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Cora Saunders

"All things truly wicked start from innocence "

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a character in “Legends of Haven”, originally authored by sappho, as played by RolePlayGateway






N A M E;

Cora Lee Saunders

N I C K N A M E S;

Cory , Lee , CODENAME: Scream

A G E ;


P O W E R;


Control - Halsey ~ Glory and Gore - Lorde ~ Paper Planes - M.I.A.



they judge me like a picture book


G E N D E R;

cisgender female

N A T I O N A L I T Y;


S E X U A L I T Y;

Pansexual; sexual attraction, romantic love, or emotional attraction toward people of any sex or gender identity
Demiromantic; Romantic attraction towards any of the above but only after forming a deep emotional bond with the person(s)


Cora has become slightly attached to Triton but she denies the fact to herself out of worry and fear of rejection.

A L L I A N C E;

The Mercs



by the colors, like they forgot to read



Cora has always kept the extent of her powers quiet. She has never been much of a show off, and has always preferred to do her damage quietly.

Cora can shape and manipulate air. She is adept at being able to shape and manipulate air and all forms of wind from tornadoes, hurricanes, vertical drafts, micro-bursts and other devastating forms of wind. With the blink of an eye she could conjure up a small breeze or a F-5 tornado. Since air cannot be seen by conventional methods, neither can the attacks and derivatives formed by/from it, her power is entirely invisible and a versatile weapon that is very difficult to block and dodge. However, Cora dislikes the use of her power in such a grand fashion, she prefers a more small and painful use of her power. Cora can take the air in a surrounding room and is able to suffocate her victims, giving her the capacity to choke her victims to death. When inflicted on one person she can leave them gasping for breath, or almost in a state of drowning whilst not underwater. She is also able to inflict large amounts of air pressure on her victims in some cases making them feel as if their head was being crushed under a large weight. This makes Cora's most adept use of her power being torture. She's cracked some of the most unwilling victims and hasn't met anyone who has held through her malicious forms of torture. This developed her the nickname scream, whether it be from the sound of the wind she creates or the cries from her victims.

As for limitations Cora is unable to create air or wind, being limited to manipulating only from already existing sources, this doesn't prove to be too much of a problem. Wind patterns are sometimes unpredictable as are the bursts of her power sometimes. Not to mention using so much of her power in large bursts takes a large toll from her.



but why


xImage Image


A P P E A R A N C E;

Cora is pretty, in a way that doesn't boast or exceed the standards of beauty. She is pale skinned with a hint of olive, slightly freckled, and contrasted by long, dark, straight hair that she occasionally leaves in curls. Her eyes are a light shade of brown that in some lights take on a yellowish tone. Her features come off as almost regal, but in a way that is highly intimidating. Her figure is frail, and her limbs are willowy but her stature is very strong. She holds herself with confidence and grace, and only ever rarely lets herself show signs of weakness.

S T Y L E;

Cora is very simple when it comes to style, limiting herself to things that wont be disturbed by her breezes or torrents of wind that she creates. This also attributes her hair to be kept in an updo and only on occasion will she ever let it down.

H E I G H T;

5' 9''

W E I G H T;


E C T;

Cora has small thin scars along her shoulder blades and neck from when she resided in the testing area at a Research Facility. They have since faded but if you look closely you can still she the thin traces of them left behind.



its as if i screamed so loud, but no one heard a thing




Cora on the outside is a seemingly pretty young woman but on the inside she is entirely twisted. Cora is determined to get what she wants, and she won't allow anyone to get in the way of it. Her pretty face is just a façade to the anger she holds deep inside herself. Cora isn't evil, she's just angry. Around the Mercs Cora holds more of a passive-aggressive, quiet personality. She's quite cunning in a way where she knows how to get things to bend in the way of her favor.

