Nyx Sadow

When one lives in the darkness they become the darkness.

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a character in “Legends of Gialpha”, as played by Butterfly Effect


Character Name: Nyx Sadow
Race: Dark Elf
Primary Skill: Shadow Magic (think like a mix of a warlock and necromancer)

Other Skills: blink power (can teleport short distances), invisibility. Rogue training ( sneaking, daggers, dodging)

Basics: Nyx is small in frame looking almost frail. Only five foot four if she was normal one would feel sorry for the tiny thing but one look into her black lifeless eyes tells you there is something to fear. Her hair is a mix of dark blues and silver beautiful but chaotic. Her deathly pale skin is marked with arcane runes and tattoos

Back Story: Some elves live in the dark places of this world like caves and the underbellies of the world's great cities. Nyx is one such elf one molded by the darkness in which she lived....

Nyx was born to a young single mother. Her mother raised her until the age of ten then was gone. Nyx's mother found a new man...A man that didn't want a kid. So Nyx found herself alone rejected...
The next eight years where hard on Nyx as she passed from gang to gang all the time learning her new powers and evading the law. But at 18 the law found her at last....
After three long years in jail a long time for Nyx to think she decided to change her life. Instead of breaking the law she became a bounty hunter using her darkness against the very same type of people she used to run with.

So begins...

Nyx Sadow's Story


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Vanarak's mind was in a complete uproar. What was he supposed to do!? His thoughts melded with each other. Would they try to kill him? Should he let them? And then that bubbling rage inside him. Vanarak knew that even if he was to decide on letting the people kill him then his mad part would take control. He would fight to survive, no matter what. He unconsciously reached towards the axe, receiving killing glances from both Drake and Alexander. He muttered a quiet apology as his hands grasped the axe. So this is how it's supposed to be?

His eyes focused, there was more than his attackers. His eyes suddenly fixating on the small woman approaching him, Tikal. His left hand still partly covering his face as she begun to talk with him. Vanny? Vanarak was about to release a small chuckle as the grip on his axe was reminded. The bubbling inside his chest feeling like a volcano just about to explode. He hefted the axe upwards, The visage of Tikal was growing blurry, everything turning slightly reddish.

A gentle tune penetrated his mind. His head was completely blank, just that lone tune wandering throughout him. It was... soothing. Just before everything blew, he had no control of his arm as he overhead swung it directly infront of him with enough power to jam it into the ground. Missing Tikal with a few centimeters.

Vanarak loosened the grip on his axe falling backwards. Sitting himself down in the snow. His head hanging lowly downwards, like a shamed animal. His mind was gently reforming his thoughts. The soft tune working its way throughout him. Vanarak's first thought was the simple one that he had never felt more relaxed.

He wanted to thank Tikal, He wanted to check on the girl. He wanted to apologize to the warriors and he wanted to act imposing to the Avian who had hit him. But he really couldn't attempt to move. And in all honestly, that was rather nice.

The setting changes from polara to Gialpha


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The setting changes from gialpha to Polara


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Nyx was starting to look annoyed, "This is taking too damn long if I find out the damn snow elf ran off and took all the reward I will fucking kill him!" She grumbled.

"You do know that is one of the princes of the snow elves right?" Stated the Guardian in her calm voice

" I don't care if he's the fucking King!" Nyx shouted back in anger.

The Guardian sighed shaking her head " Little Darklight do calm yourself..." She started

" Fuck you!" Nyx shouted she then turned and said " Reaper appear!"
On Nyx's command her shadowy black horse appeared before her and she mounted riding hard toward town.

The Guardian sighed "Forgive me but I must stop her before she does something rash..." She said before flying off after Nyx.

The Guardian landed in front of Nyx causing Reaper to quickly halt. Reaper snorted as mad as Nyx it seems.

"Get out of my way!" Yelled Nyx hurling a ball of shadow at the Guardian. The Guardian blocked the spell and sent a bolt of light back at Nyx, hitting Reaper sending him back and making Nyx fall to the ground.

Nyx glared up at The Guardian. " I don't want to fight you Darklight. Your new friends need us. And even the snow elf will soon find he needs us I'm sure.. now please let's go back to our friends" the Guardian said offering a hand.

Nyx took the hand but quickly jumped up her dagger in hand stabbing the Guardian. The Guardian's eyes went wide in shock as Nyx walked away.
" The prince will not have what the dead keep" Nyx said
The Guardian noticed then the purple glow in Nyx's eyes " Darklight...No" she whispered as Nyx disappeared into the woods.