Serrina Deryn

"What are we waitin' for? The road is that way!"

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❝ The Basic Facts ❞

| Name |
Serrina Deryn

| Nickname |
Sera, Serry, Dare

| Gender |

| Age |
Biologically: 14
Physically: 21

| Sexuality |

| Race |
Nature Elf

| Primary Skills |

| Alignment |
Neutral Good

❝ Appearance ❞

Very short, thick dark hair in coily curls. Large green eyes. Thick lips, a flat nose, and heavy eyebrows. A scar down her right cheek over her lip. Thick shoulders and toned muscles. Short and stocky. Pointed ears.

| Eye Color |

| Hair Color |
Dark Brown

| Skin Tone |

| Height |
A little on the short side

| Weight |
Fairly weighty

| Distinct Markings |
A scar on her left cheek.

❝ Personality ❞

Serrina is filled with energy. She loves risks and enjoys every challenge that comes her way. She's very easily tempted into dangerous and potentially fatal acts determined to prove that she can. She loves making jokes and keeps a lighthearted attitude in everything she does. Laws and restrictions mean very little to her, and anything she wants, she'll take. Thus, money means nothing to her.

| Likes |
- Competition
- Sweets
- Talking to people
- Heroes and legends
- Helping people

| Dislikes |
- Being alone
- Paying for things
- Hurting innocents

| Weapon(s) |
Double-ended spiked staff

| Skills/Traits |
Decent Chef, Skilled Fighter, Natural Sense-Of-Direction, Good Needleworker, Sore-Loser, Light-sleeper, Intense Stamina/Endurance, Casual card-player, Decent Whittle-work

| History |
Serrina was found as an infant by a human village, where she lived for the first few years of her life, but while she was still young she left and went on her own way. She's lived on the streets since then, never settling down anywhere and never staying in one place with the same people for too long.

So begins...

Serrina Deryn's Story


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Serrina strutted from the nearby brush and approached Vanarak with a swagger in her slow steps. She leaned against the hard stone wall and stared at him with a smile in her eyes. She held something poorly concealed behind her back.

Right now, she was going to be calm and confident. She steeled herself.

"Hey buddy," she said to get his attention, "looks like you could use..." she paused for dramatic effect, "...a hand?" She asked.

She raised a blackish-blue, severed goblin arm into eye view. She could no longer contain her laughter, "Get it!? C-'Cuz it's a hand?" She cackled, and waved it around in front of him, apparently paying no mind to the flecks of dark blood she splattered about.

Not that the blood really mattered anyway; her gauntlets, boots, and metal-spiked staff were coated in enough goblin goo that a few droplets would hardly have made any difference.

It took far too long for her laughter to die down.

"Oh, I've been waiting so long to use that one," she sing-songed, pretending to wipe a tear from her eye, "Whelp, c'mon, let's go," she gestured, and bounced up from the wall.


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Vanarak didn't notice the small Elf that approached him, not until she was directly beside him. It bothered him slightly that his senses had been so dulled by his injuries. But that could be dealt with later, This little Elf already seemed quite... Fun.. "Hah, I'm not all that used to being approached. Especially not by someone swinging a severed arm around me. Vanarak's tone was tired, rugged, Yet there was a cheeky undertone to it.

Vanarak did not move a single muscle, Only his eyes now focusing on the Elf. "I should apologize, But... Vanarak suddenly rose from his seat, His body screeching in disapproval. He barely made it to his full height before one of the many arrows in his back cracked making a ugly noise. With a sigh Vanarak sat back down. ...I cannot move with all this".

Vanarak swung his head in a gesture very familiar for a Minotaur. He then pointed at the large amount of goo covering Serrina "Atleast you avenged my back, Those little mongrels seem not to have had an all too fortunate encounter with you!"
Vanarak released a small gruffy laugh his posture easing up slightly.


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Serrina barked out a sharp laugh.

"What are you more used to? Severed legs? Fingers? 'Cuz I could probably find some if it made you more comfortable," she said in a silvery tone, bouncing on the balls of her feet in feigned anticipation.

"Trust me, those goblins I killed weren't for you," she teased, and lightly bumped her shoulder against Vanarak's. She paid little mind to his injuries, "But really though, I've seen guys like you handle twice that much. If you're still talking and breathing, a few little arrows shouldn't stop you, hm?" She tried to encourage him, but she wasn't even convincing herself.

