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Valerie Durant

James's ex-girlfriend

0 · 322 views · located in Sunny Haven

a character in “Legend of the Jade Emperor”, as played by rdaydreamer





Physical Description

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 130lb

Hair: Chestnut brown

Eyes: Light blue

Complexion: Fair

Sexuality: Heterosexual


Thin lipped and small eyed, the most obvious feature besides her lovely coloured hair are her curves. Though she possess a small frame, her bottom and legs are shapely and strong from learning dance at a young age. She is often found in very stylish clothing, but her hair is almost always pulled up in a messy updo or braid. When going out, Val will at least put her hair down but she always puts effort into her appearance.

Competent and persistent, Val displays a Pig personality in her hardworking ethic. She is honest and warm-hearted and greatly values peaceful interactions and lasting friendships. Faithful and considerate, Val is quick to lend a helping hand and is a trusted peacemaker. She enjoys hosting and participating in parties as well. However, she can be naive and gullible and finds it hard to say "no" to others. Val can be blunt with words and actions as she finds it hard to express herself. She believes in fatalism and can be extremely pessimistic when she feels like she's losing everything or can't help anyone in need. Val can be overcautious and horribly indecisive, the latter as a result of wishing to keep peace between others.


Deep Friendships




Spicy foods


Val knows some of the Patersons from when James, her ex-boyfriend of 5 years, would have her over (rare). Val had met James in Sunny High when they were 16 and 17 respectively and were instantly attracted to one another due to their very different personalities. Both shared a few similarities as well, including a desire for a meaningful relationship, a love for elegance and wish to be near close friends. James could read Val when she was unable to express herself, and she taught him to be more compassionate and caring. What began innocently soon grew intolerable as James, tempted by her naivety and gullibility, grew manipulative. Sweet Valerie didn't even need the influence of his Persuasion to be fooled, but she was not stupid and eventually finds out. Though she admired his cleverness, Val disapproved of his lack of honesty and shortcut methods. Both are stubborn and can be malicious when crossed, and so the fights became more longer and more heated, especially around the time of James's graduation. By then the two were too used to each other and found it hard to separate for they still loved each other and had several mutual friends, and so the fights continued. Finally, Val had enough and left James 4 months ago. Angered, he grew vengeful and though he still loved her, James was not so noble to let her be happy while he suffered.

Other Information:
Val is a student at Sunny U studying Earth Science and is a part of the university dance club. She is sometimes found at the Pawprint and at clubs with her close friends, but she's a homebody at heart.

So begins...

Valerie Durant's Story


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Sean Paterson Character Portrait: Valerie Durant
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#, as written by Wrenn
The silver compact luxury SUV pulled into the parking lot -- slowly, as there were many people milling about the establishment, heedlessly walking to and fro across the traffic . Luckily Sean was early to pull in and wasn't in a rush. "Papa was a rollin' stone..." he sang tunelessly along with the radio as he found a spot. "Wherever he laid his hat was his home!"

"And when he died," he stabbed at the high note, missed. "All he left us was alone..." He killed the engine and slammed the door as he left. Saturday night at the Escape was in full swing -- the line at the door was growing visibly despite the early hour, and soon it would be wrapped around the small building's corner. He was about to approach the security at the door when he heard a voice calling his name. He swung around and spotted a girl waving at him from her place in the line. She motioned for him to come over.

"Hey there -- Valerie, right?" he asked, recognizing James' ex. Beautiful, with her auburn hair and light blue eyes. She looked like she'd be an ice queen with her somewhat haughty beauty, but Sean had found during their brief encounters to be really down-to-earth and friendly. "You here with anyone?"

She shook her head and gave a small smile that was reminiscent of Eli's for its sheepishness. "I might meet up with friends later," she replied. "You?"


He saw the note of disappointment in her eyes even as her smile remained the same, and Sean realized he had something going here. "Probably, I dunno -- let me see," he added, motioning with his finger for 'one moment' as he turned to head back to the front of the line for the bouncer. He burned his luck with moderate intensity as he reached the security at the front. "Hey!" he called, getting the guy's attention. "I'm here for product demo from MWS?" The guard spoke into his touch-to-talk phone, and a moment later a response squawked in his ear piece. "Sorry boss, nothing today." He pointed to the line, and Sean left with a smile, cooling his luck down to nil as he returned to Val.

"Well?" she asked.

"I sorted things out." He lifted the velvet rope and ducked under, joining her in line.

"You told them who you were and they said no thanks, huh?" They both laughed. Sean hadn't seen her often except with James, and was surprised to see her humor. She'd been a bit dour with the snake, as he recalled. Oh well -- he knew things were ended between the two, and he figured his brother wouldn't care if Sean tried his chance here. Passionate didn't exactly fit James as a description, like a skin he'd molted from long ago.