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Legends of Arkath- Deified

Legends of Arkath- Deified


A High Fantasy RP in an original universe. It's basically about rebellion against a corrupt Emperor whose blood line is said to be godly, and this is used as means of control.

784 readers have visited Legends of Arkath- Deified since Mace created it.


The Empire of Arkath is one of the dominant factions on the isle, plagued by war. Though it is predominantly made up of humans, just about all mortal races have some of their blood living under their banner. It's heart is Iaero, AKA Imperial City, where the Empire's throne sits at the top of Mt Karos, named after the first Emperor, of which the city is built around. It has three stone walls surrounding it, each thicker and more heavily guarded than the last. For hundreds of years, the Imperial Bloodline has maintained its position by claiming to be the incarnations of Titanus, head of the Imperial Pantheon. However, recently, one of the Saur, a mystical race from the unexplored Jun'ai Rain Forest, publicly claimed that the Cult of the Emperor was a story made up to keep their line in control within Iaero's bustling marketplace, and that any who wanted to bring this false god from his throne should seek him out. Before the guards could seize him, he vanished into a cloud of black smoke.

You, are one of those who went after him, looking for different clues to uncover his whereabouts, eventually being lead to the Troll's Mug Inn in the crossroad village of Wintersfall to the North. Maybe you're an Imperial loyalist who sought him out to bring him to justice, or were persuaded to join his side. Either way, you're here now, and will find your way into a great adventure, traversing a land of peril, glory, and gnolls. Lots and lots of gnolls.

Playable Races (dwarf, insectoid, and troll descriptions coming soon)

Humans: They don't have the brawn of orcs or the years of elves, but if there's something they do have, it's numbers. Of these numbers, humans are very diverse, probably the most of all the races. Most of them make up the majority of Imperial Citizens, though some have been known to join the Cult of the Old Shadowed One, Cult of Itul, or Arcane University. They also have a certain adaptability most other races don't, though they are also known to be very prone to corruption.

Orcs: The orcs come from Sokkoku Valley in the far east, a place few other races have been to, and even less come back home alive. orcs are xenophobic and prone to harsh rages. They stand between 6'5" and 8" and most of their mass is muscle. The posses catlike eyes that are good for night vision. Most cling to an age old tradition of honor that is part of their religion, taught to them by the ascended warrior god Akira. They have a dulled sense of fear. Strength is more valued than knowledge in their society, and all young orcs are taught to conquer land for their clan. The most prominent clan is the Bloodpaw, known for having conquered at least half of the Valley... though reports are vague, as most orcs aren't prone to sharing internal information, and, well, most outsiders.... yeah. People can't bring back information when they are killed and horribly mutilated. If your orc was born and raised in the Empire or traveled to join the Empire, s/he is likely considered a dishonored outcast by most of his/her people.

High Elves: These elves are known for being stuck up and arrogant to anyone not of their own blood, believing them lesser. I mean, they call themselves HIGH elves. But besides being jerks, High Elves live for a few millennium each, reaching maturing at around 500 years. Their culture revolves around the teachings of the magic god Arkanus, though they do not worship him as a deity. The Goldenblade Syndicate, their government, does not affiliate with the Empire, not making an exception of them being a lower race. A high elf living among them is likely a spy or a traitor.

Wood Elves: The wood elves are exactly what their name implies, much more literally than most universes- their skin is bark and their hair is leaves. The only thing that still resembles an animal organism on them is their eyes, which are almond shaped, slightly larger than a human's, and always a shade of emerald. They claim to have grown their plant like features after following the teachings of the nature god Pan. They have skilled druids and archers, and their civilization is primitive and tribal. Some were assimilated into the Empire seeking better technology during the two races First Contact. They share the long lifespan of the High Elves.