"Listen, I got a good look at that ice troll, and it's neck didn't look as protected as the rest of it. If you could just," she woosh-ed her arms out to her side, "toss me up there, I could give that nastiness a few good whacks with my lovely friend here, and boom! Problem solved! No more ice troll," she said, and held out her staff for further proof of how simple her plan was.

It was foolproof, like all her plans were. At least, when she actually made a plan. Honestly, she usually chose winging-it over anything detailed or thought out, but this idea was too juicy to ever pass up.

"Whatcha think?"


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Yevoc was nearing Frosthiem and he heard the screams of goblins being torn apart in battle and the strained grunts of pain coming from a creature that sounded large. He got off Shade Runner and began to fallow the tracks in the snow that seemed to be running away from the city. There were also thick globs of brownish goo in the snow that was definitely goblin blood. Something in the town had sent a large group of them running and had injured most of them. Yevoc remembered that there was a couple of goblin tribes in the area, but they usually kept their distance from the major cities because they usually had heroes guarding them. They also weren’t organized enough to mount an attack like this on their own. Someone or something was directing these little terrors into an organized unit, and that was dangerous.
Yevoc drew his swords, his magic instantly being channeled into the blades giving them a pale blue glow. He heard a loud growling coming from the steep hills that bordered the wall that sounded the city. He looked up to see a small cave not far from the city entrance. He had no doubt that the troll was up there, but the rock face looked pretty steep.
He heard conversation coming from near the gates to the city, but he ignored it as it seemed calm and he was focused on the troll.
Yevoc re-sheathed his swords as he got to the base of the hill, though it looked more like a small mountain, and the grumbling and growling from the cave got louder. He began to climb the steep face of the hill and he was having a hard time finding good footholds and handholds and some of the rocks were loose. As he grabbed a larger stone about half way to the cave the ice troll burst out of the cave letting loose a loud howl and startling Yevoc. The rocks he was hanging on to shifted and he lost his grip as he fell backward in fright. He plummeted back to the ground landing with a thud. The wind was knocked out of him and he struggled to catch his breath. He kept his eyes on the troll above expecting it to jump down and beat him to death with his own limbs after dismembering him. This was no ordinary ice troll. The ice troll grabbed a boulder and threw it down at Yevoc. It landed on his legs crushing all of his bones from the waist down. He let out a howl of pain. And lost his view of the troll.

“Well, well, well, looks like you’re in a bit of a predicament aren’t ya?” He heard a smug voice asking, though he couldn’t see where it was coming from.
“Who’s there?! What do you want? Please just help me get this boulder off of me.”
There was a poof of blue sparkling fairy dust and a small fairy appeared on Yevoc’s chest.
“Now, now, it’s not that simple. You see if I get you out of this you’re free, but I don’t get anything out of it. No, I’m going to need something from you if you want me to save you. Or you could wait for the local towns folk to come save you, but even if they did brave an angry ice troll and get to you before you bled out, there’s still the matter of your legs. There aren’t many doctors around that wouldn’t amputate. I can’t remember the last time I heard of an adventurer that went around with a wheelchair.”
“Okay, what do you want already? I’ll give you anything just fix me.”
“As you wish.” There was another poof of fairy dust and then he was kneeling next to Yevoc as a human sized fairy with a contract and a pen. “Just sign on the line and this will all go away.”
Yevoc took the pen and scribbled his name on the line. “There, now fix this please!”
The fairy snapped his fingers and the boulder was instantly gone and Yevoc’s legs were back to normal without a scratch.
“Thank you, kind fairy.” He exclaimed as he stood up and inspected his legs to be sure they working properly. “Now the matter of your reward, what am I to give you to repay your kindness?”
“Oh gods, do all you royals talk like that? It’s so pretentious. But anyway, if you were to have read what you signed, you would have seen that you will be giving me half of something that’s incredibly valuable to you.” the fairy grinned devilishly as he handed the contract to Yevoc.
Yevoc looked at the contract reading the last few lines out loud. “As payment for Ash Jinxwisp removing aforementioned boulder and saving my life, I hereby grant him half of the credit for any and all future adventures. As such Ash Jinxwisp will continue to be my adventuring companion until I either die, am unable to go on anymore adventures or I help him find and kill the one who killed his parents.” He read. “What the hell is all this?!”
“It’s simple buddy.” Ash replied throwing his arm over Yevoc’s shoulder. “You get to go out and make a name for yourself as an adventurer, but I get to go along with you on all your adventures and get the credit along with you. Or you could help me with one adventure and kill the therian who killed my parents and we’ll call it even. Your choice.”
“Well, buckle up kid, you aren’t getting out of this that easy. Sure I’ll share the credit with you, couldn’t hurt having a fairy along for the ride. And when I’m done with all the adventures and quests I want to do, then I might consider helping you with your little vengeance plot.”


