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"The one is impossible, the many unstoppable."

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a character in “Legends of Haven”, as played by >Marionette<





N A M E: Eve | A G E: 110 | S P E C I E S: Majesdanian | G E N D E R: Female | S E X U A L I T Y: Pansexual

"I've been on earth longer than any human you can name. You would think by now I could think to call it my home."
I don't think you see your destiny⍟Strange⍟Haven is a place on earth



"Majesdane was just like earth before the Skrulls attacked, divided. It came together in the face of genocide but it did so too late."


There are many names she's gone by, but in recent times she has decided to go by a shortened and human sounding version of her Majesdanian name.


⌈Romantic InterestβŒ‹
1930’s - 40’s - 50’s
Married an eccentric baron, she did not love him.
Met a gangster, she did love him. He is not a good person.
A myriad of torrid love affairs, all of them temporary. It is bitter.
1990’s - Present
She gives up on romance. It is lonely but fair.

A few identities ago she has falsified identification papers and ID's, but in modern time those are much more difficult to get a hold of. Ones that are convincing and solid enough are anyway. Besides, she gets along pretty well living off the grid, inconvenient at times but very workable. Despite the practical reasons for this living choice however really at the core of the matter Eve is just tired of pretending, and doesn't want another Identity or anything saying she's someone else.



"I served in the Majesdanian military but I was never a combatant. Could you imagine a warrior my size?"



Majesdanian physiology allows for several powers and special adaptions including:

  • Solar Energy Manipulation: They are able to absorb solar radiation and convert it into a unique energy type which can be manipulated for various uses. Power level is related to exposure to sunlight and/or the absence of it. It is possible this is absorption of some sort of cosmic energy. This solar energy is stored in every cell of their bodies, even blood.
  • Bioluminescent: In their natural state, Majesdanians' skin and hair are luminescent with shimmering, rainbow-colored light of solar radiation. This vibrant appearance can be suppressed to appear human through training or through specific types of metals, including lead.
  • Light Energy Blasts: Majesdanians can also project the solar energy in a beam of variable intensity and diameter, from a wide concussive blast to a thin laser-like cutting beam.
  • Force Fields: Majesdanians can control the projected energy forming defensive barriers, enfolding shields, or restraining people. These fields are not unbreakable given enough force.
  • Heat Manipulation: Majesdanians can both withstand extremely high temperatures and emit warmth.
  • Flight: Majesdanians are able to propel themselves into the air leaving a rainbow-like trail behind.
  • Enhanced Strength and Enhanced Durability: Majesdanians also appears to be stronger and more durable than an average human possibly due to the strong gravitational forces of Majesdane. As it applies to Eve, she is very small and not very strong as far as Majesdanian's go. Her strength is more like that of an average man. Which is still surprising, but nothing that bends belief or makes her appear supernatural.



"Appearances matter, that was true on Majesdane and it is true on Earth."



Eve is a small woman, petite and unimposing in stature. If you're not looking you could easily pass her up in a quick scan of the room, as she does what she can to go unnoticed. She carries herself in a quiet and dignified way that speaks volumes her age and experience. In terms of how long Majesdanians live she is almost middle aged. Eve has the training of feminine manners that women were held to centuries ago, and out of habit has retained some of them. The graceful manner of walking, the straight back, the ladylike way of sitting. All subtle details to her past and personhood. Her high cheekbones and plush lips are exquisite details to a generally beautiful woman. Her greenish brown eyes are pretty, but are sometimes overcome by a glowing blue colour during times of heightened emotion or stress. She has good control of suppressing her Majesdanian physiology but even she can not be in control of them all the time. Wearing a lead bracelet helps, but in truth the jewelry pains her a little, and so does not usually wear one. Thankfully she can either hide her eyes with sunglasses or explain them away as a funny quirk due to a radiation accident she suffered as a child, being careful to make clear that she has no powers other than her glowing eyes.

Majesdanians often wear black, to contrast with the brilliant colours their hair and skin emit. Eve continues to favour dark colours, blacks and neutrals. Majesdanian's also tend to show quite a bit of skin to help absorb sunlight. Eve was at first surprised by the conservative fashions of women, up until the last 40 years or so, but adhered to them. It was the least of what she did to blend in. She's very used to covering up now, and her fashion sense has found a happy medium, but always appropriate for wherever she is. She enjoys modern clothes and the twenty-first century's idea of what 'vintage' is and readily tries out the newest trends. She's not against dressing up even when there is no occasion, she's rather feminine in the way she dresses, but not impractical. She appears to be a young adult, someone in their 20's, and dresses like it.