Dark Elf: The dark elves are chaotic without exception. This is because, three hundred years ago, their Emperor (note this is not the same line as the deified, human Emperor featured in this Roleplay) signed a pact with the Demon King Itul, damning his race into servitude. Since then, they have all needed to answer the Demon King's calling to create chaos, death, and destruction wherever they tread. A common phrase among them is "wherever I tread, doom will follow!", and is said by their soldiers during a salute. Their Empire lies in the wasteland known today as the Plains of Torment. Their skin is grey and they begin to grow horns around the age of ten, Itul's claim on them. They lost their long elven lifespans with that Emperor's pact, and age in human years.

Goblin: Goblins are predominantly greedy, selfish, power hungry, cruel, sadistic, and insane. Not all of them, of course. Just the vast majority, especially if they hail from the goblin homeland, the Darkwood. They stand only around two or three feet tall, are typically very scrawny, have skin ranging from icy blue to pale green to ash grey, have bulbous noses, and bat like ears.

Non-Playable Races

Saur: The Saur are the mysterious guardians of balance from the Jun'ai Rainforest. This is what is known about them by the most educated Imperial and High Elven scholars, and this is a lot.

Gnomes: Also known as halflings, the gnomes became extinct long ago due to their weakness and overall hate-ability. Soon after their presence became known their tiny, worthless kingdom was under constant attack by other races, and a few weeks after the world knew about gnomes, every last one was dead. Most doubt the tale is anything more than a fable, but it is one with a moral- gnomes suck. The Orcs claim to have a gnome skull in their possession, but no outsiders have ever gotten to examine it for obvious reasons.

Drakes: The Drakes are not the wise, guardian dragons in other universes. They are savage, evil, and bent on the destruction of all other races in the most brutal way possible. They can speak, but usually don't see reason to do so with those not of their own blood. Many doubt the Drakes exist, that they are just a myth to scare children into behaving, but... you never know...

Undead: The servants of various powerful necromancers, the common undead do not have a mind of their own, being merely puppets resurrected to do their master's dirty work.

Nur'Gal: Once the beautiful, creative, artistic, and advanced sea elves, the Nur'Gal fell to the whispers of the Old Shadowed One and were mutated into horrible frankensteins of different sea creatures who care about nothing other than death and the rise of their god.

Gnolls: Just a generic tribal savage that raids caravans and small villages. They're often employed as thugs and are known for cannibalism and demon worship.

Satyr: The corrupt goat-men in service of the Demon King. They were said to have once been druids, until they were tempted by Itul and cast into slavery as mortal raiders who cause chaos.


Titanus: The head of the Imperial Pantheon (which has hundreds of various gods, some major, some minor). The Emperor is said to be his mortal incarnation.

Itul: The Demon King. He is prophesied to one day invade Arkath with an army and destroy all non-demonic life. Various insane cults, most notably the Cult of Itul, worship him and await that day, knowing his crossing to this plane is inevitable.

Pan: Worshiped primarily by the Wood Elves, who claim he is the patron god of Arkath and the embodiment of life.

Old Shadowed One: A forbidden god said to be even more powerful than Itul and whose follower's sanity is even less intact (or, more accurately, non-existent).

Akira: The only true immortal in orcish mythology, who is said to be the greatest warrior in existence that showed his people the way of honor (note, orcish honor, very different from human honor). Each clan claims he originally hails from theirs, but no one really knows and no one is on the verge of knowing. He was adopted as the Imperial Pantheon's god of war, but was changed to a human figure. The orcs claim that he is the sun, as the sun's light disturbs their catlike eyes and gives an advantage in war to those who can overcome it.

Character Sheet

Age (18+, and make their abilities and age make sense):
Class (be as generic or specific as you want, its just an archetype, this won't be DnD style fighting):
Personality (no EMO characters, please!):
Weaknesses (stay away from personality flaws, being a jerk is not a weakness):

Toggle Rules

1) No god-modding
2) No Mary-Sues
3) Don't be a jerk
4) Please no EMO characters, or other things over done/cliche

There's no limit to the number of characters you can submit, as long as they're all creative, are from the "Playable Races" segment, and follow the other rules listed above.

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Arkath by Mace


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Arkath by Mace


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