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Izzie Maisuradze

Lead guitarist and founder of the metal band Legion

0 · 127 views · located in Earth (2015)

a character in “Legends of Rock and Metal:The Next Generation”, originally authored by Iye Khara, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Izzie Maisuradze. She was born Isabella Mullen, but by the time she was about ten or so had developed a habit of calling herself 'Izzie' out of hatred for her given name, which she believed far too girly and feminine for her. And after her mother and father split, she decided to take on her mother's native Georgian surname and abandon the name of Mullen. Upon turning the age of eighteen, she legally changed her name to Izzie, and there isn't a soul in the world besides her parents who are aware that her name was originally Isabella.

Age: She was born on October 15, 1986, and is thus twenty five years old.

Gender: Well, given the use of 'she' and 'her' throughout this profile, I should hope it's evident she's female. Of course, she does have some masculine physical features, and the way she acts is everything but feminine, but biologically she is, indeed, female.

Parents: Isabella Mullen was the product of the short-lived marriage between Frank Mullen, the legendary singer and frontman of brutal death metal band Suffocation, and a Georgian woman named Maiko Maisuradze, whom he met whilst on tour.

Band: Legion

Position in Band: She's the founder and co-lead guitarist of the band.



In terms of appearance, people tend to find it difficult to determine Izzie's ethnical background; indeed, it is generally guessed from her appearance that she is Japanese, which irritates her to no end because she isn’t even Asian. She more or less reflects her mother's Georgian ethnicity, but the fact is that most people don’t even know what a Georgian looks like; it doesn’t really help that Georgians are extremely diverse in terms of appearance, with some resembling Asians, others appearing Hispanic, and some who could be mistaken to be Middle-Eastern. For the most part, she inherited most of her characteristics from her mother, though her sheer physical brawn, natural size, and imposing stature, is undoubtedly a byproduct of Frank Mullen.

At her full height, Izzie stands at about 189 cm tall (about six feet two inches), which is confessedly rather tall for a woman, a fact she is well aware of. Height has always been characteristic of her, and she has always used it to her advantage. Similarly, her strong, firm build seems atypical for a woman—lean, powerful muscles are visible across her arms and abdomen, indicative of considerable upper body strength; she maintains her strength through a daily exercise routine, so that nobody gets the impression that she’s weak. As far as her facial features, Izzie possesses sharp, defined features, indicative of her heritage, with high, prominent cheekbones, a small, slightly pointed nose, and thin, dark lips. These features lend an attractive touch to her countenance, though years of cigarette and alcohol abuse have taken their toll on her features, and leave in their wake vestiges of a former beauty. Her eyes are a dark brown colour, with the hue of darkened rosewood, and vaguely almond-shaped. Her hair, on the other hand, in its natural state, is a lustrous black sheen, straight in tendency and falling to around her chest; however, Izzie has never let her hair remain in its natural state, opting to style it into dreadlocks and highlighting it with red and orange streaks. Due to her longterm altering of her hair, the lustrous black has dulled to a faded sort of black tone.

The entirety of her upper body is covered in tattoos, of various kinds. Many are related to Egyptian mythology, which is a passion of hers; examples include the large, flaming ankh on her left bicep, an Eye of Horus on the back of each hand, an Uraeus on her lower back, and the words ‘I have hidden myself amongst the never-setting stars’, from the Spell for Not Dying Again, in the Papyrus of Ani, tattooed in very small print at the nape of her neck. Other tattoos relate to her favourite bands, such as the Motörhead War Pig on her right bicep, or the Obituary tattoo across her right forearm; she also has one of Death's original logo (in red) at her collarbone, Deicide's '666' on the bicep above her Obituary tattoo, and countless others. The first tattoo she ever got was a tattoo of the letters 'IZZY' tattooed across the knuckles of her right hand; she did it herself when she was thirteen years old, followed soon by the 'ZOSO' tattoo across the knuckles of her left, in reference to Jimmy Page.

