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Legends of Brutality

Legends of Brutality


200 years have passed since the fall of the Tainted Coil, but demons and new dangers are still here...

604 readers have visited Legends of Brutality since IronPhoenix created it.


It has been 200 years since the fall of the Tainted Coil, and humanity has roamed the land free, and while fundamentally the world is the same, there are a few changes here and there. But be warned, demons are known to hold grudges that transcend lifetimes…

On the continent that has now been dubbed Brütalia, two centuries have gone by without true war, occasionally there are insurgencies by the Tainted Coil, but for the most part people live in relative peace. They still however hold on to the old practices of combat and craftsmanship, just in case. The world is full of awesome wonders and materials to create incredible things, much has been explored but there is always something new to find.

Or fight.

New World:

In the centuries Ironheade has undertaken the project of reconstructing the Titans Highway exploring into the west. Six months ago a new continent was discovered, and not only that but people too, people with their own culture and music influenced by the Titans, other versions of Rock n’ Roll. There are also other races other than man and demon the extent of which is unknown, but with the bridge completed there has had immigration from both sides, who knows what wonders…and possibly dangers may come from this?

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[u][i][b]Character Sheet:[/b][/i][/u]

Age: (No one under 18 please)
Appearance: (You may use a picture if it is accurate; otherwise describe the character in excruciating detail every little insignificant bit, paint us a picture with your words)
Weapon: (No guns unless you’re a Razor Gunner, otherwise use some sort of middle aged weapon, or one of your own design)
Advanced solos:
Items/Tools: (If you’re a Roadie you might want to fill this in)
Vehicle/Mount: (So does your character own a car, a bike, or a motor powered unicycle? Or have they tamed a wild beast and ride the wild plains? Note: Absolutely no Hextadons, and Metal Beasts are reserved only for the Zaulia)
Personality: (If you put anything like “shy until you get to know them” I will kick you in the nucking futs)
History:  (This is required; you don’t need to put it in painful detail (that would be cool though) but we should get a feel for who they are, and why they are the way they are)
Theme Song(s): (You can have more than one but more than three is sorta pushing it)
Musical Influences: ( Classic Metal? Black Metal? Thrash? Tell us)



Humans: Humans are not always the strongest physically, but are innovative, diverse, and wonderfully stubborn. They are the best craftsman, and most spirited people in all the land. They are a proud race, always looking to the horizon for new ideas, while honoring old ones. Since the Tainted Empire collapsed, humans have devoted themselves to discovering all the secrets of the Titans.

There are divisions however, there are still those who either enslave themselves to the Tainted Coil or drink the tears of The Black Sea, but so far they haven’t been in any war with each other since the last rebellion, though there is still resentment.

On the subject of resentment, there is still racial tension between Man and Demon.

Demons: Just because you’re a demon doesn’t mean you’re evil (if Fletus was any example), unless you are a part of the Tainted Coil, then you have no say in the matter. Demons come in all shapes and sizes, and are often hideous, the Tainted put on severely restrictive garments to hide their deformities. Out of the race of man and demon, demons are naturally more physically resilient.

It is extremely rare to see any demon living amongst humans.

Half-Demons and demonic descendants: As you no doubtingly guessed, these are people who are caught in the middle of racial tensions, not being truly demon or man. They are the rarest people, who struggle to gain acceptance in any culture, The Tainted Coil has out rightly refused the inclusion of these “abominations”. They are more accepted by humans, but not without a certain amount of suspicion.

In physical characteristics, they may seem completely human, only becoming present of their other ancestry in the heat of battle. Other times they are not so lucky, being either hideous or taking on classic demonic traits such as horns, tails, wings, claws or any other appendages at birth. They may have these traits by themselves, all together, or in a combination.

Tear Drinkers: Technically they are not their own race, but a sub-race of humanity. Most of these people are aligned with the Drowning Doom, but there are some who are either not as effected by the black waters, whose ancestry has been diluted- making them lesser Tear Drinkers, or simply wants to change their ways after being tired of the surrounding sadness. Such people are extremely rare however.

The majority of them are depressed and at least partially insane, and they only feel the tiniest bit of gratification by dragging others down with them.

