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Legend of the Seven Sages

Legend of the Seven Sages


You thought you got the full story just because you played through the entire game, and did all the side-quests too? You've got another thing coming.

948 readers have visited Legend of the Seven Sages since zen_ink created it.


Long ago, when the three Goddesses created the utopian land of Hyrule, they left in their wake as they ascended to the heavens three magical artifacts; three triangles, which when placed together, formed the Triforce - a relic of unspeakable power.

Din, with her strong flaming arms, cultivated the land and created the red earth
Nayru poured her wisdom onto the earth and gave the spirit of law to the world
Farore, with her rich soul, produced all life forms who would uphold the law

Shall you combine the Power of Din, the Wisdom of Nayru, and the Courage of Farore, you will hold in your hands the ultimate power. Beware, though. Balance is key; he who is not of balanced heart will find the Triforce shattered before his very eyes, separated into the three fundamental parts which comprise it and placed within children of destiny whom exhibit greatest those qualities.

Also note, should he who is of righteous heart possess the almighty Golden Triforce, the land shall enter an era of prosperity. However... if he who possesses the Triforce is of malicious intent... the land shall fall into eternal darkness.

To protect the sacred power that is the Triforce, the Goddesses selected six unique individuals who would eternally serve to a higher purpose. These six were referred to as The Sages. Guarding the 6 key elements of the physical realm of Hyrule, Wind, Fire, Water, Earth, Shadow, and Light, and the temples that were built to contain those elements, the Sages are together the key that opens the door to the Sacred Realm - the resting place of the Triforce.

Wind: Sometimes referred to as "forest". This sage is always of youth and the clear, honest perspective that comes with youth. While swift logic and intelligence come naturally to this sage, intuition and sheer force do not. An affinity for the color green is present; abilities over the earth, such as plants, animals, flowers, and the winds are all entrusted to this sage.

Fire: A sage who is always mighty in body and in spirit. His devotion and loyalty are unshakeable. His raw power will only carry him as far as his shallow reserve of stamina. Abilities over fire, heat, rock, physical strength and combat are entrusted to this sage. He heralds the color red.

Water: Hyrule's water is guarded by one whom is of strong maternal energy; not necessarily a mother, or even a woman, but instead one who has a kind and nurturing soul. The water sage's raw passion and concern for the state of things brings about a spiritually strong, yet traditionally rigid personality. This sage has abilities over water and ice, and may be marked by powerful intuition and great swiftness/adaptation/capability when in the water. Marked by the color blue.

Earth: Sometimes referred to as "spirit". This sage's personality is overflowing. The life force and energy are exuberant and ever-present, even when intended to be hidden. The spirit sage cannot hide who he/she truly is, though internal forces may struggle for dominance. Marked by the color orange, this sage has the ability to split and balance forces. Due to the intensity of the karmic energy whirling around this sage, fortune often shines in her favor. She may show dominance over sand.

Shadow: While guarding the dead is a grim task, the sage of shadow knows better than any that it is always someone's duty to perform the most unfavorable task amidst the crowd. Wisdom, perceptiveness, maturity, and faith are the virtues of this sage that are often masked by such things as an air of grimness, melancholy, sorrow or complexity. Marked by the color purple and commands shadows, darkness, the dead, spirits, and all forms of spellcraft.

Light: Similar to the sage of shadow, the sage of light has a strong faith and duty to the greater good. He is marked by wisdom, righteousness, morality, justice, devotion and higher intelligence. His color is yellow and his abilities include dominion over light, energy, and the faithful word (meaning being able to somewhat control the minds and thoughts of others through strong suggestion)

The Master Sword, the Ocarina of Time, and the Three Spiritual Stones are all relics that have been lost to the ages. With these key components lost, there only remains one way left of opening the Door of Time and accessing the Sacred Realm.. you guessed it, the combined efforts of the Seven Sages. While these seven have the combined power to destroy Ganondorf, it is only with the power of the Master Sword (and a proper hero to wield it) that they can once again seal him inside the Chamber of the Sages. But hopefully, this time, they will find a way to defeat the evil overlord for good, for that is their intent.

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Hyrule by zen_ink


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Most recent OOC posts in Legend of the Seven Sages

Re: [OOC] Legend of the Seven Sages

I would very much like the wind sage, if you would so kindly do so.