⌈Height and WeightβŒ‹
112.5 lbs

A tattoo on both wrists. ⧱, which means strength. ⧰, which means weakness. Both are Majesdanian forms of writing, similar to ancient human hieroglyphics where symbols mean entire words contextually. She was very drunk when she got them, but has found that she does not dislike them.

Ears, nipples, belly button, she got quite a few piercings back in the 80's-90's period. Due to a botched job, she had taken the belly button one out and it closed a long time ago, leaving only a small scar. Thankfully she had supplies to heal the infection from that particular mistake and did not need to go to the hospital.

Eve is a fan of perfume, in particular flowery and sweet scents.



"As it turns out, you can get away with quite a bit when you keep your mouth shut."



⌈Likes and DislikesβŒ‹

βŸ‡ Sunbathing βŸ‡ Books
βŸ‡ Architecture βŸ‡ Science βŸ‡ Music
βŸ‡ Art βŸ‡ Sweets βŸ‡ Animals
βŸ‡ Technology

βŸ‘ Meat βŸ‘ Lead
βŸ‘ Willful Ignorance
βŸ‘ Cruelty βŸ‘ The Skrull Empire βŸ‘ Quote "Intellectuals" Unquote
βŸ‘ All Current Earthan Governments βŸ‘ Chicago
βŸ‘ Cigarettes

⌈Strengths and WeaknessesβŒ‹

⧱Technology: Eve was a military engineer, that's what they would have called her position on Earth, but in truth the position is closer to "inventor". People in her field studied various subject material in sciences and engineering, and chose concentrated subjects much later on in life. Since Majesdane was destroyed before she ever got to that point, Eve stopped her education in a still very generalized stage. Earth's technology is different, and uses different energy sources than Majesdanian works but her close work with colleagues is bridging the gap and bringing forth Majesdanian technology to Earth.

⧱Intelligence: Eve is remarkably intelligent, and not just in the sense that she is a capable engineer. She's cunning and tactical, a survivalist. While not actively seeking out to harm anyone she is not against deception and manipulation to ensure her continued survival. She can be a fabulous little actress when she wants to be.

⧱Alien: while mostly a disadvantage her natural physiology is a great strength that renders her more capable of combat than your average human. Very much so. However that idea has complications and limits/counters.

β§°Lead: There are various metals which counteract Majesdanian physiology, lead is one of them. A small amount will do, but it requires physical contact with her skin. Lead in particular however feels cold to her touch, in a way that burns. It's an uncomfortable method to suppress her physiology and so she does not employ it very often. She had to when she first came to earth and was not practiced at controlling her abilities, but by now she's well versed at it and only keeps a lead bracelet in her purse or pocket. Just in case.

β§°Combat: Eve was never a warrior, and moreover she is small and light. A strong individual would have no trouble picking her up and throwing her across the room much less fight her. It's true that being Majesdanian alone could render her formidable. But her efforts against someone trained and experienced would be clumsy at best. And...

β§°Suppression: Eve has spent the vast majority of her life suppressing her abilities, not practicing or honing them. While it gives her good control of turning them on or off, she is very out of practice in using what she is capable of.

⌈Oddities and FlawsβŒ‹

βŸ‡βŸ‘Eve is gracefully gifted at maneuvering a situation, and lying in general. This is a skillful advantage to be sure but perhaps also a moral flaw. Or at least she views it to be. She used to be frank as a young person, but the need to survive had her develop into someone she didn't even recognize. She's trying to be that girl again but she easily slips back into her old ways. Her unreadable pleasant smile, her quietness, people interpret these in their own way, removing the need for her to fill in the gaps with more lies. Some would mistake her for cold, just because she is reserved, but its no business of her's what people think she is, so long as they mind their own business.

βŸ‡βŸ‘Eve is a people-pleaser, and prefers not to cause trouble. Her agreeable and warm nature can sometimes draw in unwanted attention. This may also be interpreted as being a doormat despite her making her boundaries clear. But other times this draws the attention she wants. Eve is promiscuous, using physical affection in place of the emotional closeness she desires. She is careful however, and these one stands remain just that, one night stands.

