A Beast Fairy with an eagle eye for collectibles and a special forte for knives and the like.

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A center piece for physical magic, Fairy age is boundless. But Tikal looks around her mid 20s

Female Wild Fairy

Tikal is a Wild Fairy. A Beast Fairy. A Tamer Fairy. Her Fae type go by many names, she doesn't mind which one you know as long as you remember her name. She craves the sights of the world. She wants to know every beast there is to know, sentient and instinctual. In her home she keeps a binder full of spells, enchanting, and a self-made Bestiary. Topped with her own doodles. Her dream is a big one for a fairy who enjoys the tiny living and doesn't know much self combat. But she is determined to achieve it and has even successfully traveled to two kingdoms prior to Gialpha. The diffefent types, colors, and sizes of Therians in the kingdom make her wings tremble with excitement and she often finds herself pestering them far too much. But she's working on it. Like all Fae, Tikal loves a good trade. She is exceptional at enchanting daggers and other weapons along those lines, and enjoys being paid in collectibles. The more rare, the better. She is witty, calculating, and swears she's a good match maker. Tikal would make for a good bard, as she can't stand to be in an area where foul mood permeates the air. She is also pretty adept at plant identification.

Physical description
Tikal is a mocha skinned, long limbed, lean and slim shaped Tamer Fae. She is often miniscule but will shift when the time calls. Her eyes are a deep water blue and she wears a gold and blue necklace around her neck and a gold and blue headband. The items are enchanted from a friend across the seas, precious to her really as it helps her understand the Beast language a little better. It glows warmly when in use. Her hair is loched and twined with white cloth so that it won't get in her way too much. She's cloth wrapped at the breast and wears an unknown material of colorful leggings with a white base. She's very noticeable when average sized. Her wings are the color of green sea foam. They round at the top half and tail at the bottom. When she's average sized they turn transparent except for a light outline.

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Alexander followed his group towards the caves, noting with some concern that the cavern's ceiling would limit his ability to fly. He would still be able to fight just as well on the ground, it would simply be more difficult moving quickly among the battleground. But it seemed that they were not the only fighters. The sounds echoing from the cave indicated that the battle was already well underway, the goblins locked in combat with a fairy, a white bull Theiran, and a snow elf.

And not just any snow elf, at that. Unless he was very much mistaken, that elf was none other than the Prince of Polara. All the more reason to lend them his aid!

"CHAAAAAARGE!" he roared, dashing forward with wings spread and sword drawn. The sky knight pressed a button on the hilt with his thumb, and the edge of the blade began to glow with the pale blue light of magic. While Nyx created a distraction, Alexander slammed into the goblin horde like a tsunami, each swing of his magic-enhanced greatsword bisecting several goblins at once. With his powered armour, his movements were more fluid than those of someone wearing normal full plate.

Noticing the Theiran preparing to charge, Alexander kept his distance. It appeared that the white bull was a berserker. Taking advantage of the opportunity presented to him, he carved his own bloody path in the barbarian's wake, allowing his more fragile comrades to press on.