Known Factions:

These are the official factions within Brütalia


“The powerful music of the past, you almost made us forget about it…almost. Today we shall hear it again, the music of the free people! From the singing of our blades through your flesh, to the pounding of out fists into your skull! For the honor of Bladehenge, for the freedom of its people, and for the glory of its METAL!”

-Lars Halford

Nowadays taking up the majority of humanity by perhaps a few thousand or so, Ironheade has quickly become the most powerful society the world has ever known, second only to the Titans who came before them. These are the most intuitive and free loving people there are, pure in spirit and iron of will, members of Ironheade will always push the limit with gusto. They are also home the greatest music ever created: Heavy Metal, and honor the gods with their songs.

Ironheade is far more widespread than they used to be, now covering most of Brütalia, only not daring to settle in the Black Lands where the Drowning Doom reigns.

Their capital is an expanded Bladehenge, new walls and buildings have been erected, but the old part of the city remains the same. King Halford and his family live here.

Hair Metal Militia(HMM):

“I try to show Emperor Doviculus that we humans aren't all are dirty brutish animals. I show him that we can be refined, we can be beautiful, and that we can be profitable. I do it to protect you people from Doviculus; I am the only thing standing between you and him. And what do you give me in return? Grief."

- General Lionwhyte

Flamboyant and egocentric, members of the Hair Metal Militia are humans who still cling to their demonic masters. As a society, they resemble more of a crowd with no minds of their own, despite their “unique look”. Instead of creating their own works they often steal technology from Ironheade, sometimes literally, and put their own glammy spin on it. For all their bravado, they are at heart cowards, and would rather seek comfort from “piles of chicks and booze and stuff”, then fight.

They have a few generals running around, though they mostly sit back and reap profits for “the man”.

Currently this faction is the minority of humanity, and lives underground the ruins of the once great Pleasure Tower, lost in their delusions of grandeur.

Oh, and their music is catchy, but cheesy and unoriginal.

Drowning Doom:

“Well you know, after you tore out my heart and left me for dead, I admit I was a little down…But then I pulled myself together, started making new friends…”

-Drowned Ophelia

Those who drink from the Sea of Black Tears will be granted a great power; but go mad and lose the will to live. They are all humans who have given in to the temptation of drinking from the sea. The sea appears to have different effects on the drinker, depending on how they interact with the sea.

They are not inherently evil, though their attitude and their chose in clothing may seem to suggest otherwise, mostly they are either deeply depressed, angry, vengeful, partially psychotic, any combination of the four, or in the rarest and luckiest of cases; none of the above. These days the Drowning Doom mostly keep to themselves, either too afraid or to resentful to go out into the world, despite their past with Ironheade, there seems to be an unspoken truce between them, but there is no talk of an alliance.

There is still some resentment between them and Ironheade, but mostly over more superficial issues such as fashion and musical differences. There are cases however, in which there are those from both factions who take a strange romantic interest in each other, the most common ground most likely being that they are at least the same species.

They have settlements across the Black Lands, but do not stray far from those boundaries, preferring to stay close to their beloved sea. There doesn’t seem to be a leader among them at the moment.

Tainted Coil:

“Son of Succoria, suckled by the dry teat of man, you are half so many things I doubt any part of you is whole. Is there even a word for a creature such as you?”

-Emperor Doviculus

Within the Tainted Coil, there is no room for mercy or forgiveness, you are born and breed here, and you are meant to serve your superiors, only superior to those disgusting humans who took your place as the dominant species on this planet. If you are a demon and you reject their sovereignty over you, you are not likely to live long.

While they are not as organized as they once were, being without an emperor for two hundred years, they are still tenacious fighters, and thirst for power. These days however there a number of sub-factions and infighting for control, which is part of why they were never able to mount a successful attack on Ironheade, though rumor has it that such days may come to an end, and soon…

Without their restrictive S&M type garments to beautify themselves, most would be considered hideous. They are amoral, perverse, and strict by nature and by culture, no true member believes themselves to be equal to humans, and they are ever loyal to the hierarchy. They rely on pain, and hate to fuel themselves in their “two hundred years war” against humanity. Their music also reflects this, as it is aggressive and provocative.

