressive acrobatic feats. This all comes natural to Farren due to his evasive and illusive talents.[b

Running: Farren is a natural runner, and is a lot faster than most people his age, this works well with his other talents, allowing him to outrun and out-maneuver most people and hardly get tired. This has stemmed from Farren's climbing mostly as when climbing he built up quite the stamina for one of his age.

Stealth: Farren can blend into shadows and crowds easily, he isn't sure why people don't notice him, but he can almost sneak anywhere. Although Farren can actually use stealth he prefers mostly to blend in with crowds, as he feels a lot safer in a crowd of people, rather than in the shadows.

Deft hands: Although Farren isn't a master thief he has displayed some skill in the art of thievery, and is a accomplished pickpocket, able to steal from particularly dull, unperceptive people with little to no problems. Although he has to pick his targets carefully, or he runs the risk of being caught.


Farren is a naturally evasive and playful person, he's always poking around in places he shouldn't either for sheer curiosity, or because it's fun. This has led him into trouble countless times, but he doesn't seem to stop and often than not he definitely doesn't care for the consequences of his actions bring, unless they affect him or someone close to him directly. Only then does he actually seem to take responsibility for them and admit to his mistake, and even then: chances are he's not being sincere. In most situations Farren is a laid back, optimistic person with a playful disposition on almost everything and anything, he takes everything lightheartedly even in the most serious of times. It's not that he wants to turn everything into a game it's just he hates being serious due to the sheer weight of responsibility it brings. That being said: Farren can definitely be serious at times, but when he does it's brief and it doesn't last long. This mostly occurs when he's in a bad mood or something bad has happened to him. Most of the time however Farren lets nothing phase him, and is constantly looking on the good points of life rather than the bad, although Farren's upbeat attitude can sometimes annoy people, it can be comforting at times. Farren also packs a deep sarcastic streak, he is most of the time dry and cynical, and often laughs at very literal things, he also has quite a wit himself, and jokes around often to lighten his own mood. Farren mostly enjoys running around alone, in his own little world where only he exists, this is why he shows disregard for most rules. Although Farren is fairly young, he displays a much more realistic, gritty understanding of the world around him, he knows what to expect from most. Due to this Farren is fairly bright for his age, and knows when to act and how to act in certain situations.


Farren was born into a small Merchant's family who lived in a small village, which was thriving off prosperity due to his family's trade. Farren was the third and youngest sibling in his family. His other siblings were all boys, the first being two years old than him, the other four years older. As Farren slowly grew up, he developed a rather unbalanced relationship with his family: his father didn't really notice him or care due to having two other sons; his two brothers played together, occasionally including him, but the oldest who was a fire power wielder more often would bully him, and go out of his way to humiliate him so he avoided them; his mother was the only one who truly cared, and showed him kindness. She didn't favor him, as she favored none of her children, but Farren felt that she loved him and looked out for him. Farren was tutored privately, as were his other brothers and so he managed to gain quite a good education because of it. Farren's father was grooming all of his sons to become Merchants so they could expand their wealth and status among Elendia.

Farren at the age of seven Farren showed the potential to manipulate the wind, although he loved it; his father did not and discouraged it while openly encouraging his brother in his fire wielding as it was much more impressive. Farren's mother despite her husband, began openly encouraging him in learning to manipulate the wind, and he showed great promise in doing so. As the years past Farren grew in his abilities. However a major event occurred in his life, when he had just turned eleven. Farren who was now quite powerful, even more so than his brother who was fourteen was jealous of Farren's talent, and had gone more so out of his way to make life hard on him. Farren endured this for months, and due to it he hardly used his ability.

It wasn't until one particular day that Farren snapped. It was outside their house, by the pond in their garden, his oldest brother was taunting him, calling him a failure then he went on to flaunt his fire wielding abilities in front of him. While his brother had stacked a column of fire, Farren released a gust of wind: blowing the fire out. Farren didn't mean to do it, it just happened instinctively, he couldn't help but snort a laugh. This increased his brother's rage who then started attacking Farren with all his might. Farren didn't react to it first, surprised by his brother's sudden attack, his brother had created a whip of fire and was trying to beat him with it. His brother got one good hit in, scarring his left wrist. It was that moment Farren had snapped, he flicked his right wrist forward, wind emerged knocking his brother aside and although Farren wanted to stop: he couldn't for whatever reason. Farren than began to bombard his brother, until eventually killing him.