Cora isn't afraid to hurt people. To her it's payback for every lash that she's ever taken herself in her life. It's part of what makes her a so on so called, 'villan'. She doesn't condone hurting or even killing innocent people, but anyone whose ever wronged her, or stood in her way, to her, has a price to pay for their actions.

L I K E S;

✔Cold Showers ✔Rabbits (she keeps this one a secret)
✔Thin Mint cookies & Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream ✔Warm & Cold Breezes ✔Autumn and Winter
✔Poetry or a good classical piece of literature ✔Using her powers ✔
✔Fresh Air
D I S L I K E S ;
✘Losing ✘Generally hot temperatures and fire itself
✘ Superheros
✘Hospitals or enclosed spaces ✘Needles ✘Children, especially babies
✘Her family or anyone that falsely claims to actually care about her
✘Ignorant or Naïve People

S T R E N G T H S;

✔ Cora has never allowed herself to get too attached to people, she sees it as a viable weakness. Growing up, she had no family to show her compassion so she is highly independent. However, she tries to deny the fact that it wont take her too long to care about someone due to her lack of love but she knows it's true. This is why she chooses to mainly distance herself from the others.

✔ Cora herself is very powerful. Of course she has her limitations but her ability to harness her anger into her power makes it a million times more deadly.

✔ Cora is not afraid to step up and make the decisions the others are too weak to carry out because of compassion. She has trained herself to block these out when necessary and is not afraid to get messy when it's necessary.

W E A K N E S S E S;

✘ Cora is easily frustrated and angered when things do not go her way. She can have sudden fits of rage which almost always end in someone getting hurt.

✘ Cora is almost a lose cannon. She rarely ever plans out anything and goes into things with just blind rage to carry her through it. This has proved to be a major downfall for herself.

✘ Cora is weakened by lightning and fire. It sucks the oxygen from the air and there by renders herself useless. However she can also do the opposite for lightning and fire.

F E A R S;

Deep down Cora is afraid of abandonment. Her entire life she has been neglected by anyone she has ever cared about, and that has entirely left a permanent hole in her heart.



i cried tears you'll never see


Image Image

Cora Saunders was born to Luther and Agda Saunders in the small town of Patras, Greece. As a child Cora was care-free and bubbly, she enjoyed having friends and going to preschool. Her life was normal. It wasn't until she began to exercise her powers that her life became a living hell. When she entered Kindergarten Cora experienced her first, 'bully'. Granted he was just a young boy who always stole Cora's crayons, but to her tiny fiver-year-old self he was evil. Cora finally snapped one day near the end of the school when he had taken her last pink marker. As harmless as it seemed, Cora blew the entire school to the ground. When responders finally managed to arrive they found her coloring in the middle of rubble, not a scratch on herself, and a mangled body of a teacher not far off from where she sat. Her entire city was terrified of her. They thought she was the devil.

For a while, Cora was locked in the basement of her small house. At first she threw a fit but when it proved to be hopeless she eventually gave up resisting. When she was six they came for her. Strange men who spoke a different tongue, and shackled her in some sort of metal. No matter how hard she tried her powers were useless. They dragged her away kicking and screaming. "Μαμά! ΠΑΠΑ!". Her parents wouldn't even look at her.

Cora was thrown in a large, unfamiliar facility which she would later know as the Meta human Mutant Alien and Powered Research station, or the MMAPR. She was holed in cell for nearly 4 years of her life. She almost became feral as the only human she would come into contact with would be a guard pushing her meals through a slot. When she finally reached the age of 10, they began testing. Memories, terrible memories that still give Cora nightmares and cuts on her back. For a while she resisted but her powers seemed to be negated by unseen force, and she eventually gave up resisting. It wasn't until she saw other's like her, being dragged away to other rooms. Much, much older than her, and she knew that she'd be here until they eventually killed her. Cora began trying to use her powers every night. It was such a strain on her mind, but as she continued to practice she was getting better and better at using them.