The majority of the Tainted Coil dwells on an island sub-continent south of the mainland which has been dubbed Brutal Minor by the mainlanders, but is referred to as Taintus by its residents.


Faction Classes:

There are many classes in each faction, many trades, and many professions. These are what people know, and what they do.

These are all of the PLAYABLE classes.

Ironheade Classes:

Leather Rebel: You may not be trained in any sort of craft, nor is it necessarily possible that you know how to read or write (though you probably do), but if there is one thing that you do know how to do, its fight, and you’re very good at it.

You’ve learned to specialize with one type of weapon and stuck with it, honing your skills for the majority of your life. You are common born leaders among your people, often generals and other high ranking members of Ironheade; you feel it is your responsibility to ensure their safety and freedom.

It is uncommon to find a Leather Rebel who can use an instrument; those who do are never more adept at it then a Balanced Roadie.

(Note: no guns as weapons, those are reserved for vehicles)

Headbanger: Decedents of the men for which Ironheade was named, they still retain those incredibly muscular necks, and often carry no tools into the battlefield other than their own thick skulls. Enthusiastic and diligent, Headbangers often earn a great amount of respect from their peers, especially since they are always on the front line of a battle. Alone one is tough to beat; a wall of these guys can bring down a building.

They aren’t limited to being blunt forces to be reckoned with however, they are in fact capable inventers and can pilot vehicles such as the Headsplitter.

Headbangers are also known to be great additions to any party or concert.

It is very rare to see a Headbanger that plays an instrument.

Razor Gunners: The only members of Ironheade to wield a portable projectile weapon, these people are trained to be as accurate and deadly as possible. Predominately taken by women (though men are not excluded) Razor Gunners give a great tactical advantage on the battlefield with their range of at most 100 feet.

They usually go in squads of four, to maximize shot potential while not wasting resources, these days however, Razor Gunners are scarcer due to fact Razorfire Boars, the source of their weapons, were being overharvested, so naturally sanctions were applied. In fact many of the razorfire guns today are reverse-engineered versions of the originals, crafted from the materials in the world, but none are as great quality as a true razorfire gun.

Gunners are not equipped with or trained with anything else then their gun, and do not carry instruments. Each gun can only fire ten times within an hour before it overheats, taking an hour to cool down, so it’s best to make them count. Like most projectiles they are less accurate, and lose speed and strength as the shot travels, so the closer the target is, the more likely you are to hit it and the more likely you are to deal damage. One shot at close range doesn’t guarantee lethality, these aren’t bullets, and multiple shots should be made to down a target, depending on their size and strength.

Bassists: As far as combat goes they offer no offensive services, but that is not their purpose anyway. Their healing bass tones reinvigorate their allies with their near miraculous power. Small in number but essential for reducing losses in battle, bassists ride their Thunderhogs in a rush to the aid of downed soldiers, risking their own safety to do so. The simple fact that there aren’t many, calls for them to be defended against attackers, for they have no way to defend themselves.

There is something of a tradition among the bassists to have a chief, often their greatest healer. This person is most practiced in medicine, including how to treat injuries without a bass, he answers only to generals and the king.

Bassists also have a natural way with the ladies, assuming they aren’t one themselves.

Fire Baron:

"Burn the other guys!"

-The Baron

Once a clan of outlaw humans, the Fire Barons are motorcyclists with an affinity for fire without the need of an instrument. Now they can’t shoot fireballs (though that would be really cool), but they can blaze a trail of flames in their wake. Sometimes they encircle their enemies, creating a ring of inferno that closes in on their victims, though a Fire Baron can do this only once a day.

These warriors are fast and fierce, delivering quick destructive damage, and often travel in battalions of three. Because if their natural powerful abilities, you would be very hard pressed to find a Baron that used an instrument, in fact they don’t exist.

Bouncers: A proud warrior class; the Bouncers make up in strength and determination what they lack in intelligence, patience, and basic social skills. Some say their cast iron battle fists hide impossibly delicate, carefully manicured hands.

Easily the largest, most physically powerful guys in Ironheade, Bouncers count for at least ten Headbangers, though not as numerous. They’re endurance for pain rivals that of High Demons, and would take all ten shots from a razorfire gun to bring them down.

