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a part of Legends of Gialpha, by SugarNspikeS.

Northern most region

SugarNspikeS holds sovereignty over Polara, giving them the ability to make limited changes.
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Northern most region


Polara is a part of Legends of Gialpha.

11 Characters Here

Tikal [12] A Beast Fairy with an eagle eye for collectibles and a special forte for knives and the like.
Vanarak the White Bull [12] "I like to think of myself as a very enthusiastic wanderer"
Yevoc Cryoblood [12] "You think I can't fight because I'm Royalty? Underestimating me will be your own undoing."
Nyx Sadow [12] When one lives in the darkness they become the darkness.
Alexander Typhen [11] "To die in battle is the ultimate honour."
Drake de Lascaux [11] "Unlike people, a bottle spares you the judgement. The bottom of it is the only fulfilling thing in my life."
Lailah Van Telias [11] "A Knight is Sworn to Valor!"
Ash Jinxwisp [8] "I am the embodiment of bad luck."
The Guardian [8] Light protect you!
Juniper Varosa [3] "Let's make a deal, shall we?"

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