When she was 15, Cora finally escaped. It had been a routinely walk to the testing rooms, she pretended to be just as drained as usual. When she knew their guard was down she used a small blast of her powers and the scientists and guards flew to the wall knocking them into the wall and rendering them unconscious. She ran, down hallway after hallway, the alarms sounded around her but it didn't take her long to find doors that she promptly blasted off the hinges and took off.

Cora laid low for the next couple years, she was afraid they would find her again. After a while she eventually found the Mercs and they took her in. She still doesn't feel like she fits in a bit, but for her it's enough until she has enough time to exact her revenge on the facility that destroyed her life.

So begins...

Cora Saunders's Story


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Outfit ❃ #62060F ❃ T I M E: 5-8am ❃ Heavy by Linkin Park ft Kiiara

As the morning light filled the comfortable sized room, it lit the small figure doing yoga in the middle of it. The dainty hands firmly planted on the peacock green and sunflower yellow patterned rug in the middle of the room. Rich dark brown hair was pulled into a messy bun, a small grown left a full mouth before the girl released her pose and flopped on to the rug and rolled on to her back while releasing a deep breath. Pulling herself into a sitting position Hazel scowled, she had obviously over worked herself the night before in the training room but two years worth of training had yet to get rid of the few extra pounds she carried and if she admitted it to herself, it still hadnt made her good enough to not need Kli's guidance in a fight.

Standing at her full, but still small, height she walked on silent feet to her bathroom to take a shower and get ready for work. Only once she had washed off the sweat from her morning warm up and soothed her sore muscles did she get dressed in a simple red lace dress and a tan and light blue blazer. Matching it with simple accessories and pinning her hair into an easy updo, she considered herself ready, delicately boned fingers rubbed the intricate scar on her chest. It was silver and almost invisible until she called on the power the artifact gave her, then it turned blood red. As her fingers grazed over it, the scar warmed slightly and Hazel got a sense that Kli was saying good morning. Communicating with the gem in her chest was difficult to explain, it didnt have a voice per-say, it was more of just knowing. She just knew what it was trying to tell her like at this moment.

Once Hazel had coated herself with a light layer of one of her favorite perfumes she padded on her light blue heels into the dark teal and russet orange living room, the dark brown hard wood uncovered and in such every time her heels made contact a small click could be heard. A cup of coffee to go, she walked quickly to the elevator not far from her apartment and rode it all the way to the ground floor, she couldnt be late today. It was, after all, the day the Gems from the Temple of Death were opened to the public to see. Hazel smiled at the thought of the well made copies of the gems she had made going on display, they were being called one of the greatest discovers of the century and no one even knew that they werent the real deal.

Checking her phone right before she clocked in, she saw she had a text from Rodger. It was a group text to all of the League;

From:Rodger K.

Important meeting tonight at 8.
Be there. No exceptions.

Turning off her phone without replying, Hazel sighed today just got a whole lot longer. She would literally get off work, go home, get ready for the party, go to the meeting, then go to the party..Alone. Kiss the asses of all the big wigs that had donated money to the museum and talk about finding the Gems and the underground, hidden temple that they had once resided in which was never a good experience for her.

Outfit ❃ #023a25 ❃ T I M E: 4-7AM ❃ How Did You Love by Shinedown

In the world of a dark haired boy sitting atop of a rundown building in the slums of Haven, the morning was silent. He's normally cold eyes were tired and his knuckles were bruised, as if he had spent hours hitting a rock hard surface. A vibration in his pocket made him pull out his phone and the name on the screen read Marybelle, which brought a glimmer of light to his eyes and a small smile to his lips. Focusing on his ears, Triton was able to hear and answered the phone call. "Hey Mary, how are you and the kids doing?" he answered, listening intently for the normal ruckus that went on in the background. "Don't 'hey Mary' me Tri, you promised that you would call every other day when you were in Haven. You know I worry about you being there...Sense May." an upset female voice responded and the small smile turned into a full on grin. "Hey know, im no longer a little kid Mary you dont have to go all big sister on me. Now, please tell me how my niece and nephew are. How are you and the twins you carry?" he laughed, it was a rusty sound and obviously not used often but he had managed to distract his sister from chewing him out.