These burly brawlers are vehicle killers; it’s recommended for enemies that you not be parked when one is near.

They can be out maneuvered, but you are more likely to tire out before they do. Bouncers can’t play instruments, or become too frustrated to even continue trying, and they do not carry weapons either, as it would be a moot point.

Engineer: This is a non-combatant class, but all around they are the greatest builders, architects, designers, and craftsman in Ironheade. They typically aren’t instrument carriers, and even if they are, it is always only for recreation. Their only military purpose is passing orders to troops from officers.

Most of the time they are seen directing rock shows.

Zaulia: Though they are considered to be a culture all on their own, they are officially aligned with Ironheade, and dwell within their jungles. They are a matriarchal society comprised of warrior women and a queen, who is considered to be of a general rank. They answer only to those they deem worthy, that would be the Ironheade King, his generals, and miscellaneous others. They are the only people ever to ride the fire-breathing Metal Beasts, even after two hundred years of would-be outsiders.

The Zaulia patrol the swamp border of their jungle leading to the Black Lands, ever vigilant and wary should the Tear Drinkers create another uprising, they have very little trust towards them.

There is also rumor that when it is time for them to mate, they find males from across the land, taking only those they perceive to be strong, and put them through some sort of challenging ritual to test their worthiness, but that’s just a rumor… It isn’t unheard of however for Zaulian girls to find a man and settle down in an Ironheade settlement to raise a family. There is no objection from the majority of Zaulians on this matter.

Rockers: Ironheade’s Instrumentalists.


“A good roadie knows his whole job is to make someone else look good, keep someone else safe, help someone else do what they were put here to do. A good roadie stays out of the spotlight. If he's doing his job right, you don't even know he's there. Once in a while he might step on stage just to fix a problem, to set something right. But then before you even realize he was there, or what he did, he's gone."

- The Roadie's Creed - Eddie Riggs

Roadies are the best blend of warrior and engineer, and are literally the most unsung heroes of Ironheade, not that they mind. They are often born into the trade and guided by their parents in honing their necessary skills (not that they are forced into the life). However because their trades are divided, they are never as skilled with a weapon as a Leather Rebel in felling foes, or as practiced all around in craftsmanship as an engineer, but they can come pretty damn close. Roadies are more suited to making quick fixes and solutions on the battlefield, and are even themselves diverse. There are three types of roadies that usually come into existence, though bear in mind that all roadies carry an instrument.

Heavy Roadies: The biggest, and most physically unchallenged of the Roadies, these guys are by far the best weapon smiths there are, even compared to Engineers, but they have no other crafting trade, or any knowledge of auto-mechanics or structure making. Their strengths however lie in their…well strength, Bouncers aren’t lifters, but these guys are, benching 1000 lb on average.

On the battlefield they are the least stealthy among Roadies, but they make up for it with their prowess with heavy weapons. They are not as adept with their instruments as other Roadies, have a limited range, and only know basic solos. The attack range of their instruments rarely exceeds 15 feet.

All in all, it’s not too shabby of a trade off.

Light Roadies: These dudes aren’t exactly big and muscular, or are that adept with heavier weapons and weapon making, but they know their stuff and know how to get around. They are a bit more akin to Engineers, what with their knowledge of craftsmanship and mechanics.

Not physically enduring, they learn to become the stealthiest of Roadies even able to hide in daylight on a battlefield, sneaking behind enemy lines to assassinate officers (not that they can disappear in an open field, they hide behind others). They by far are the best instrumentalists out of roadies, able to cast powerful solos, and know a few advanced ones with an attack range of 45 feet. However their solos have a much larger cool down time, even for basic ones, lasting for hours at a time, use them wisely.

Balanced Roadie: Not as strong as a Heavy Roadie, benching 400-500 lb, not as skilled in craftsmanship, stealth, as a Light Roadie and only able to learn one advanced solo, the Balanced Roadie is the temperate climate between the two, with lessened weaknesses and somewhat watered down strengths.

Balanced Roadies are actually the most common, they are great crafters, great warriors, and know how to make simple solutions to problems in a pinch. They’re more flexible that their heavier cousins (both in the physical and mental sense), sturdier with vice versa, and are masters of improvising. Their instrument attack range is a solid 30 feet.