Besides a general fear of physical harm and the like, Eve in particular has a horrid fear of being found out as an alien. She does not trust what people would do, given their general xenophobia to their own kind, she can safely assume she'd be unwelcome on earth. Moreover, she fears the Skrull Empire, who destroyed her entire home planet. If she is found out to be Majesdanian she holds a gripping fear that somehow in some way the Skrulls would know and come for her. It's not the most rational fear, she knows, but even the slightest possibility panics her. Skrulls are a central fear for her, obviously, and she has a foreboding that eventually the Empire will reach Earth and want to conquer it. A fear that has at more recent driven her resurgence in her engineering ways, to prepare Earth slowly and discretely by offering them doorways to better energy sources and technology.

Eve is also made uneasy by the dark, she bitterly muses that she must be the first Majesdanian to have cause to be so.



"There are two things: what you must do and what you want to do."


Arranged marriages are a part of Majesdanian culture, and though the orchestrated union is not set in stone and able to be nullified if the partnership does not work out, most of the time it does. Such was the case with Eve’s parents, largely her childhood was happy and peaceful. Majesdanian’s do not breed often in their long lives, and so the group of children she had to play with was limited, but more than enough to keep her happy. She remembers these times with fondness and romanticism, a faraway memory she no longer feels connected to unfortunately. Around her teenaged years the war with the Skrulls started. Politically Majesdane was enthralled in a whirlwind of monumental historical changes, as it applied to the young Eve however this all meant very little. Her concerns were a young person’s concerns, the time for that sort of thinking was drawn to a close rather early however, as she began to take the steps in her education that would place her in a program that served the military effort.

The young adult Eve was a politically charged individual that wanted to see her people defeat the Skrull armies. She aggressively pursued her education and various experimental methods of weaponry. However in the end it was simple biology that wrote Majesdane’s doom, and a betrayal from someone damned in every Majesdanian’s heart. Skrull’s have a lifespan similar to humans, and reproduce at rates similar to them, they outnumbered the Majesdanian’s a great deal. Majesdane and its location had always been hidden from the Skrulls, however a traitor betrayed its location to the Empire, and the Skrull’s destroyed it, effectively ending the war. Only about a tenth of Majesdanian’s survived after that, and they scattered. Base after base was attacked and with no home world to replenish and nothing to return to many either surrendered or went down fighting. The base Eve was stationed at decided to go down fighting, offering small ships to those who did not wish to die. Eve was one of the youngest on that base, and was not given a choice to stay. In truth she is not sure would have remained given that choice, she certainly feels guilty for not staying, a guilt that has haunted her all the years she has lived.

Her perils did not end there, rather, they began. She and others soon found themselves on the run from Skrulls, one small squad against war cruisers. She doesn’t know if any survived, they got separated and the directions were confusing. Splitting up was the only course of action they could take to throw their pursuers off. Eve succeeded, but ended up alone. She searched planet after planet trying to find somewhere she could land. Earth was the closest she could come to a civilized planet.

Eve arrived on Earth in 1932, in the United Kingdom, and her attempt to integrate into society was clumsy. She was no one, and so took the guise of no one. She took the name Mary, given to her by a friend she made, a kind songstress who introduced her to the line of work that would give her money. It was a difficult living, and she had quite a bit to learn from her friend. Eve was new at suppressing her true appearance as well. Her eyes glimmered blue, and grabbed attention, the attention of men most notably. Her friend urged her that it was in her best interest if she played coy, and with any luck could become a mistress of some rich nobleman or merchant. Eve adapted and soon came to realize that mistresses were temporary, and she wanted a more permanent and secure nest so to speak. This nest eventually came in the form of an eccentric baron, James Verbeck. He was exceedingly odd, but very taken with her, and obsessed over her eyes. They became the focal points of several portraits he had commissioned of her. The baron was a recluse, one of the many reasons she chose him, and in any case they were not very welcomed in many social circles. He defied tradition and married a nobody. It never seemed to bother him though.

It soon became apparent to her that humans had a shorter lifespan than her own species did. Her husband aged and she remained the same as the day he met her. He took notice of this too, and only once did he bring it up. He made it clear that though he had no idea who or what she really was despite their years of marriage, he loved her and wanted her to remain safe. While he grew old she was kept inside, and eventually he arranged so that she would live as his daughter, Isabella Verbeck, and the world would think that Mary Verbeck died at childbirth.

