Legends of Merulosia, The Pirate King

Legends of Merulosia, The Pirate King


Original story with a heavy focus on fantasy, magic, and story-telling. The story focuses on Legends within the world of Merulosia, an original world based heavily within myth and lore.

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Throughout my life, I have never considered myself much of an adventurer. For over twenty years I have served as the Court Wizard of Rian. Many in my position often leave memoirs or spells behind for the next generation, in hopes that our legacy will carry on. Sadly, I have no desire for either, as neither would have much worth to me. As I stated, I am not an adventurer, but I do love a legend just as much as the next man. IT seems that is the only item of worth in this world of ours, the legends we gather and those we pass on. In an effort to understand the world around me better, I have decided to write down every legend I can within this book. From the Tales of the Dragon Order, to the Saga of The Black King, anything I can think of and find amongst the people will be kept in this book. We will begin with one of my personal favorites, The Pirate King of The Miridia. You may be wondering why I chose such a story? I can hear you asking why not begin with The Fall of The Elders? How about the Rebellion at Goliath? Oh, please tell me you remembered the Night of The Gryphon Riders? While those are also in the this book, I will begin with The Pirate King because, unlike others, this story is based on a recorded truth. To the North, within the ocean of Miridia, much farther than Aylia, lies the Sea of Storms. While a faster route to Geras than any other, the Sea cannot be navigated. No one who has ever ventured into the constant storms has ever returned. No one knows what lies beyond the storm line, and that is where our legend begins, Beyond the isles of Aylia, piracy has been a constant problem. A rumor in ports is that even with pirates, there is a hierarchy of power. While often dismissed as superstition, there is evidence that such a system does exist, hence the legend of the Pirate King. The legend states that the Pirate King emerged from the Sea of Storms, a lone figure sailing a dread ship unlike anything ever seen before. The figure claimed the vessel had been crafted by the Storms themselves. Proclaiming himself Captain of the ship, the man began taking ships under his banner, effectively becoming the Pirate King. The interesting part of the story is that many believe the Pirate King still lives, controlling his small army from within the Sea of Storms. Using his ship to traverse the Storms, he is able to find his haven where no one else can travel. I love this story for the sole reason that I do believe this one is true. I believe that the title of Pirate King, and the ship along with it, have been passed down to successors throughout the ages. Something else I find interesting is the lack of knowledge surrounding the original Pirate King and his ship. In the ports I visited, all seem to have heard the story, but known could give me a description, even the most seasoned of sailors. Even more curious, they all seemed to be hiding something from me. Could the Pirate Kings ears be everywhere? With such power and resources, one has to wonder why this mysterious figure has not gone beyond simple robbery.
~Taken from Legends, written by Court Wizard Micah Vosh

It is the 356th year of the fifth era, a brisk fall day in the month of Last Harvest. Winter is coming, but now is not the time to worry about the cold that approaches the land, at least not for those of Yori. Each year, on the 14th day of Last Harvest, the Sea Festival begins in the Kingdoms capital city, Torvus. The Festival is a celebration of Yori's independence from the nation of Davren, 563 years ago. Each day, the people of the city celebrate with parties, friendly contests, and displays from the local wizards. Many merchants come from across the continent of Sira, setting up small stands and selling their wares to all those who attend the festival. For many the festival is an escape as things aren't quite as merry in the rest of the land. To the east, tensions are rising between Nurial and Scarus as trade has slowed down between the two. Both nations possess incredible military strength, and with Nurial's newly crowned Queen showing all signs of conquest, the peace in Yori might not be as long-lasting as its independence.

The Sea Festival lasts only a week, culminating in a battle tournament held by King Arelius, one that features fighters from all over. The Grand Prize is whatever the winner wishes, so long as it is within the King's power to give it to them. Even on rare occasions the King has been known to pardon the winner of all crimes against Yori, giving them the freedom they so desperately crave. It is the final day of the festival, which means the tournament has begun. It is open to all comers, but it however is of course not to the death. The number of challengers began over 30, but now that number has dwindled down to eight. 8 fighters, competing for their greatest desire. The streets lay bare, all who were celebrating only yesterday now waiting in anticipation within the arena walls to see who will be this years champion.

Humans: The native humans to the continent of Sira are a self-explanatory people. They live on nearly every continent, but their power in Sira is far superior to their strength in most. Their exact origin is unknown, as tribal wars and infighting often kept records from staying intact or even being written. Humans believe they once had their own land, but it was lost in a great disaster that forced them to turn nomad. They spread across the various lands, often challenging the dominate race for power, only to be bested more often than not. After thousands of years of settlement and changes in culture, humans are now just another race within the known world. However, now they achieve power through more diplomatic and political means, finding they have a knack for it.
Humans average between 5'5" and 6'5" in height, though some do grow taller. They live an average of 72 years.