These guys are near model Roadies, not perfect but usually reliable for most situations, being the least specialized.

Roadies in general:

They almost never stray from their creed, and will take leadership with the utmost respect and reluctance. Any Roadie will never take a position higher than a captain or lieutenant.

For the most part, their only purpose in life is to thanklessly serve others, and consider that to be in itself an honor for these non-glory seekers, never forget that.

Hair Metal Militia Classes:

The Hair Metal Militia doesn’t really have its own classes, more like copycats of Ironheade’s and cheap ones at that.

Hairbangers: Headbangers who stayed with the Militia.

Glitterfists: Bouncers who stayed with the Militia.

Glamhogs: Bassists who were tired of wearing black and defected to the Militia.

Groupies: Razor Gunners who stayed with the Militia.

Watt-R-Boys: Roadies with bright colors and frills, they are far less diverse and adept in any trade then Ironheade Roadies.

Generals: Never more adept with their instruments then Balanced Roadies, mediocre weapons handling. The “leaders” of the HMM.

Glam Rockers: HMM’s version of Instrumentalists.

Drowning Doom Classes:

Grave Digger: Zombie like soldiers that are always on the front lines of battle. They are considered to be on the bottom of the Drowning Doom chain (and that’s saying something) due to the fact they do more whining and complaining then the rest, dubbed “emos”.

They are useful however, they take dismemberment so well that they will almost always rise up, even decapitations cannot fell them. The best way to down these characters is to gut their midsection, at their core, or at their heart.

They often use shovels and other gardening tools for weapons.

Grave diggers are never given instruments.

Bride: They are definitely trouble, searching for love in a pitiable and somewhat alluring way. While they have no weapon or tools of any sort, their vulnerability is their strength, projecting an aura of gloom and makes would be attackers pity them too much to do so, often becoming lethargic and becoming vulnerable themselves to the brides allies.

Brides seem to display sympathy for their victims (especially male ones), but whether or not they are simply faking this is unknown.

Lesser Brides who were not as affected by the Sea and cannot project powerful auras of gloom may take an instrument.

Ratgut: Is Ratgut the master and his rats the minions, or he in fact a prisoner of these ravenous vermin? The truth may be told someday ... but not today. Ratguts are humans who drank too much water from the Sea of Black Tears, and now have swollen stomachs that house a pack of rats. The Ratgut fights by expelling the rats from his body so they can devour enemy forces, only to retreat back into his stomach.

Ratguts don’t see the use of instruments.

Organist: In the past they used massive vehicle pipe organs to weaken their enemies attack power. There are some who are still trained to do this, but these days they carry around keyboards, and are full blown Instrumentalists for the Drowning Doom. They never carry a weapon.

Reaper: Theirs is a familiar and frightful image: Death. Capable of inducing FEAR in anyone they encounter, the Reapers ride skeleton horses (Which can be found in the wild as Reaper Steeds) and unsurprisingly resemble the Grim Reaper — with the added feature of headphones so they can listen to their tunes while they go about business.

They deliver their judgment swiftly, mercilessly, and you may not even sense them coming, only the bravest of souls will face them head on.

Less powerful Reapers may exist and use an instrument, but are never more adept at it than a Heavy Roadie.

Goth: Because they were the least affected by the Sea of Black Tears, they are the Drowning Doom’s Instrumentalists. Some argue if they even drank the waters or are just wearing making up and dark clothes.

Vampire: They are considered to be the elite of the Drowning Doom, and have the most control over their black water powers.

They are as deadly as they are alluring, summoning ink like 5 ft tendrils at will; these tendrils can be loose with the intention of ensnaring, rigid in the form of a shield, or any shape within the five feet radius. There are even cases of them taking flight with ethereal wings. There are limits though, they cannot multitask with these tendrils, either attacking, defending, or flying, never all at once.

They are hauntingly beautiful, disguising the blackness within (not every one of them is evil however, but most are), with characteristics such as eyes of every human color range and beyond, sometimes having a sort of glow about them. While their control over their powers is great, they can often be the most emotionally compromised people, switching between extremes on a dime or feeling nothing at all. Only the most well of mind become anything in the sort of leaders among the Drowning Doom as they should be.