In terms of attire, Izzie gravitates towards typical metalhead/crust punk fare. You'll usually find her wearing a band tee with the sleeves torn off, showcasing any one of her favourite groups from Motörhead to Cynic, Death to Nile, Deicide to Carcass; over this will usually go her beloved leather jacket, which is covered with patches from various punk and metal bands, and studs and spikes, as well as some rips and tears she has shabbily sewn back together. As far as her lower body, Izzie often dons a pair of good old durable jeans, and then a pair of leather harness boots. She tops the image off with a copper bullet belt (in essence, a belt made of gunpowder-less casings worn around the waist, popular with punks and metalheads), spiked wrist bands, and chains, perfecting an image of extreme metal. She does not and has not ever owned a dress or a skirt. Nor does she plan on it.

Height: 189 cm (6'2)

Weight: 174 lb


Izzie is without a doubt a very difficult person to get along with, and an even more difficult person to get to know and truly understand. She is an abrasive and rough woman; she tosses about swear words and curses as casually as adjectives and verbs, and she’ll turn a verbal disagreement painfully physical at the drop of a dime simply out of what she perceives as a need to protect her pride and dignity, whether it be concerning herself, her culture, her style of playing, or her band. Her sense of humour is dry and sardonic, with a heavy dose of pessimism, and sometimes insulting to those around her if they aren’t used to her biting sarcasm in the first place. Izzie is also highly averse to anything she perceives as an attempt to control her or exert authority over her, as she is a fiercely independent and self-reliant woman. She has a love of the ‘fast life’ that never seems to abate, from the drugs to the loud music to the alcohol, she does it all and never slows down—in relation, she loves motorcycles, and owns a Harley Davidson chopper. Unfortunately, she is as a result heavily addicted to cigarettes and alcohol, to the point where she goes nowhere without at least two packs of smokes on her, and is literally capable of drinking two eight packs of beer and barely feeling it the next morning—and in times of great stress she will resort to harder drugs. She doesn’t seem to care about her drug issues nor her dangerous lifestyle, claiming that she will live however the hell she wants and that she enjoys her lifestyle.

Beneath this however can be found a rather different persona. A persona that is far more vulnerable and conflicted than Izzie would like for anyone to see on the surface. Her skills as a musician and determination to craft a successful metal band do not assuage the fact that she has no idea what to do with her life, and the comfort she finds in loud music, fleeting sex, and drugs is rapidly waning--though her tendency to fall back on them certainly isn't. She's headed straight for self-destruction, decay, and collapse, and knows it. Plagued with fears, disappointment, anger, and pain that stretch back to years that seem to have befallen someone other than herself when she looks back on them now, they fester within her, refusing to grant her a moment of clarity and peace, forcing her to fall back on her vices and lonely, unhealthy lifestyle to cope. Her abrasive and wholly unpredictable personality mirrors her fear of personal pain and abandonment--Izzie has convinced herself that if she keeps others at arm’s length with her wild and aggressive attitude, she can avoid making connections, and thereby the pain of the inevitable severance of those connections. She has come to fear the pain of losing those she loves and cherishes, and believes that by avoiding true friendship and love she can remain untouched by this grief.

Izzie has had several relationships--with both men and women--over the years. However, her 'intimate romances' tend to have more in the way of intimacy, and less in the way of actual romance. As she says it, "A good relationship is like fireworks: loud, explosive, and liable to maim you if you hold on too long". In other words, the majority of her relationships last for a month or so at the maximum, and exist mostly for the temporary, fleeting pleasure of sex rather than the actual, true happiness of love. Again, this is because of her fear of losing those whom she loves--instead of risking that pain, she would rather just accept momentary, fleeting happiness. She's long since forgotten what it feels like to be with someone because she genuinely loved and enjoyed being with them on a personal level rather than simply physical pleasure...she isn't sure she remembers what it was like to actually fall in love without being afraid of the consequences of it.