James was not very good with money, but she had an entire estate and land to sell upon his death. She was left with quite a bit of money to live comfortably. She moved to London and took up in a modest apartment there. It is 1957.

Life is boring and it does not need to be. London is not quiet like the manor she spent so long and so silently in, like a ghost. Her stooping depression allowed her to tolerate such a living, she welcomed the coffinesque way of life quite well. Eve spends her time engrossed in books, like she did before, but the noise of the outside world interests her finally. Eve changes her hair, and wears a lead bracelet, a metal she found out helps her suppress herself back with James. He hated when she wore it and her eyes turned human and ordinary so she never wore it around him. Eve is not out to impress him though. She finds work suitable for a woman in that time, and takes up singing in a club owned by the Kray twins. Eve goes under the guise of Frances Shea, an irish girl that had no family and moved to London, only to die of illness soon after. Eve breathes life into Frances Shea once more. The night life at the club is exciting, and her popularity grows. She catches the eye of Reggie Kray, gangster extraordinaire and he is endlessly charming. They fall in love, hard and fast. Her life is full of spark and she is happy. He is married, and though she feels guilty about it she can’t pull away from him. She knows he is a violent man, but he is never that way to her. Eve remains the other woman for seven long years, and never once has to face his wife. In the meantime Eve only sees his good side. Finally he divorces his wife and asks Eve to marry him. Their union is short lived however, once Eve finds out that he is in fact capable of violence towards her. He almost kills her one drunken night. Eve fakes the death of Frances Shea, laying to rest the girl that died so long ago anyway.

Eve makes her way to America, eager to put distance between herself and Reggie Kray. There she hops from city to city, taking new identities along the way, but nothing permanent until she settles in California. There she pays someone for Identification that tells the world her name is Cynthia Morgan. It’s the 1970’s.

Much of this time period is a blur, it went by fast in some parts and slow in others. She took drugs, wore whatever she wanted, and partook in the culture of the young people. Eve was even in a band, it was called SEX., no, not sex, it’s pronounced sex period. An important distinction to make as clearly the capital letters and period separate the attention grabbing name from the many trashy monikers formed in a garage back in the 80’s. She has lovers, many of them, and none of them can last out of necessity. Drama, sex, drugs, music and art take over her life. Cynthia Morgan spends more than a decade in a haze, but eventually she has to come crashing back down to reality and leave the people she knows behind. She goes to Haven, where she judges she can have an excuse if she is ever found out. She could pass off as a superpowered human, even if being a superpowered human was undesirable it was better than being an alien.

Eve no longer has any form of identification, and she had excuses at the ready for that, but in truth she’s just tired of being people she’s not. In an attempt to access who she truly is, she’s going back to who she was, before she came to Earth. Her fear of the Skrull Empire reaching Earth is being turned into a practical purpose as she visits colleges and enlists Professors and various gifted students into listening to bits of technological advances here and there. She remains anonymous but present in academic circles, giving up pieces of information and edging humanity’s greatest minds in a direction that leads them to rapid advancement. Meanwhile, she is using what she has found on Earth to better the equipment she already has. Developing ideas and experimenting with them. Much of her time is spent in this manner.

So begins...

EVE's Story


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Outfit ❃ #62060F ❃ T I M E: 5-8am ❃ Heavy by Linkin Park ft Kiiara

As the morning light filled the comfortable sized room, it lit the small figure doing yoga in the middle of it. The dainty hands firmly planted on the peacock green and sunflower yellow patterned rug in the middle of the room. Rich dark brown hair was pulled into a messy bun, a small grown left a full mouth before the girl released her pose and flopped on to the rug and rolled on to her back while releasing a deep breath. Pulling herself into a sitting position Hazel scowled, she had obviously over worked herself the night before in the training room but two years worth of training had yet to get rid of the few extra pounds she carried and if she admitted it to herself, it still hadnt made her good enough to not need Kli's guidance in a fight.

