Ejin Azimak

No place is out of our reach.

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a character in “Legendia Crystallinus”, as played by Snakeeyz99


Age: 32
Gender: Male
Hometown: Gestal (outskirts)
Skin Color: Tan
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Emerald

Ejin has relatively sharp features and short, wispy hair. He wore simple desert garb which covered most of his skin but remained light enough to be cool. However, in the Blade Wings' Camp, he happened across a full suit of clothing made of a tough, yet soft material that was somewhat thicker than his thin, papery desert clothing. It is somewhat stain resistant. The suit was made of an extremely light tan pair of pants with matching mid-length sleeve shirt, thin brown leather gloves, a beige cape and sash, and a hood made of much lighter weight and color cloth. It is somewhat loose and baggy, and the sash and hood both hang loose but securely with the rest of the clothing. It is clothing suitable for most climates, except perhaps the most extreme temperature spots in the world.


Theme Song: Seven Nation Army, The White Stripes
Battle Theme: Kickstart My Heart, Motley Crue

Ejin is always ready to lend a hand, but his main drive is to discover the location of the Terra Crystal. He is friendly, ambitious, smart and adventurous. He never gives up the chance to learn and studies frequently, but his weapon skills could use some polishing.
His major fault is his dedication to his search- if he had the choice to help a group of people or to follow an important lead he would follow the lead. His morals are generally subjective to his goals, although his contact with the mercenaries has begun to loosen him up a little.


Weapons: Polearm (Partisan)
Magic: Terra-Aqua, mostly passive or defensive. He is willing to learn some offensive powers, though.
Miscellaneous: 1 backpack (History books, magic books, map, 3 flasks, and a manual on polearm usage)


As far back as Ejin can remember he has been in the Great Desert. His father was a magician who used Terra magic to build various tools and buildings for people around Gestal and his mother was a traveling Aqua magician who came to the Great Desert to help condense water from the air for nomads and townspeople. Eventually they met and moved to a small household a short distance from the main city, making occasional trips to buy food and offer services.
Ejin was raised to do the same, starting with Terra magic and learning a bit of Aqua magic.
As he and some of his Gestal classmates learned more and more about magic and the history of Noan-Zian they developed a strong interest in the crystals. They spent years researching them, until they finally got a lead on where the Terra crystal was. So, now in his early 30's, Ejin left on a journey, promising his friends he would one day return.
He has since been attempting to join up with a mercenary band, so he may one day lead an expedition to the various crystals around Noan-Zian.

So begins...

Ejin Azimak's Story