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Marcus Paterson

"I think the sausages are burning again..."

0 · 271 views · located in Sunny Haven

a character in “Legend of the Jade Emperor”, originally authored by Rolly Polly, as played by RolePlayGateway


-Zodiac: Dragon
-Name: Marcus Paterson
-Age: 17
-Gender: Male
-Hair: Blonde
-Height: 69"
-Weight: 135 lbs
-Likes: Barbecues, Reading, Tennis
-Dislikes: Ready meals, School, Football
-Relationships: Best Friends with the Bull, not to keen on the Rat, friends with the Tiger. Friends with the Rabbit, doesn't like the Snake, best friends with the Horse. Best friends with the Monkey, friends with the Sheep, not to keen on the Rooster. Friends with the Dog, Friends with the Pig.
-Personality: Brave, thinks being human is a curse, likes being popular. He doubts himself sometimes, but doesn't let it keep him down.
-Other: When he's not off hanging out with his friends, he's playing tennis. He works at the Pawprint whenever he is short on money and uses his powers mostly to cook food quicker at barbecues. (when only the Patersons are there) And he has a little crush on Ramona, the Tiger

So begins...

Marcus Paterson's Story


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Marcus ran around the tennis court, batting away the tennis balls that were flying in his direction from the tennis ball machine. He was quiet good at tennis, having been learning it for 3 years now. Not one ball hadn't been hit since he started playing 30 minutes ago. Now that he had left school, he had more time to practice.

Once the last ball had been hit, the tennis ball machine stopped. Marcus walked around the court picking up all the balls and putting them back in the machine. He pressed the of button before it started up again and sat down, sweat dripping from his brow and breathing heavily. What a work out! He thought to himself. He sat there trying to get his heart rate back to normal, thinking to himself. That was much better than last time, I hit all the balls. Soon I'll be the best tennis player in Sunny Haven! After he got his heart rate down, he got up, wiping the sweat from his brow and walking out of the court with his favourite racket.


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With a brown leather backpack slung over her shoulder, the tiger was on the prowl for her brother, Marcus. She expected him to be over at the tennis court, and sure enough, there he was. Whenever he had nothing to do, Marcus could always be found practicing on the court. Whenever he wasn't at home or at the Pawprint, the family cafe, everyone assumed that he was practicing. Marcus was a master at the game, and it would be a shame for him not to practice.
She watched him hit the bright green balls with ease. They flew across the court like birds soaring above a field. He didn't miss any of the balls that bounced towards him. This wasn't unusual for Marcus. In fact, he rarely missed any of the balls from the machine.

Ramona watched him cool down and put the tennis balls back into the machine where they came from. She waited for him to leave the court. Finally, he did, and at the sight of her standing there, he blushed. There he goes again, she thought to herself. Another thing that wasn't unusual for Marcus was the silly facial expressions he made whenever she was close. Ramona was well aware of the fact that her "brother" had a crush on her. Yes, he was a dragon, and she was a tiger, and although the two were mighty powerful creatures, she couldn't see anything more than mutual care and friendship coming between the two. To put it simply, Marcus was DEFINETELY not her type. However, she did love him like he was one of her own.

"Hi, how are you?" he asked. "I'm fine, Marcus. Nice hitting out there. I saw you," she said, a small smirk appearing on her face. She took a few steps closer to him, and continued.
"Listen; i'm going to be gone for about two to three hours. I got invited to go to a fishing thing with a couple of "friends" from school, and unfortunately i wasn't able to say no."
She shrugged. Ramona was never interested in hanging out with her so called "friends". To her, the word 'friends' meant people she knew, not people she liked. She only had friends and was at the level of popularity she was at for her money, looks, and family reputation. If it was up to her, she would have wanted it any other way. She was never into the things her friends talked about, and when she actually had a chance to speak, her friends weren't into the things she talked about either. Her relationship between the people she knew was genuinely awkward.

"So if mom or dad or anyone else asks where i am, you just tell them that. We're going to be on the trail in the woods. Wish me luck. I'll see you later."
She waved goodbye to her brother before she set off on the road to the trail. The trail was actually quite close to the tennis court. Although a large town, Sunny Haven felt like a small world to Ramona. For a tiger like her, the world was always waiting to be explored.


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#, as written by Wrenn
The younger siblings of the Paterson clan still attending Sunny High had their rooms in the manor, as did the older siblings if they so wished, provided that they had careers of their own or were attending university. Sean Paterson fit in neither category -- too old for high school and too unfocused for a job or Sunny U -- and so had for the past few years been relegated to what was known as the shed; something of a studio apartment unattached to the rest of the manor, situated lower on the gently-sloping lawns at the back of the estate. Without even a kitchenette, though, every morning he would eventually make his way into the house proper. This morning the journey took place sometime after 10am, when hunger had finally outweighed the morning-after languor from his night partying. Slipping into the previous night's jeans and white undershirt with their pervasive odor of cigarettes, he stumbled out of the shed, blinking blearily at the sun before donning his sunglasses.

He passed Marcus exercising within the tennis court -- mumbled a greeting with a wave as he shuffled past, wrinkled jeans scuffing the pavement with each step of his bare feet. Entering through the great glass sliding door from the patio, he made his way to the kitchen, pouring himself some still-warm coffee prepared earlier by a more enterprising Paterson. Tepidity notwithstanding, the coffee slowly did its trick and after finishing the mug Sean felt ready to have a go at breakfast.

Tranquility restored, he was almost dapper as he passed the two teens conversing at the side of the court; Marcus and Ramona looking almost like twins with their similar hair and builds. Although Sean too possessed the family's notable blonde locks, his were in fact due more to sun and pool chlorine than genetics, and always threatened to turn a dull brown. "Hello, hello," he greeted with a poor stab at a British accent as he passed the two, making his way to the shed to change into swimming trunks.

After a few laps of the pool to clear his head and work out the last remnants of the previous night's recreational poisons, Sean showered, shaved and changed into his usual calculated scruffy look, looking like a model posing as a hobo, or perhaps vice versa. He had agreed to pick up a shift at the Pawprint for one of his siblings, and was due at the cafe in a few hours. Although he'd enjoyed working there in his teens, now Sean loathed the Pawprint as it forced him to evaluate his life. He knew he was a wastrel, but he preferred not to be reminded of that fact -- as the twenty-six-year-old was reminded every time he picked up a shift at the same job he'd once had as a kid each summer.