Standing at her full, but still small, height she walked on silent feet to her bathroom to take a shower and get ready for work. Only once she had washed off the sweat from her morning warm up and soothed her sore muscles did she get dressed in a simple red lace dress and a tan and light blue blazer. Matching it with simple accessories and pinning her hair into an easy updo, she considered herself ready, delicately boned fingers rubbed the intricate scar on her chest. It was silver and almost invisible until she called on the power the artifact gave her, then it turned blood red. As her fingers grazed over it, the scar warmed slightly and Hazel got a sense that Kli was saying good morning. Communicating with the gem in her chest was difficult to explain, it didnt have a voice per-say, it was more of just knowing. She just knew what it was trying to tell her like at this moment.

Once Hazel had coated herself with a light layer of one of her favorite perfumes she padded on her light blue heels into the dark teal and russet orange living room, the dark brown hard wood uncovered and in such every time her heels made contact a small click could be heard. A cup of coffee to go, she walked quickly to the elevator not far from her apartment and rode it all the way to the ground floor, she couldnt be late today. It was, after all, the day the Gems from the Temple of Death were opened to the public to see. Hazel smiled at the thought of the well made copies of the gems she had made going on display, they were being called one of the greatest discovers of the century and no one even knew that they werent the real deal.

Checking her phone right before she clocked in, she saw she had a text from Rodger. It was a group text to all of the League;

From:Rodger K.

Important meeting tonight at 8.
Be there. No exceptions.

Turning off her phone without replying, Hazel sighed today just got a whole lot longer. She would literally get off work, go home, get ready for the party, go to the meeting, then go to the party..Alone. Kiss the asses of all the big wigs that had donated money to the museum and talk about finding the Gems and the underground, hidden temple that they had once resided in which was never a good experience for her.

Outfit ❃ #023a25 ❃ T I M E: 4-7AM ❃ How Did You Love by Shinedown

In the world of a dark haired boy sitting atop of a rundown building in the slums of Haven, the morning was silent. He's normally cold eyes were tired and his knuckles were bruised, as if he had spent hours hitting a rock hard surface. A vibration in his pocket made him pull out his phone and the name on the screen read Marybelle, which brought a glimmer of light to his eyes and a small smile to his lips. Focusing on his ears, Triton was able to hear and answered the phone call. "Hey Mary, how are you and the kids doing?" he answered, listening intently for the normal ruckus that went on in the background. "Don't 'hey Mary' me Tri, you promised that you would call every other day when you were in Haven. You know I worry about you being there...Sense May." an upset female voice responded and the small smile turned into a full on grin. "Hey know, im no longer a little kid Mary you dont have to go all big sister on me. Now, please tell me how my niece and nephew are. How are you and the twins you carry?" he laughed, it was a rusty sound and obviously not used often but he had managed to distract his sister from chewing him out.

It wasnt a long phone call because the kids woke up and Mary had to go, Triton put away his phone and watched the sun come up before climbing down the side of the building to enter it through his window. Malcolm had dumped the ragtag group in this poor excuse of a building with eight black cards and orders to make it livable and fortified, they had to do all the work themselves and Triton had done the most sense he had worked as a construction worker sense he turned eighteen. His room was one large living space, his bed hidden behind a wall of bricks. It was industrial, rough, but clean and his.

After a quick shower Triton got dressed and put in his ear piece, he had a name on his list to stalk. As he was getting ready to leave his apartment a thought ran across his mind about Cora, deciding to go see if she wished to come with he walked quietly. His booted feet barely making a sound on the concrete floors, When he got to Cora's door he paced back and fourth a few times but he didnt want to disturb the team member across the hall from her so he finally tuned his power to Cora's room to see if she was awake not that it would stop him from knocking and waking her if she wasnt, he would ask no matter what.

Finally deciding just to go for it, Triton knocked or more like banged, on her door. A voice clicked through the ear piece right afterward "I know you're technically deaf Triton but I also know you use your power to hear so obviously you know how loud you knocked. In case you didnt, im in the War room and I heard you. Also, im not being creepy but I was messing with the security cameras and saw you, with your ear piece in, knocking so dont you dare pretend that you cant hear me." a slightly sinister smile curved his lips upon hearing Evonna's voice and he waved to the camera at the end of the hall before turning back to Cora's door.

