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Ian 'Lenchi' Frasier

Drummer for Legion

0 · 144 views · located in Earth (2015)

a character in “Legends of Rock and Metal:The Next Generation”, originally authored by Iye Khara, as played by RolePlayGateway



Image (disregard the guitar, of course)

Name: His real name is Ian Jackson Frasier, but for some inexplicable reason, as soon as Izzie first met him, she decided his name was ‘Lenchi’. Which...he really doesn’t understand, but it stuck, and now everyone calls him Lenchi. He’s gotten used to it, and now it almost feels weird when people call him Ian. Which is much to his detriment, because in Georgian, 'lenchi' means 'moron', and obviously no one but Izzie is aware that when they call him Lenchi (or when he calls himself Lenchi) they're calling him Moron (and there ain't a surplus of Georgians around Ian to inform him of it). Then again, Ian would probably refuse to be called any other name even if he did know. He’s just weird like that. It was Izzie's idea of a cruel joke at first, since he’s so damn lazy and laid-back, but eventually even she saw it as...well, just his name, just like everyone else.

Age: Ian Frasier was born on June 14, 1987, making him twenty four years old.

Gender: Male. Quite male.

Parents: Ian Frasier is the son of Ian 'Lemmy' Frasier Kilmister, the bassist of the revolutionary heavy metal band Motörhead. He never really knew his father, since he was more or less an illegitimate child, the product of a single passionate night with a woman in New England that took place on Motörhead's tour bus in 1987. His mother quickly married another man after Lemmy left, and Ian never met his actual father, growing up instead with a different family.

Band: Lenchi is the drummer for the metal band Legion.


Ian stands at a height of approximately 181 cm (just over five feet and nine inches tall), with a slender build that, though it could not be called scrawny, doesn’t have a whole lot in the way of muscle to it; he’s just too lazy to work out, even though he bemoans the fact that his female bandmate Izzie has more in the way of musculature than he does. Doesn't help that he's also the second shortest member of the band despite being the second eldest, and one of two guys, either. His skin tone is more or less typical of his New England heritage, if a little paler in tone than is common, and there are few blemishes to be found across his body. He has smooth, rolling facial features, with a high forehead, rounded, sloping jawline, and a pronounced browline. In terms of hair, much like his bandmate Izzie Ian styles his dark brown hair into dreadlocks, though they are of different styles: Izzie wears freeform dreadlocks, whereas Ian opts for cultivated-style ‘braid locks’—that is, dreadlocks braided at the top. Which seems very strange for someone like Ian, since the braidlocks actually took more effort than one would expect him to go through with. His eyes, possessing a perpetually laid-back, almost bored quality to them, are a light hazel brown.

Lenchi has two tattoos: one of them depicts the name and logo of his old group Carnality (which basically resembles this style and font), which he got when he was around twenty and the band first began, and another, this time the name and logo of Legion, which he had done when he was about twenty four, soon after Legion formed.

As far as clothing, when it comes to casual settings, Lenchi is, in comparison to some of his bandmates, quite tame—mostly because he’s too lazy to really take the time to put on all the accessories and attire that he dons for the stage. On any given day you’ll find him in a casual t-shirt—it can be a band tee, or just a completely blank shirt—along with a pair of regular fit jeans and some converse sneakers. Of course, when it comes to the stage, Lenchi has to get into uniform—and he does it well. On stage you’ll find him either shirtless (because he just loves to flaunt those non-existent muscles...okay, really, because he works up a hell of a sweat playing the way he does), or wearing a leather vest over Band 1’s band tee, along with a pair of patchwork jeans and steel-toed boots that look like they were just made for a riot. Add on chains, bullets, spikes, studs—the whole lot of it. Only for shows, though—he’ll be damned if he can bring himself to put all that shit on every day.

Height: 5'9, don't remind him.

Weight: 154


Lenchi toes the line between being one of the most laid-back, easygoing people you’ll ever meet, and the laziest jackass you would ever have the misfortune to work with. He displays an outwardly carefree, completely blithe attitude, and never seems to regard anything as a serious problem, certainly not worthy of dropping his amiable outlook. He’s neither overtly talkative nor reserved; he prefers to sit back and listen to the conversation, dropping in his own comments from time to time, and in general pretending not to care too much about what’s being discussed so as to avoid confrontation or argument over it. There are three cracks in this amiable, easygoing persona, however, and they all go hand in hand: his laziness, his low self-esteem, and his fierce confidence in his own skills as a drummer.