Vampires may or may not have fangs, (DO NOT SPARKLE IN THE SUNLIGHT), and have an extreme aversion to bright lights, especially the sun, it may not kill them but it certainly puts their bodies on the brink, sapping their strength. Their most detrimental weakness is steel; Ormogöden’s flesh being impaled in them will cause any Vampire no matter how strong to burst into flames.

If they are not that adequate with their black tendrils, they may take on an instrument but will never become more adept at it then a Balanced Roadie.

Tainted Coil Classes:

Druids: It is not certain whether or not these are actual demons, or simply the most devout human followers of the Tainted Coil, but with their own deformities hidden by their robes and their willingness to serve they might as well be. Physically they are very weak and carry a single sword into battle, but it appears they now some weak magic as well, the extent of which is unknown.

Punishing Party: This infantry squad is the Tainted Coil’s answer to Razor Gunners. There always Four Dominatrices and one slave with many spears protruding from his back, sourcing their ammunition. They are never apart from each other.

Battle Nun:

"Aha! Knew it. Big ugly demon... Kinda sexy though, in a weird way."

-Eddie Riggs comments on his first encounter with a Battle Nun.

Lithe, elegant and deadly, Battle Nuns are known to punish and produce. Any High Demon who holds an audience with her may produce Soul Kissers and Punishing Parties. As Battle Nuns they are also tough fighters, but not at all invincible.

Battle Nuns also produce a healing aura to their subordinates and to herself. There are also superior versions within the hierarchy that can take more damage, and produce more units.

Tick Chopper: Impish biker with a high mortality rate, but are effective in certain situations. They aren’t too bright and if given no other option they will self destruct. In battle they are good distractions and good for taking down vehicles.

Warfather: Higher on the food chain in The Coil’s hierarchy, Warfathers unleash powerful ranged attacks by reading prayers from their Unholy Tomes. They are not however equipped with any tools and are relatively weak, though like Battle Nuns they produce a healing aura to their subordinates.

High Demon: Superior is the keyword. These are the elite beings among demons, Tainted Coil or not.

They are the only Tainted Coil demons that play instruments (Light Roadie instrument skill level), and often posses unique and high quality weapons, which they know full well how to use. They are the most physically resilient of all beings only rivaled by Bouncers and possibly Vampires, and are considered to be the most beautiful by the Tainted Coil, even if under their leather strapping they are still quite hideous by human standards.

They are literally natural born leaders, able to insight fear and devotion from their followers and are few in number, adding to their “divine” presence. Perfect examples would be the Legendary Emperors of Old; Succoria and Doviculus.

Their flesh and bone are incredibly dense, impalements are ineffectual, and they can regenerate appendages, albeit it takes longer depending on the appendage, an arm or a leg would take two weeks to grow back.

The only known method to kill them is by BRÜTAL DECAPATATION.


Universal Classes:


It doesn’t matter what race you are, your faction or code; you are a person who has no skill or trade other than music. Not only are you most likely a performer, your skill with your instrument allows you to play the most powerful solos and the most period. Your attack range is 60 ft.

Instrumentalists that are aligned with a faction are known as Rockers, Bassists, Glam Rockers, Organists, and Goths. If you have no faction you are simply an Instrumentalist.

As you can imagine there are different instruments on can use, you may chose a main and a minor. Naturally minor refers to a less practiced instrument, and you will not be able to use above Balanced Roadie level solos with it. You may also not carry more than one instrument at a time.

Guitar: Guitars have an affinity for fire and lightning, and by far the most popular and iconic instrument in all of Rock and Metal. They deliver quick, devastating blows upon their victims and are power personified in music.

Bass: Basses have an affinity for healing, and are not as popular to the guitar due to no offensive capabilities, but are still important. There are no known basic solos for the bass, you’ll have to find them on your own, though it is suggested that such solos can buff allies and debuff foes.

Microphone: It’s no wonder that this instrument had an affinity for, sometimes literally, mind melting power. For the vocalist there are many styles and ranges that can produce different effects, and it’s hard to keep count of them, truly the most versatile of tools. Its only downside is that it lacks control; you may end up blasting something you didn’t intend.