Outfit ❃ #ec3919 ❃ T I M E: 5-7AM ❃ Save Today by Seether

Almost black hair was pulled into a messy braid and glasses were posed dangerously close to the edge of the slightly down turned nose, the red crop top was rather high necked, showing only her collar bones but maybe to much over her toned stomach. Having woken several hours earlier so to nightmares Evonna was now working away at a 'powered' database in the hopes of finding more potential members of the Mercs, bare feet were pulled into the over stuffed office chair and hidden by the black and floral maxi skirt she wore. Furrowing her brow in slight distress her fingers flew across the key board in such rapid movements before the page she was on closed, whoever the site had notified about her attempt at hacking it, was good. Not as good at her of course because she had noticed their feeble attempt at hacking into her system to find her location but good enough that she had to sever her ties to the database to keep them from locating her.

Spining the chair she was able to see the full of the War Room, in the very center was her private little domain. It was were she did her thing and were her team mates could come to learn the information she had dug up on targets, plated with specially designed glass as to not be damaged by their powers. The rest of the room was their training area, again specially plated with a substance almost impervious to their powers. Deciding to spend some time messing around in the building security, she clicked through the cameras and saw that Triton was awake and wearing his ear piece. Evonna then heard him knock on Cora's door, scowling at the screen she touched her own ear piece so she could speak to him "I know you're technically deaf Triton but I also know you use your power to hear so obviously you know how loud you knocked. In case you didnt, im in the War room and I heard you. Also, im not being creepy but I was messing with the security cameras and saw you, with your ear piece in, knocking so dont you dare pretend that you cant hear me."

His only response was a scary smile and wave, growling she clicked out of the security system. No need to be in a bad mood this early, needing coffee or tea she decided to go back to her room. Maybe after a cup or two she would try that system again, stretching she started to walk away when her computer dinged. It was a message from Malcolm.


Coming by tonight with temporary power booster.
Will explain why it is temporary then.
Need the team to be there at 7pm,
got contacted for a last minute job. No time to prep,
details at meeting. Spread the word.

Rolling her shoulders Evonna didnt bother to reply, she knew the system Malcolm used wouldnt allow her to, after all she created it. After her cup of coffee and maybe some breakfast she would inform the others.


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#, as written by sappho

cora saunders


outfit: x
x 6:45 a.m. x Malcom Tower


xxxxxxxxxxxxCora had been up for hours, lately she found it quite hard to sleep. Her morning routine however had always been quite consistent. Wake up, go grab an apple before anyone else woke up, and sneak back up to her room to take a small shower. The Mercs had been a little quiet lately, nothing to big had happened in the past couple of weeks. Malcom holed himself up and that damned lab of his and rarely ever ventured out.

She managed to get dressed rather quickly, her wardrobe was limited a the tower. The Mercs had little money, and whatever they came across splurge wise was stolen. With a small flick of her hand her large windows cracked open letting out a cool morning breeze into the room. Cora closed her eyes and inhaled a large breath of the air, this was always her favorite part of the day, the quiet morning that she spent alone. With a twirl of her fingers the breeze wrapped around her hair, and weaved in and out until her hair fell down to her shoulders warm and dry. It was a trick she had learned a couple months before she had joined the Mercs and it came in handy.

As she went to grab for the phone on her bed, a horrendous knocking made her heart skip. After a couple seconds she huffed a breath of annoyance and crossed over to the door flinging it open, giving the bitchiest stare to the culprit of the loud knocking. She wasn't surprised to see Triton with his lazy smile and hand raised in the air, mid-knock. She rolled her eyes and leaned against the doorframe crossing her arms. "Do you have to knock so damn loud?" She said trying to maintain her pissed off façade but she couldn't help the hint of smile that crossed her face.

She noticed Charlotte had peeped her head out of her apartment across the hall, no doubt awoken by the obnoxious knocking. "Good morning Charlotte" She said curtly before turning her head back to Triton. "What do you need?" She raised an eyebrow in question.


parker grey


outfit: x
x 7:00 a.m. x Kalmack Tower


xxxxxxxxxxxxParker was sipping a rather uneventful cup of coffee that had way too much creamer in it. This morning had been a bit slower than others, and he allowed himself a little time to sleep in. He had managed to get ready and settled himself in the community kitchen, sitting at a barstool reading the paper. A couple petty crimes, but nothing of too much interest. There was a museum event going on tonight, but going out wasn't really his idea of fun. A clicking of heels caused him to take his eyes away from the paper to see Hazel pouring herself a cup of coffee, looking professional as always. He could sense her obvious distress and the time crunch that she was in from her tensed face, and rather aggressive coffee making. He only had time to let out a small, "Morning Hazel", before she was in the elevator and out the door. He let out a small sigh and turned back to the newspaper. The heroes of the League were always so tense and on-edge, he seemed rather grateful for his position.

