Kishima Reiji

"Fly true."

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a character in “Legends of Gialpha”, as played by ZoddtheItinerant



Character Name: Kishima Reiji
Race: Human, Sunrage descent
Primary Skill: Archery, both on foot and horseback.
Other Skills: An origami enthusiast, has a knack for taming, or at least calming, wild beasts. Judo grappling profiency.
Weakness: Being an archer, Kishima is in trouble if an enemy manages to pressure him in melee range.
Basics: White hair, tanned skin, gold eyes, 5'7", 165 lbs, 29 years old.

Back Story: A wandering mercenary from the scorching Sunrage steppes. The man now known as Kishima Reiji was once a nobleman, until his love for a common woman lead to her death and his disfigurement. As retribution, the nobleman killed seven of the conspiring nobles in one night, leaving their corpses to be defiled by the vultures and the elements.

When the sun rose the next day, the nobleman had ridden away. He spent years working as a mercenary and assassin, forsaking his old name for a false one: "Kishima Reiji", a name synonymous with the durable and deadly yumi bow he was known to wield with unmatched precision. One day, an "affluent client" in the Gialphan underworld contacted Kishima about an intriguing job: to assassinate the Vile Wizard under the Black Mountains.With his quiver full of arrows and his bowstring polished, Kishima rode upon his trusty stallion, and set his eyes upon Frostheim, to investigate the whispers of the shards of an accursed blade said to be related to the evil wizard...

A believer in stoicity, Kishima never said or did more than necessary, favoring one word answers to most questions, and instead relied on body language and direct action to do the talking. His ability to remain calm and professional even in the most dire of situations has lead to the success of innumerable crucial headshots.

So begins...

Kishima Reiji's Story