It wasnt a long phone call because the kids woke up and Mary had to go, Triton put away his phone and watched the sun come up before climbing down the side of the building to enter it through his window. Malcolm had dumped the ragtag group in this poor excuse of a building with eight black cards and orders to make it livable and fortified, they had to do all the work themselves and Triton had done the most sense he had worked as a construction worker sense he turned eighteen. His room was one large living space, his bed hidden behind a wall of bricks. It was industrial, rough, but clean and his.

After a quick shower Triton got dressed and put in his ear piece, he had a name on his list to stalk. As he was getting ready to leave his apartment a thought ran across his mind about Cora, deciding to go see if she wished to come with he walked quietly. His booted feet barely making a sound on the concrete floors, When he got to Cora's door he paced back and fourth a few times but he didnt want to disturb the team member across the hall from her so he finally tuned his power to Cora's room to see if she was awake not that it would stop him from knocking and waking her if she wasnt, he would ask no matter what.

Finally deciding just to go for it, Triton knocked or more like banged, on her door. A voice clicked through the ear piece right afterward "I know you're technically deaf Triton but I also know you use your power to hear so obviously you know how loud you knocked. In case you didnt, im in the War room and I heard you. Also, im not being creepy but I was messing with the security cameras and saw you, with your ear piece in, knocking so dont you dare pretend that you cant hear me." a slightly sinister smile curved his lips upon hearing Evonna's voice and he waved to the camera at the end of the hall before turning back to Cora's door.

Outfit ❃ #ec3919 ❃ T I M E: 5-7AM ❃ Save Today by Seether

Almost black hair was pulled into a messy braid and glasses were posed dangerously close to the edge of the slightly down turned nose, the red crop top was rather high necked, showing only her collar bones but maybe to much over her toned stomach. Having woken several hours earlier so to nightmares Evonna was now working away at a 'powered' database in the hopes of finding more potential members of the Mercs, bare feet were pulled into the over stuffed office chair and hidden by the black and floral maxi skirt she wore. Furrowing her brow in slight distress her fingers flew across the key board in such rapid movements before the page she was on closed, whoever the site had notified about her attempt at hacking it, was good. Not as good at her of course because she had noticed their feeble attempt at hacking into her system to find her location but good enough that she had to sever her ties to the database to keep them from locating her.

Spining the chair she was able to see the full of the War Room, in the very center was her private little domain. It was were she did her thing and were her team mates could come to learn the information she had dug up on targets, plated with specially designed glass as to not be damaged by their powers. The rest of the room was their training area, again specially plated with a substance almost impervious to their powers. Deciding to spend some time messing around in the building security, she clicked through the cameras and saw that Triton was awake and wearing his ear piece. Evonna then heard him knock on Cora's door, scowling at the screen she touched her own ear piece so she could speak to him "I know you're technically deaf Triton but I also know you use your power to hear so obviously you know how loud you knocked. In case you didnt, im in the War room and I heard you. Also, im not being creepy but I was messing with the security cameras and saw you, with your ear piece in, knocking so dont you dare pretend that you cant hear me."

His only response was a scary smile and wave, growling she clicked out of the security system. No need to be in a bad mood this early, needing coffee or tea she decided to go back to her room. Maybe after a cup or two she would try that system again, stretching she started to walk away when her computer dinged. It was a message from Malcolm.


Coming by tonight with temporary power booster.
Will explain why it is temporary then.
Need the team to be there at 7pm,
got contacted for a last minute job. No time to prep,
details at meeting. Spread the word.

Rolling her shoulders Evonna didnt bother to reply, she knew the system Malcolm used wouldnt allow her to, after all she created it. After her cup of coffee and maybe some breakfast she would inform the others.