Sirian Elves: The once dominant race of Sira, they have seen their power lessen. Infact, the last Ruik King in all of Sira rules Davren. During the War of the Northern Sea, the Sirian's saw their power start to fade as the first human lead kingdom was created in the form of Yori. The Sirian elves share more in common with humans than they would like to admit. They possess fair skin and bright eyes, but their hair color can be almost anything. They posses a naturally high affinity for magic and often hold high positions in royal courts.
Sirian elves average between 5'8" and 6'4" in height and can live upwards of 300 years.

Alyian Elves: Legend has it the Aylians were once a much different race. Resembling Sirians in appearance they came from an island country, Aylia, to the north. The way the story goes, the Aylians were proud and arrogant, angering the Gods with their insolence. As punishment, the Gods caused Demos to erupt. While the blast didn't kill the Aylians, the ash from the fire burned their skin dark, turning it gray, dark orange, or dark blue. Historical documents show that Demos was a long dormant volcano that did erupt on the island, but it wasn't likely any doing of the Gods. Aylians have a natural resistance to magic and are skilled in combat and stealth.
Aylian Elves average in height similar to Sirians, but only live an average of 100 years.

Heartwood Elves: Elves native to the forest of Heartwood on the Shimmering Isles, they have the highest population on the south islands. While not recognized as one of the "Great Kingdoms" the Heartwood Elves have established a city with a governing council that make laws and morals for the islands to live by. Heartwood Elves have tanned skin and always have green eyes, passing on the myth that their eyes are the forests themselves. They are the best archers in Siria and are often able to control animals with magic.
Heartwood elves tend to be on the smaller side, averaging between 5'3" and 5'10" in height. They live for an average of 200 years.

Dwarves: Believed to be of the same ancestry as other modern elves, the Dwarves choose to live underneath the surface in massive cities. Over a thousand years ago, the only Dwarven city on Siria, Melache, suffered from a great collapse that killed many and silenced the city forever. Many Dwarves blamed the Sirian elves, believing their mages orchestrated the collapse to keep the Dwarves from threatening their power on the continent. As such Dwarves are a rare sight on Siria, as most despise the Sirian elves with a passion.
Dwarves are often on the shorter side and can live an average of 150 years.

The Mora: More often referred to as, "Beast folk" the Mora are humanoids who take on more animal like characteristics than the other races. They originate from the land of Ko' Ton. Due to the diversity of life Ko' Ton is an inhospitable place to outsiders, but warriors often leave the continent with hopes of testing their strength against others. If it seems too vague, use this picture as an example for what I expect.

Extinct Races

Ruik Elves: At one point in history, the Ruik Empire stretched as far as the known world did. With control over three continents, the Ruik Elves dominated all other known races. The Empire was controlled by an Emperor who delegated regional power to appointed Kings and Queens. Toward the end of their reign, the Ruik elves were involved in a long going war with Ko' Ton and facing rebellions in all controlled areas. Their Empire crumbled after centuries of rule, the final curse being that of a plague that devastated the races population. Many assimilated into other races, bloodlines eventually disappearing over time. Others died in battle, being hunted down by war-bands hunting down survivors. Little is known about them in relation to appearance and lifespan, as one hasn't been seen in over five thousand years.

Orcs: The extinct race that was once native to the northern mountains of Sira. Their extinction was quiet. It happened over hundreds of years. It is believed that they were cursed by a force not native to this realm of Merolosia.


The belief in the Five Gods is widely held by nearly all races on the planet. It should be noted that these Gods do in fact exist , living in a realm separate from Merulosia.

Munus: Leader of The Gods and God of Time. The stars in the sky are remnants of its form in this realm.

Heras: Goddess of Light and creator of the sun.

Jasker: God of Trade and Commerce.

Kulios: God of War and Battle.

Olianos: Goddess of the Harvest and Change.

Known Continents

Ko' Ton
Geras: Little is known about Geras. Since the fall of the Ruik Elves, the natives have been very restrictive about who they allow onto their land.

Anything you feel like I should add information on please just ask in the ooc or pm me.

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Character Portrait: Marakus

"If it means I will have a chance at life again, I can't afford to lose."


Character Portrait: Marakus

"If it means I will have a chance at life again, I can't afford to lose."

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Character Portrait: Marakus

"If it means I will have a chance at life again, I can't afford to lose."

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