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Ava Lucas-Bongiovi

"When life gives you lemons say screw the lemons and bail, no, actually wait, that's really bad advice"

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a character in “Legends of Rock and Metal:The Next Generation”, originally authored by Calvazara, as played by RolePlayGateway



Name: Ava Bongiovi

Age (between 18-25): 23 born April 2nd 1988

Gender: Female

Parents: Jon Bon Jovi and model Amelia Lucas, whom he met in New York in the early 80's having a brief fling but nothing came of it and they went their separate ways, however in the summer of 87' they reunited at a concert, did the deed and then next thing you know Ava arrived.

Band: Chicago Loop

Position in Band: Drummer Image

Appearance: Ava is a tall, slender woman standing at 5ft 9 and weighing in at a light 115lbs, it is no secret that she is a very beautiful woman, her long very light blonde hair, creamy complexion, high and prominent cheek bones and large blue eyes have warranted her much attention from the opposite sex. Her hair is a very light blonde which falls in soft curls to the crook of her back, if you saw her you would not think she was a drummer, she has only one tattoo and that's in a place only visible when she's naked, it reads 'Never give up or give in.'

Clothing Style:
On Stage
Nights out
Height: 5ft 9

Weight: 115lbs

ImagePersonality/Traits: Ava is a very mentally strong person, she doesn't like things to get her down and so doesn't let it, she is aware that this can come across as cold at times but she believes you should never judge a book by its cover. She is the kind of person who puts other peoples needs before her own and is often there to hand out good advice yet at times needs to listen to herself. Ava has lead a very comfortable life compared to other people, being the daughter of Jon Bon Jovi and this has made her slightly dependent on trivial possessions. Despite some peoples beliefs she is genuinely a kind and loving person willing to help out anyone who is in distress or needs help and has an eagerness to please, this has often lead her in the past being taken advantage of by men and friends alike, the experience has left her slightly hollow not wanting to portray her emotions as shes drilled into her brain that they are weaknesses. Despite these negative traits she is extremely loyal, caring, loving, strong and independent, she doesn't like to be not in control of a situation and to many people's surprise actually quite humorous. She is also extremely charming, loves to have a good time and flirtacious, however sometimes she doesn't even realise shes doing it much to the amusment of her friends.

-Playing the drums
-Practicing her other musical skills, she is a keen singer and has been doing it for quite a long time.
-Walking her pet black lab'Nemo' (who she recently got, he's still a puppy and finds that she comes home to torn up shoes)
-Horse Riding
-Watching movies
-Reading (When she gets a moment)
-Her fans (She's think they're awesome)
-Sex (to put it plainly)
-Hard liquor

-People who dress up their dogs
-Being Wrong(she seriously can't stand it)
-Vodka (Bad things happen when she drinks vodka)
-Emotional drunks
-Not waking up naturally

Crush: She has been romantically linked to many men, however none have ever worked out, she has been looking at Mikey quite a bit, he's her type and makes her laugh. She also thinks Xander is rather handsome and finds herself attracted to his bad boy persona, which inevitably is her weakness. She finds herself torn between both men, never being able to decide who she likes more. Image

History: Her parents had a brief fling back in the early 80's which lasted a few months but then went their separate ways for a good few years, then in the summer of 87' her mother Amelia went to a Bon Jovi concert, got back stage and the two hooked up again for that evening, then then parted once more, thinking nothing more about it, Amelia went about her business, doing various photo shoots up and down the country, she was in California when she discovered she was pregnant. It came as a massive shock, in a panic she rushed to an abortion clinic however could not bring herself to leave the car, planned or not she wanted this baby. By the time she finally managed to contact Jon she was 8 months gone, he took the news surprisingly well until he glanced at the wedding ring on his finger and freaked out, he was going to have to tell his wife he had not only cheated on her with an old flame but also gotten her pregnant, needing time to think he told Amelia to leave saying he would contact her when he was ready. Weeks turned into a month and then her due date arrived, Amelia was taken into hospital on the 2nd of April where she delivered a healthy baby girl named 'Ava.' Still without any hope of Ava having a father, Amelia moved back to New York and raised Ava herself, having saved enough money from modelling and minor acting roles Amelia managed to buy a lovely house in the suburbs, she soon began dating a doctor after that, the couple quickly became engaged, Amelia falling madly in love with Harry for treating her daughter like his own. It was on Ava's second birthday Jon turned up on her doorstep wanting to see his daughter, Amelia agreed and let him inside, Jon bonded instantly with Ava and actually cried holding her. Amelia and Harry married the following year and Ava began splitting her time between her mom's and Harry's in New York's and her dads and his wife's in New Jersey. Ava has always had a passion for music, something that delighted Jon but in high school she became more interested in modelling and did various shoots, it wasn't hard getting a job being Jon Bon Jovi's daughter (she regrets to admit during this time in her life she did use this to her advantage) After graduating high school with good grades, she decided to skip college and focus on music, she had a lot going for her being beautiful and talented yet for some reason she struggled to break through for years, that's when she joined Chicago Loop and as they say the rest is history.

Theme Song: It's My Life -Bon Jovi

Extra: She owns a 1967 black, convertible black mustang which she has nicknamed 'duke' She is also a massive fan of Elvis Presley

So begins...

Ava Lucas-Bongiovi's Story


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"Kay Ava, let's go home." He says, grabbing a hold of her to keep her from falling. "Uhh..." He says, as he realizes when he put his hand in front of her, he unintentionally got his hand right on her left breast. "That wasn't intentional, I think..." He apologizes, as he escorts her out like a proper gentleman. Getting her and himself into a cab, they make their way back to the hotel they are staying at while in the city.

Making their way up to the two rooms the band shares, one girls and one boys, she looks at him with an amused smile as he fumbles the key card. After finding it and getting it into the door, he opens up the hotel room and the two make their way inside. "Well, that was fun..." He says, rubbing his head. He than walks over to her, kissing her. "But that was a lot funner."


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Mikey was kinda surprised that Ava kissed him back, but sure as Hell wasn't going to stop. "I've wanted to do this for a long time with you Ava..." He says as he leans back and the two fall back onto the bed.

Fade To Black


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Xander got up and stumbled towards their room. The hotel wasn't a five star one, but it sure as hell wasn't a motel either. When he got to the room door he started fumbling for his key. After about five minutes he finally got a hold of the little card thing. For the next ten minutes he tried to get the door open. When he did he was greeted with Ava and Mikey laying in each others arms with a faint glow around them. "Oh what the hell. Did you really need to have a romp in the sack in the same room as the one I have to sleep in? I mean that's a big no-no in my book. I'm gonna have a long talk with you later Mikey. Though for right now, I've got a date with the white throne about some rapid evacuation." Xander stumbled towards the bathroom and then proceeded to vomit his last few drinks up. While between surges he was taking sips from his hip flask. He knew that he was gonna have a hangover, but Xander really didn't really care at this point.