As said, he’s lazy. In just about any pursuit outside drums, he’s the laziest motherfucker you’ll ever meet. If, say, he’d tried picking up the guitar at first, and upon his very first try he didn’t immediately play something perfect and flawless, he’d immediately give up, convinced he’ll never be any good with it. Blinded by this belief, solidified by an only-too-common history of ‘sibling rivalry’, Lenchi hardly ever tries to do anything outside his own experience and skill set, because he believes that ultimately he’ll just fail at it. In another way, he just can’t seem to stand the concept that others could be better at it than he is, which is part of why he just gives up on it. He can’t settle for second best, and he sure as hell can’t settle for being just ‘good’ at it--but he assumes that's all he'll ever be if he tries anything outside drumming, so he doesn't even bother.

As such Lenchi clings to his considerable skills as a drummer. He’s vastly over-competitive when it comes to the drums, because he believes it’s the one thing he can claim to be ‘one of the best’ at—at least, the one thing he can honestly claim he’s unchallenged in the local metal scene. As such, he can come off as conceited or full of himself because of how quickly he feels his skills are being insulted or threatened, and he’s also unnaturally afraid that if his skills slip at all, or if someone proves to be better than him, Legion will kick him out. For this reason, he seems to almost completely make up for his laziness in all other things, because it seems he’s always either playing drums or tapping his hands and feet as though he were playing drums, and consequently people sometimes get annoyed by how quickly he’s willing to bring up how fast he managed to clock in his blast beats last night, or how hard that little drum solo in that one song is, whenever the conversation veers towards drummers and drumming. People assume it’s because he’s cocky and vain when in reality he’s constantly second-guessing his own skills and is convinced that everyone else is as well.

Of course, this can sometimes make the cracks in his easygoing persona apparent—and sometimes, it can shatter them outright. Lenchi has gotten into a fistfight over perceived insults to his skills, or because a discussion over drumming devolved into an argument over who was the better drummer—in any case, he's is quick to resort to violence out of his frustration and determination to make whoever it is that’s causing his doubt in his skills to just shut the fuck up, in any way possible—and he can be a vicious fighter, his relative lack of musculature aside.

Likes: Lenchi is, of course, a fan of music. And that includes most types of metal, ranging from speed metal to death metal, but that's largely where he feels it ends before it descends into the territory of 'a shitload of noise'. He also loves jazz, mostly in the range of fusion, bebop, and free jazz--both styles are blatantly reflected in his playing. Lenchi is known to enjoy atmospheric, ambient, relaxing music as well, though he can't imagine himself playing it. He's also a fan of video games, mostly RPGs and shooters (the Elder Scrolls series is his veritable love in life), and it's not uncommon for him to forget all about...well, everything, when an anticipated game is released. He often ends up all but forgetting the passage of time while he's playing until he glances away and realises "hey, I haven't eaten or slept in three days".

...that's not hyperbole.

Dislikes: Glam metal and metalcore dudes who put on shitloads of make-up and look like girls. They freak the shit out of him. On the other hand, he hates ludicrously girly chicks who talk in really high voices and prance around in frills 'n shit. Another source of ire for Lenchi would be tragedies and tragic films...because he is at heart a total softie and whenever he watches a tragic movie he can't help but tear up. And he sure as hell doesn't need anyone to see that.

Also, peanut butter.

Hates that shit with a passion.

Crush: He's kinda...well, he's into Juniper Lennon. After all, he reckons she's, first and foremost, an awesome bassist. And that she's...'physically attractive'. That's not shallow, right? And he likes that he's not a crazy metalhead like Izzie is.

History: Ian Jackson Frasier was not a product of significant tragedy, nor could his life be called particularly happy and joyous. Sure, he's the grandson of Lemmy friggin' Kilmister, but all things considered, that didn't really change anything, because he grew up with a stepfather and never so much as met his real father. His mother married a middle-class man who had a son of his own named Alexander, two years Ian's senior. No major tragedies marred their largely happy family; no calamities struck the four, no disasters threatened Ian’s more or less idyllic existence as a youth.

As a child, Ian and his stepbrother Alexander got along amiably. At first, there was no open dislike between them; Alexander would play with his stepbrother, take him for walks, read him stories—typical older brother things. But as Ian grew older, he began to notice something—namely, that Alexander excelled. In everything. School, hobbies, personality—everything Alexander did, he did flawlessly. More importantly, everything Alexander did, he did in such a way that when Ian tried to replicate it, it only made him look stupid. Whereas Ian brought home Cs and Bs on his report cards, Alexander was acing every test he faced, made every honour roll he ever came across, and it was only made worse by the fact his stepfather had a tendency to read off their grades together, only putting into perspective, for Ian, how much more intelligent Alexander was.