Drums: Drums have an affinity for thundering tremors, drummers can create earth walls to protect themselves and others, and even send chunks of earth flying. The exact extent of its power is not known, but it’s guaranteed to be felt by all within its radius.

Keyboard: As versatile as a microphone, and the soloing ability of a guitar, the only thing the keyboard lacks is their raw power. Keyboards are more suited to creating buffing effects than dealing damage, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its own attacks, though weak they maybe.



Basic Solos:

Summon Vehicle/Mount: (You may give this solo its own name)

Battle Cry(IronHeade)/Silence(Drowning Doom/Chains of Hell(Tanted Coil):

Facemelter(IronHeade/Shadow Blast(Droaning Doom)/Curse(Tainted Coil):

Advanced Solos:

A person may learn no more than seven solos, with three of them already given, you may have four more (depending on what your class allows). You are allowed to be creative with this, but nothing over powerful. If I see a solo that has a chance for godmodding I may still accept the character, but I will ask you to edit this accordingly. Try to think RPG; it should have its good side and a downside for using it, such as cool down time.

Balanced Roadies do not learn more than four solos, Light roadies may learn five, and Heavy raodies onlt know the basic three, unless the class is an Instrumentalist or says otherwise, this is the scale you will use.



A band is a group of at least four who may not only play at concerts but also go on adventures together (similar to a party in RPG’s). Better hope your band mates get along with each other.

The Motor Forge and Fire Tributes:

Eddie: "Wait, what do I have to do to get a fire tribute?"

Guardian: "Please the fucking Gods of Metal, man! Figure it out!"

Eddie: "Right, Okay, I'll be back soon, covered in Metal God love."

Guardian: "Oh God..."

The Motor Forges have been around since before the first Black Tear Rebellion and are still here today, as is the seemingly immortal Guardian of Metal, whom has become rather frustrated with everyone popping into his sanctum unannounced, to put it mildly.

If you want to upgrade your gear, your vehicle, or turn your mount into a kickass cyborg beast with rocket launchers then you’re going to need fire tributes from the gods themselves. How is this done? By doing awesome things of course!

Now what does the entail? Well you can fell a mighty beast singlehandedly, play at a concert; or anything else that rocks. Obviously I won’t leave it up to little old you to decide what is worthy and how much you should be rewarded, you could pick your nose and give yourself a billion fire tributes if I let you. As GM I’ll be watching, and shall take the position of the anonymous Metal Gods and shall reward your deeds as I see fit.

Yes, I am your lord and master, and you shall worship onto me or be smitten where ye stand.

Although, I can’t think of all of the upgrades available, I’m open to ideas and suggestions, if you have one post it in the OOC.


Brütal Religion and Worship:

There are deities that the people of Brütalia and Brütal Minor worship and this is to show where they stand with them.

Ormagöden: “The Eternal Fire Beast, Cremator of the Sky and Destroyer of the Ancient World” is the most universally worshipped god in the land. Most worshipped by Ironheade, and have even set up a Church in his name and in the name of the Titans. The Tainted Coil shows similar devotion to the beast, but the Downing Doom only begrudgingly acknowledges his existence.

The Metal Gods and Former Titans: Ironheade worships the Titans who came before them almost as much as they worship Ormagöden, and even believe one can attain godhood by living a life according to their ways. Within the Church of Ormagöden there are two recognized men turned gods: The late and legendary first King Halford, who never saw his Rebellion attain victory in life, and a man named Dio, who was martyred by the Tainted Coil in one of their most ferocious assaults on Ironheade during the turn of the century. It is said they captured and tortured him to death, though he never yielded saying “Come Heaven or Hell I will not yield.”

The Tainted Coil are mixed about the Metal Gods, some still are devout to their old masters while many also resent them for abandoning them all those years ago.

The Drowning Doom doesn’t worship the Metal Gods at all, instead devoting themselves to Aetulia, the one who made their beloved Sea with her tears. They believe they can hear her singing and guidance by drinking the waters.


Stage Battles

There hasn't been a true stage battle since the Tainted Coil's great defeat. A stage battle would mean that a new war has started and that there would be plenty more to come.

Sources: ... egend_Wiki

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Brütalia by IronPhoenix

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