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Vanarak was throwing long glances towards the Elf, She seemed pretty interesting.

His gruffy laugh escaped once more "Haha, I like your spirit! But that troll is a rough one, He'll not go down easily and in all honestly, I take your words as a challenge..." Vanarak knew very well that his injuries was no joke. This amount of damage would be more than enough to kill an Orc. But if there was one thing that Vanarak believed in then it was his ability to simply enough never die.

And thus he slowly rose again, The arrows in his back no longer caused pain, They were only being annoying, A restraint. "..Let's show this troll some blood... " and in the moment of those words being muttered a lone yell echoed from the hills in which Vanarak had fought the troll, A yell from from someone neither troll nor goblin. "...And it seem we are not the only one wanting to try that." Someone seems to have had the same stupid idea as Vanarak. His grip around the axe tightened and in one motion he swinged it up on his shoulder, passing dangerously close by Serrina's head.

Without giving a single look to her Vanarak started a jog towards the hills, From the small impression she had given he knew that she would come along wether he liked it our not. Without looking back he addresed her shortly "Mind doing me a favour and getting these arrows out? I think that we are going to need to be at our best soon." A small smile appeared on Vanarak


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“Well, now, your highness, I have a question for you. Why did you come down from the Elven high kingdom to Frosthiem?” Ash asked with an arrogant tone.
“Obviously to kill this ice troll, but I get the feeling there’s a different answer that you’re looking for.” Yevoc replied.
“Ah, yes. Very observant of you. Tell me, does this troll act like a typical ice troll? What has he been doing? What’s his goal?”
“No, he’s organized the local goblin tribes and other smaller trolls. He’s leading them on raids against the supply shipments that are going into the city.”
“So what does this tell you?”
“That there’s either something on the supply shipments that the troll is looking for, or he’s trying to starve out the town’s people.”
“And why would he be trying to starve out the town’s people?”
“There’s something in Frosthiem that he wants and he can’t get to it when the town’s people are attacking him.”
“Exactly. Now I ask again, is this typical behavior for a simple ice troll?”
“No, they aren’t that smart, they act on basic instincts, there’s no way a troll would be able to do any of this unless he was being controlled.”
“And who ever or whatever is controlling the troll wants something that’s in Frosthiem, and I’d be willing to bet whatever it is they’re looking for is in the ruins of old Frosthiem under the city.”
“So what do we do?”
“Well if you plan on killing the troll you might want to do it soon. We’re about to have some company, sounds like something big is coming this way as well as a few others, not to mention one of my own kind hiding in the trees.” He sneered as he pointed to the branches, though she was too small for Yevoc to see from that distance. Yevoc looked off in the distance and saw another elf and a white minotaur walking up to the hill.
“Maybe they could help us kill the troll.”
“Sure, I guess. If you don’t mind sharing the credit with them too.”
“You know I’m not just in this to make a name for myself, don’t get me wrong I like the idea of getting some notoriety, but that’s not the only reason I’m doing this. There are people out there that help others because it’s the right thing to do.”
“Okay, whatever you gotta tell yourself.”
“Hey, you guys, are you here to fight the troll too? We could use some help if you are.” Yevoc called out.


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As the white minotaur got closer it became apparent just how much larger he was compared to Yevoc. He didn’t respond but had rushed up to him in a show of grandeur. Ash, coward that he was, shrank back down to his smaller size and fluttered up onto his shoulder.

“Not to be a downer or anything, but didn’t the Snow Elves enslave a bunch of minotaurs, like 400 years ago as labyrinth guards? Not saying that this guy’s holding a grudge, but you might want to be careful around him.”

“Oh shit! I completely forgot about that.” He gasped as he instinctively raised his arms up and crossed his swords in front of himself in a defensive position just before the minotaur stopped inches in front of him.