It didn’t stop there. Alexander took up painting, and within a month he was creating images that would have done the master artists of the Renaissance proud. Ian tried to do the same, but after two months in which he managed to come up with a lot of...shall we say, ‘abstract art’, Ian got frustrated and tossed it aside. His stepbrother, charismatic and perfect, was well-liked by just about everyone in the school, seen as the ‘cool guy’ everyone wanted to be friends with. Ian, awkward and largely lacking in social skills, was known by most of the school as ‘Alex’s brother’, and he didn’t have many friends. His stepbrother could get any girl he wanted, and every day he seemed to be seen with another stunningly beautiful, popular girl; Ian’s experience was limited to shy schoolboy crushes on girls he never so much as spoke to, half of whom his stepbrother ended up dating.

It created an unconscious rift between them; their relationship soured quickly. Alex never saw it as a competition, but Ian quickly became convinced his stepbrother was maliciously aiming to outdo him in everything, to make a fool out of him at every turn and prove his superiority. Ian decided that he couldn’t do anything that his stepbrother couldn’t do exponentially better, and he became highly bitter towards his stepbrother and towards his parents. Alexander, in turn, grew bitter towards Ian, and became exactly what Ian thought he’d always been.

It was when he was fifteen that that began to change.

It was, at first glance, quite simple. Ian starting playing a little drum beat with his fingers on the edge of the dining table one day after dinner. Alex tried to replicate it—but he found that no matter how much he tried, he stumbled across the notes, didn’t get the timing right. When Ian realised that he’d found something he could do that his stepbrother couldn’t, it made him want to pursue that voraciously. His parents, glad that Ian had found something at last to take enjoyment in after it seemed for years that he had no interests or hobbies, went out and bought him a drumset, as well as drum lessons.

The lessons were, at first, jazz drumming. Ian excelled at it, quickly picking up the techniques and the style, but he soon began to realise it wasn’t truly satisfying him. This was around the time he began listening to punk and heavy metal music—and he realised he wanted to recreate the aggression and assault of those genres, but tempering it with the sophistication and technique he’d learnt in that first year as a jazz student. He began practicing day in and day out, until there was barely a moment when the house wasn’t filled with the raucous attack of his poor drumset being ruthlessly assailed by the upstart young drummer. His constant practice and enthusiasm paid off, as he rapidly became highly skilled for his age, and even though Alex graduated high school as one of the top students in the entire nation, destined to study physics at the prestigious Stanford University, Ian no longer cared.

Age seventeen was the first point at which Ian saw fit to join a band—he responded to a local advertisement in a nearby music store, and upon auditioning met scepticism from those holding the auditions due to his young age. Nevertheless, his technical prowess and the brutality of his playing could not be denied, and eventually he, along with four other musicians, formed the death metal group known as Carnality. They started out recording covers before eventually attempting to record original materiel, but the other members of the band clearly didn’t have the patience to work towards fame and wealth. When it became apparent after a mere couple of months that they weren’t getting a record deal yet, the founding members of the band got fed up and quit, leaving Ian wondering what the hell had happened.

It was about two years after his first experience with a band that Ian came across another band looking for a drummer. The band, called Legion, had all but a drummer. When he showed up and found out the kind of music they were playing, Ian realised that it fit perfectly his style of playing—and the rest of the band, upon his audition, quickly realised that as well. As such it wasn’t surprising when he got the part (as well as the nickname ‘Lenchi’, which apparently came with the territory), and much to his satisfaction Legion began to gain some recognition and popularity in the local metal scene. Drumming remains his number one passion in life, and he can’t seem to envision himself doing anything but drumming for Legion.

Playing Style: Lenchi blends sheer death metal aggression with a surprising sophistication reminiscent of jazz drumming. His time playing in Carnality has made his drumming extremely forceful and brutal, utilising extremely high-speed blast beats: using a ‘heel up, heel down’ technique, Lenchi can hit speeds upwards of 280 bpm on his double bass drums, hitting both drumheads and cymbals with very fast sixteenth note hits, and he is capable of rapidly switching between different cymbals and drums. However, he intersperses this rapid-fire, aggressive assault with slower, more groove-oriented playing reminiscent of jazz and funk, reserving bass drum beats for crucial points in which they can be used most effectively rather than using them to lay down a heavy, rapid-fire beat.

Examples of his playing. The former link is more related to the jazzier, more groove oriented style, while the latter two demonstrate his more common, high-speed brutal style.

Theme Song:


So begins...

Ian 'Lenchi' Frasier's Story