Farren shocked and horrified with what he had done, almost immediately concluded he had to leave. His brother was his father's prodigy, Farren not eager to see his Father's wrath quickly ran, partly out of cowardice and shame, but mostly self-preservation. Farren felt some remorse for leaving his mother, but he assumed she would probably hate him when she found out his deed, this seemed to hurt more than killing his brother. Farren quickly learned to survive on the streets, and it's where he gained most of his skills possesses now. Farren began wandering around alone, although it seemed weird it just felt right to Farren: just to drift along.

Farren is unnaturally light, his weight is basically at 55lbs making him extremely light weight, this however hasn't affect his strength.

Farren was once in a relationship with a girl at eight, alas it didn't last as she had to move away.

So begins...

Farren's Story


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#, as written by TheFlag
The day of the tournament was finally here, the streets were alive with movement and chatter, the noise of vendors trying to sell their products to people passing-by rose above the crowds leaving only a chorus of shouts; the shouts rose up, filling the air. Farren slowly emerged from a small alleyway, pushing himself off the wall and into the streets, he gazed uneasily at the district before him, his eyes twitched before he looked forward towards the stadium, which was vaguely in the distance, "It's gotta at least be worth a shot..." he declared to himself a hint of doubt in his voice. Farren then unraveled something from his left hand, he then held it closely towards himself: it was a flyer for the recent power wielding tournament, Farren's eyes slowly went over and over it again, before he let out a brief sigh, he was almost certain that he could at least win something from the tournament.

After a few more second passed he dropped the flyer gingerly towards the ground and groaned, "I guess it could be... fun." he lifted his head back and chuckled humorlessly at his previous statement, Farren had never found fighting particularly fun. Farren shook his head wearily, before glancing towards the stadium, he had to squint to see it properly. As Farren pushed himself forward, he concluded he'd at least check the tournament out, it wasn't as if he was being forced into this after all. Farren finally began walking forward at a quick, rushed pace, wanting to get this over and done with as quickly as he could. It took a couple of minutes for Farren to reach the stadium's gates, and when he had he stood there a slight feeling of exhilaration and panic had begun to wash over him. Farren slowly looked back over his shoulder, before he whistled "Here it goes..." he then turned and began to walk inside.

As Farren approached the massive halls, he instinctively gulped after that he took a moment to steady himself and regain his composure, then he began looking around carefully. It took a minute for Farren to spot two doorways, one was marked 'contestants' the other held a massive line, he guessed it was the audience's line, he felt slightly nervous. All these people would be watching him, what if he failed? All those people would see, Farren once again steadied himself before thinking absentmindedly 'it's the taking part that counts, right?' he then spoke aloud "Here I go..." Farren took a step towards the contestant's door, his legs shaking slightly.

As Farren entered a man in a green tunic sat at the desk, several papers in hand. The man's eyes went wide for a second before steadying, "What're you doing here? Get out of here, kid." the man's voice was commanding, this was Farren's last chance to leave, to forgot about the tournament and everything, but somehow he managed to stand his ground. "I want to enter the tournament." The man looked dumbfounded for a second, before replying, "Are you deaf? I said get out of here!" the man had begun to raise his voice, but then Farren repeated, "I'm not deaf. I said I want enter the tournament." his voice was shaking slightly, the man tilted his head before speaking in a matter-of-factly type of tone, "You wouldn't last in their for five seconds. Return when you're older."

Farren was slowly beginning to lose his patience, "I don't have time for that. I want to enter the tournament." the man arched an eyebrow, before caving in "I don't have the time to deal with you. If you want to enter it's your death wish, kid. Don't say I didn't warn you." he let out a sigh, before speaking in a monotonous voice, "Name?" Farren's eyes widened in shock, before a feeling of cold victory washed over him. The man repeated again, this time with more annoyance "Name?" Farren stumbled, before he spoke quickly "Farren..." he paused, before quickly adding "Sawner" the man once again cocked his eyebrows, before sighing and writing it down on the paper below. "Head into the room behind me..." he gestured with his thumb before returning to the papers below.

As Farren quickly rushed forward into the room behind the man, he rushed up a short flight of stairs before opening a door and emerging on a balcony. His eyes flicked forward as he looked at all of the other contestants, everyone else looked older than him, he gulped once more. "Perfect..." he muttered to himself then added more casually "It's good that I like challenges.", he noticed he seemed to be getting strange glances from other contestants, he felt awkward, and looked down towards the ground before approaching the edge of the balcony watching at the matches being set up.


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#, as written by TheFlag
Farren's head craned forward as he leaned against the edge of the balcony, his eyes focused on the arena below and a chill went up his spine; he was going to be fighting down there, the prospect did't really frighten Farren but it clearly unnerved him. He looked briefly up at the sky, his head then sunked back down to the arena below, a look of glum anticipation covered his face.