Re: [OOC] Legend of the Seven Sages

can you reserve te fire sage for me and if thats taken the forest sage and as far as pictures go they dontlke to post on the site so can I use links instead

Re: [OOC] Legend of the Seven Sages

Thats fine :D

Also to all future applicants, I forgot to put gender into the character skelly, so editing that in now. >_>

Re: [OOC] Legend of the Seven Sages

Spirit sage. I want to make the skeleton good. So can I post it tomorrow? Like noonish (eastern time)

Re: [OOC] Legend of the Seven Sages

Lmao. Alright. just let me know and I'll put in reserved ^_^ Try not to take too long to get your skelly in, though.

Re: [OOC] Legend of the Seven Sages

I would like to reserve a spot for a character.

Not sure what character yet.

But the name of this RP is to Perfect for me to not be a part of it.

[OOC] Legend of the Seven Sages

This is the auto-generated OOC topic for the roleplay "Legend of the Seven Sages"

((Gonna keep updating this with additional info))

Okay, regarding the RP: This is set in a time decades after the events of Ocarina of Time. It however takes place in an identical Hyrule. Maybe not entirely identical.. picture it larger and more complex. Ganondorf has escaped from the Sacred Realm and once again intends to claim all three Triforce pieces for himself. To do this, he must find the two who possess the other pieces, Courage and Wisdom, and then gather the Seven Sages within the Chamber of the Sages inside the Light Temple inside the Sacred Realm (*gasp for air*) so that they can re-forge the Triforce. The original six sages are to be original characters.. base them as tightly or loosely off the OOT sages as you wish. I only require that you stay within the minor guidelines portraying their personalities (e.g. the fire sage should be strong and powerful, the forest sage should be youthful and smart etc etc you get it.)

Throughout the course of the RP, Ganondorf will be the single villain who aims to bring down the "Hero of Time" and the "Princess of Time" (two original characters who will be closely based upon Link and Zelda) by going around Hyrule and attempting to steal the Medallions from each of the six temples. The Six Sages will be active protagonists within the RP, actively using their abilities to help fight Ganondorf and his followers. Throughout the course of the RP, we will go through the Six Temples, fighting unique, element-related battles within each one, and eventually boss battles as well. We will also have characters discovering new abilities and equipment, both old and new (e.g. the lost Master Sword and Ocarina of Time) and uncovering the roles they play in the storyline. The ultimate showdown between the 3 Triforce Bearers will come eventually! The sages will also play an active part in this battle.

Hero of Time Guidelines: Yes, you can talk. Be a well-balanced character, open to learning magics from the Princess of Time and the Six Sages but also being very savvy with a sword and shield.

Princess of Time Guidelines: This is actually gonna be played by me so I wouldn't worry too much about it.

A couple side notes:

--The seventh sage of course refers to the "Princess Zelda" character. She is considered the "Sage of Time" and without her combined effort with the rest of the six sages, the Triforce cannot be properly re-forged. This is all despite the fact that she happens to also possess the triforce of wisdom.
--The Chamber of the Sages will be used as a sort of "meeting place" for the six sages, "Zelda", and "Link". With the sages' combined powers (particularly the light sage, because it is in his/her temple) this will be an impenetrable haven against Ganondorf.
--Ganondorf will be played as THE original Ganondorf. Link and Zelda, however, will be new original characters.
--As said in the RP Intro, the Ocarina of Time, Master Sword, and Three Spiritual Stones have all been lost to the ages. It is intended for the Triforce of Courage character to at some point in the RP retrieve the Master Sword (as it is required to finish Ganondorf off for good) and the Triforce of Wisdom character to at some point retrieve the Ocarina of Time (as it is required to restore the Master Sword's true power)

Characters to be Cast:

Hero of Time ("Link"):
Princess of Time ("Zelda"): RESERVED - Zen_ink
Forest Sage:
Fire Sage:
Water Sage: RESERVED - LadyLibby
Shadow Sage:
Light Sage:
Spirit Sage: RESERVED - Seventhsage
Navi: (yes this is the same Navi from the game. Fairies live much longer than Hylians.. the person playing Navi will stick close around the Hero of Time and Princess of Time characters, but will also openly communicate with the new sages. She will share information from the past go-round that Link and Zelda had with Ganondorf with this new set of heroes, to make sure their quest goes swimmingly. Feel free to be very open and creative with this character.. I'd love to see what you do with it! You can also have as many fairy-related powers as you like (within reason). )

Character Skeleton:

Picture: (be creative!!)
Role: (e.g. "Forest Sage, Hero of Time, Water Sage")
Temple: (if a sage, provide pictures of your temple/domain)
Triforce: (if Hero of Time or Ganondorf, and explain how it impacts your character's personality and abilities)
Medallion: (if a sage, provide the hiding spot of your Medallion and the power it gives to the Hero of Time)