He was surprised he hadn't seen more of the League, granted many of them still functioned like teenagers and didn't wake until late nine, but he normally saw a few of them flit through the kitchen and grab some food before retreating to train or go on one of Kalmack's many 'adventures'. A small ping drew him to his watch, which Eve fashioned for him when he arrived at the League. A message from none of than the man himself scrolled across the screen.

From: Kalmack
Important meeting tonight at 8.
Be there. No exceptions.

Parker couldn't help to wonder what the old man had to say, it obviously couldn't be good. He decided to send a quick message to his closest friends, and other part of the League's small operatives team.

To: Eve, Bren
Good morning, from your favorite person.
I made coffee if anyone wants it.


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Rodger Kalmack stood tall in the upper most floor of the Kalmack building, it was the training room and the meeting room for the team. He knew Eve would be curious about what he had to say tonight and in all honesty he probably should have let her know sooner but, up until late last night it was all just a suspicion. The late evening sun made the room glow and his leg started to hurt but he steeled himself against the pain, he had been busy all day with Kalmack News and had to cancel his meeting with Eve. The board of Kalmack News wanted him to spin the Hearings of the Head scientists for the MMARP to make the scientists look like victims but he wasnt willing to do that. What they had done to all those powered in their possession before Thor's attack was unethical and wrong. Then there was the coverage of the Gala tonight, the fact that he was trying to acquire a smaller new station, and meeting with his doctors about his leg, hell this was the first time he had been alone sense seven this morning.

As he knew she would be Hazel was the first to enter Headquarters forty five minutes early, she was dressed for the gala tonight. The red lace gown was strapless and seemed to be fitted over what she normally wore on missions, and all of her jewelry had blood red gems glittering in the light. "You look lovely, do you expect trouble?" he asked while he waited for Eve, he knew she would be the next to show up. "Im going to a charity gala to bring in more money for the museum, where we will be putting the Nine Stones Of The Temple Of Death on display for the first time ever and where at least a hundred of the cities most prominent and wealthy will be in attendance. Wouldn't you expect trouble?" was the girls sassy response as she gracefully sat her self in a chair while she waited.

Rodger couldn't even argue with her logic, it was sound. It wasn't to much later that the team started to trickle in, "Eve, dear you look lovely as always. Sorry I wasnt able to meet with you earlier, the gala at the museum tonight and the hearings of some of the head scientists from the MMAPR for unethical treatment had the stations in a tizzy today and I couldn't get away." he told the teams head technician, once everyone was in attendance Rodger walked to the very front of the room next to the main monitor. "As you all know, we looked into the rumors of a serum that could potentially boost powers. We found no proof so we wrote it off as just a rumor. We also looked into reports of missing powered, we weren't able to find any trace of them but we made the logical connection to the underground fighting ring that was using the powered as their fighters. We believed we just hadnt found the bodies of the missing as of yet and decided to just a keep an eye out once we were able to disband the ring." Rodger said in his normally slightly gruff way, he looked at his team and saw a few nods so he knew they remembered what he was talking about. Placing his hands on the table he made eye contact with each one as he leaned slightly down. "I have to inform you all that we were wrong." standing back up he used a remote and clicked on the screen where three pictures of obviously three different People that the team knew from the missing peoples reports to be powered and right below were pictures of their bodies.

"As you see their bodies have been discovered but not only are they fresh so they cant be from the fighting ring, but as you can see in Rebekkah Nolan's case she was in the midst of changing when she died, which as far as the hospital could figure out was from fear. Blood work found trace amounts of some sort of drug, its chemical make up is similar to steroids but outside of that its purpose is unknown." he said while pulling up the crime scene photo of a young woman with blond hair, half her body appeared to be made out of diamond. "There isnt enough proof yet, but I believe that someone IS attempting to create a power boosting serum and that these three were their first test subjects. Something obviously went wrong and ended in their death, if im correct in my belief then whoever this mad scientist is has sixteen more trapped powered at their disposal to use as guinea pigs. If this is true... We need to find them, now." he finished while looking at the screen, the three powered faces on the screen were twisted in fear, frozen in time to forever show what they were feeling in their last moments.