Farren didn't realize at first, but he had begun to feel an odd sensation spread through his neck, it seemingly ached: almost burned. His right hand went up, massaging the left-side of his neck softly, this didn't help dull the feeling. His eyes were locked at the arena below, a man was stood there, an announcer Farren supposed as he anxiously ran his eye over the man. "It's set ladies and gentlemen! We now have out match ups!" Farren's eyes narrowed and froze in place, he was breathing deeply and he shook with anticipation, he doubted he'd be first since he had only arrived minutes ago, but he couldn't help but feel as if he was next, he shook his head trying to erase the feeling from his mind.

"We will now begin with our first fight of the day! The contestants: Sikes and Pristine, please come down to the fighting grounds!" Farren let out an almost immediate sigh of relief; all Farren knew was that: going first somehow equaled bad, for him anyway. Farren's head stretched forward, slightly eager to see the fight. He had never seen a proper fighting tournament before and he wanted to get a good look at the fight: mostly because it's fun watching two people face off; the other being Farren not knowing what he was up against, he did have a vague idea but he supposed he'd have to be precise if he wanted to win anything at the tournament.

As the announcer continued Farren looked towards the edge, still absentmindedly listening. "These two combatants come from far away, Sikes, a Dark Force Wielder who, get this, doesn't fight with a weapon. That's right folks, a man who his best weapon is his body itself!" Farren's head twisted forward as he casually looked at the man on the field, "Who is he up against? Pristine, a Light Force Wielder who's main choice of weapon is a staff. Opposite forces and from out of town, maybe these two are from the same home!" It looked like a good match, Farren thought anyway; light and dark after all, it just seemed rather fitting. Farren took a small step back, his eyes locked on the arena.


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#, as written by TheFlag
Farren's eyes widened, his eyes fixated on the battle below intensely; the combatant's attacks became a lot more directed and controlled, but he could also notice a subtle viciousness between the pair, he gulped reflexively definitely not looking forward to the prospect of participating, but he also felt a certain reluctance to quit the tournament and run. He had signed up for this, and he was going to see it through to the end; even if he does get mangled horribly in the process. Farren was many things (a murderer among them.) but one thing he wasn't was a: quitter, as his father used to say, "Our family ain't no quitters, we keep on at it until we succeed." And although Farren hated him deeply, he always felt a certain pride in that, he held onto it and it always seemed to give him comfort and courage, something that he could confide in, in desperate times. Farren took a slow deep breath and exhaled slowly, cooley and calmly.

The combatants in the arena unleashed a powerful breath-like flame ability, which reflected both the elements they wielded, light and dark. As they collided a shock wave emitted and Farren's jaw slowly and comically fell open in surprise of their feat, Farren also felt something unknown stir inside him; just for a moment however, it was a peculiar sensation, a ghostly tingling of sorts but it quickly faded and was replaced with the burning sensation on his neck which had doubled tenfold, he rubbed it irritably and hissed in response; this did little to ease the mark however. The unique feat the two combatants had preformed seemed to draw the guards and most importantly Commander Fang's attention, guard's swarmed around the pair. Farren felt the almost imminent danger rise in the wind quickly and clearly, it was the serious type of danger. Farren looked around anxiously, before taking a step back slightly panicked.

Farren took another step back, his spine hit the edge of the balcony; nowhere to run now, he wasn't sure what was going to happen, but he certainly didn't like it, he felt trapped in here and he wanted to get out of here pronto. Farren's head snapped towards the entrance, almost as if sensing the guard's entering, they immediately began proclaiming the contestants under arrest, they herded them in a small crowd. Some struggled but it seemed futile, Farren luckily was right at the back of the crowd near the edge of the balcony, and due to his height they didn't notice him... at first. Farren could hear the shouts of guards, and in response the arguing of some contestants, he closed his eyes before muttering over and over "Think, think! Of something, anything!"

Farren was interrupted from his train of thought by something jerking his shoulder almost violently. His eyes snapped open quickly reflexively, he looked up seeing a brutish guard "So young..." he tuts mockingly and obviously in a condescending manner, his former frown slowly turned into a grin, "The King's ordered all of the contestant's arrest, come with me." When Farren didn't move, the guard added with authority "Now!" Farren winced and tried to pull away, the guard had a firm grip and began yanking him forward, Farren quickly released a burst of air in response from his palm, Farren didn't have enough space to channel the air properly, but it still pushed him back a few feet, making him lose his grip on Farren's shoulder. Farren's shoulder ached slightly due to the pressure the guard had put on it, regardless he was not letting them take him to jail. Farren backed away towards the ledge his arms raised defensively, his head cocked upwards looking for an escape route of some sort.