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Yumi Akazori

"Rogues! Your end is now!"

0 · 417 views · located in Atonia

a character in “Legend of the Five Rings”, as played by DarknessUndying


The Akazori Clan's Rage
A Virtuous Heart
The Forbidden Love between Samurai

Name: Yumi Akazori

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Race: Humari

Class: Samurai

Sub-Classes: Warrior, Thief and Black Mage

Special Class: Mirror of Equity


Fingersnap - A slash, followed by a click of the fingers to drain the enemy of strength.

Magicide - A lunge after Fingersnap to leech the enemies magic.

Dancing Samurai - Yumi summons multiple blades with wires attached to them and her fingers. She leaps into the air, and maneuvers them them in a way that looks like she is dancing, blades flying and wounding the enemy. She then spins around in the air, the blades turning into a small cyclone and tearing her enemy to shreds unless they have good defence.

Signature Ability: Totsuka Blade

A technique where Yumi moves her blade around in a circle like a clock, stopping every so often to match the seconds. She then slashes, her blade lighting on fire. A ring of flames surrounds her enemy, and her blade starts to glow. Roughly 5 seconds after her blade starts glowing, she brings her blade down onto the enemies shoulder, and the blade starts to burn them. The flames break into their body, and turn them into barbecued Humari/Nuri... etcetera.

Special Class Abilities:

Mirror of Pain - A technique that surrounds the enemy with a thousand mirrors, each with Yumi inside of them. They all step out and lunge, impaling the enemy.

Shin - A technique that wounds the enemy party and heals the team.

Zantetsu - A technique that has a high rate of killing the enemy with decapitation, but the chance of them surviving and evading is extremely high.

Shin Zantetsu - A combined technique where the Totsuka blade grows, and attempts to decapitate the entire enemy team. Usually fails.

Full Throttle Ability:


An extreme version of Shin Zantetsu and Totsuka Blade, in which one slash makes a large area explode and crumble. She then leaps into the air, and fires down at the ground. The impact and explosion causes a huge crater to be formed, killing most in it's path. After this technique, though, she will collapse and pass out.

Understands/Speaks Atonian?: "Ayco."

Personality: Yumi is and always has been like Cian, a woman of few words, believing that actions are more important than speech. However, when she does speak, people come to realise she is a deep thinker, often entrenched in her own views and would rather die than see them disproved. Like Cian, she is a deep and rich thinker, with a positive attitude and a certain thing about her that makes people like her. Or call her weird. Take your pick.

Rainy Days
The Team

Mean people
Ignorant people
How Khet could easily take Cian and fall in love with him

Biography: Yumi doesn't know her past. She hopes that the rings will make some sense of it. She only knows Cian.

What do want with the rings?: "I feel that they are the scourge of this world, and must be destroyed."


So begins...

Yumi Akazori's Story