First Outfit ❃ #62060F ❃ T I M E: 6-8:45pm ❃ Castle On The Hill by Ed Sheeran

"Miss. O'Conner, are you sure about the set up of the gems? This is the order they were in when discovered" an eager intern asked while Hazel packed up her desk for the day, taking a quick glance at the paper they young man was showing her she nodded her head. "Yes, it was white, blue, green, yellow on the left side of the room then the gold vined multicolored gem in the center then it was black, purple, gray, and red on the right side. Did the reproductions of the gems dais and the statues arrive? I didn't hear anything." she stated and finished with a question before walking at a fast pace toward the exit, she was on a tight timeline. "Umm... Yeah it appears so. I'll reference the photos we have to make sure they are also placed in the same order." Nodding her head in understanding Hazel exited the building and took a deep breath of the fresh air, checking her watch there wasnt going on except for the meeting she already knew about so she hailed a cab to hopefully get to the building quicker.

To: Cass
Hey, how much do you not dislike me?
Is it...just maybe...Enough to be my plus
one for a super formal Gala at my place of work?

She typed and sent through her watch to Cass, hopefully he took her up on her offer because tonight was a big deal. It was basically the night her name would become known to the world of Historian's and her parents would be there. Not only could she not go alone, after all her mother would be there and Hazel shuddered at facing the demon woman alone, but she needed all the luck she could get. It took the cab five minutes less but twenty dollars more to get Hazel home, grumbling about the outrages price she practically ran inside and to the elevator.

Once in her apartment the small girl set to work getting ready, a quick shower, a spritz of perfume, the black leather corset and double silted skirt, the knife that she carefully cut her thighs and hips before congealing the blood to create thin scabs just in case she needed easy access to more blood, the red lace dress cover that went over her uniform and of course blood red pumps to match her 'jewelry'. Years of using small amounts of blood to create stones for jewelry has given Hazel an arsenal of pinky nail sized weapons and no one would even know.

Once she was ready it was 7:15 and so she decided to go up to the meeting room, if nothing else the walk with hopefully dull some of the fresh blood scent she knew was on her skin. Smiling at Rodger she watched him notice her uniform under the specially made lace cover. "You look lovely, do you expect trouble?" Arching her eyes brow at him Hazel sat down, "Im going to a charity gala to bring in more money for the museum, where we will be putting the Nine Stones Of The Temple Of Death on display for the first time ever and where at least a hundred of the cities most prominent and wealthy will be in attendance. Wouldn't you expect trouble?" she answered with a small smirk and she could see he wanted to small at her response.

It took awhile but once everyone was together Rodger started the meeting, "As you all know, we looked into the rumors of a serum that could potentially boost powers. We found no proof so we wrote it off as just a rumor. We also looked into reports of missing powered, we weren't able to find any trace of them but we made the logical connection to the underground fighting ring that was using the powered as their fighters. We believed we just hadnt found the bodies of the missing as of yet and decided to just a keep an eye out once we were able to disband the ring. I have to inform you all that we were wrong. As you see their bodies have been discovered but not only are they fresh so they cant be from the fighting ring, but as you can see in Rebekkah Nolan's case she was in the midst of changing when she died, which as far as the hospital could figure out was from fear. Blood work found trace amounts of some sort of drug, its chemical make up is similar to steroids but outside of that its purpose is unknown.There isnt enough proof yet, but I believe that someone IS attempting to create a power boosting serum and that these three were their first test subjects. Something obviously went wrong and ended in their death, if im correct in my belief then whoever this mad scientist is has sixteen more trapped powered at their disposal to use as guinea pigs. If this is true... We need to find them, now." Rodger said addressing the team, closing her eyes in frustration Hazel wanted to say something, anything, but his logic as far as she could tell was sound. They found no proof of the serum, powered went missing, some were found dead and connected to an underground fighting ring, they assumed they hadnt found the other bodies but now fresh bodies with some sort of steroid in their systems are found and they are of the missing they had never located.

Checking the time she saw that she only had fifteen minutes to get to the Museum before the Gala started and as the main speaker for the event she had to be there on time. Catching Rodger's eye, he nodded and concluded the meeting.