Likes: Music. It's her number one passion, one of the few things she believes is worth the risk of losing. And her taste in music spans a wide spectrum. Anything from the deathgrind of Aborted and Carcass, grindcore in the vein of Napalm Death and Assück, the technical death metal of Death and Atheist, straight up death metal like Deicide and Nile, the thrash metal stylings of Megadeth and Slayer, classic heavy metal such as Judas Priest and Motörhead, hard rock legends such as Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, crust punk in the vein of Doom and Gallhammer...hell, even jazz and blues, such as Art Blakey, Weather Report, and BB King. She listens to it all, most of it (in particular, the metal and the punk) at outrageous volumes that make people wonder how it is she hasn't gone deaf yet. And as much as she'd hate to admit it, she really enjoys the music of Suffocation--the band her father fronts. Besides that, she loves motorcycles, and seems to have a penchant for cigarettes and alcohol (well, obviously, she doesn't like them...but she's addicted to them).

Dislikes: Oh hell, here comes a rant. First and foremost, Izzie hates pop music. Hates it with a passion. If you turn on pop music in her vicinity, she will not hesitate to immediately crank her death metal up to even more ridiculously loud volumes. And the same goes for rap. She absolutely detests it. She also hates people (guys especially) who think they're the fucking shit and think they can do whatever the hell they like. Sexists who think she can't fight or handle herself because she's a chick will get her boot in their groin. Judgemental assholes...well, they annoy her, but she doesn't really give a shit about them. Dumbass emos who wear all black, listen to screamo, and lament how crushing existence is when they've got a loving family and all the opportunity for happiness Izzie feels she now lacks. Poser metal like nu metal and metalcore. And she hates sappy romance shit where the good-natured, perfect guy gets the innocent, perfect girl, and they live happily ever after, because it never works out that way in real life. However, above all she hates liars and traitors. They hold a special place of utter abhorrence in her heart.

Crush: Crush? What are we, twelve? Izzie does not do crushes, except for crushing people who annoy her. So in that respect, her 'crush' is...well, most people in general.

History: Izzie doesn't say a thing about her history. Anyone she doesn't know well who asks her about it will be told straight-off to fuck off and mind their own goddamn business. Get closer to her, and she may confess that she is, in fact, the daughter of Frank Mullen and a Georgian woman he later split up with. But ask for the details of how her life went, and she'll retort with "My life has made me who I am. I'm a complete fucking asshole. What kinda life do you fucking think I've had?" Her bandmates know that she left home when she was about fifteen, and started playing music around then as well, but outside of that she keeps completely silent about herself. She tells others that her past doesn't mean shit to her anymore, even if that's nothing more than a lie to everyone, including herself.

Theme Song: Death - Empty Words. dem lyrics

Suffocation - Mental Haemorrhage. also dem lyrics

Carcass - No Love Lost. also also dem lyrics

Playing Style: Izzie is a highly technical player in the sense that much of what she plays is very difficult to replicate, using various different techniques such as pinch harmonics, tremolo and hybrid picking (which she has adapted to a heavier, more metal sound than it is usually used for), as well as sweep picking, and pick tapping. However, she does not consciously use these as ‘techniques’, or use them just for the sake of making her music more complicated; she finds effects and ways of playing that sound good to her, and that’s what she uses. In terms of musical style, Izzie often employs a very harsh, overdriven guitar sound, enabling each note to be heard clearly while maintaining a (in her words) 'hardcore' sound. Her style often utilises chromatic, atonal scale soloing, changes in time signature that can be either abrupt or very subtle, high-speed, palm-muted chord progressions, and minor-key shredding; Vivian utilises extremely high-speed shredding, but keeps it to very controlled, maintained patterns so that it doesn’t come off as just playing ridiculously fast for the hell of it.

Instrument: Izzie plays an pitch black Neal Moser Morpheus utilising also various Metal Zone distortion effect pedals to give her guitar an extremely overdriven sound. She tunes the guitar to dropped A, which results in extremely heavy riffing.

Extra: She is known to be bisexual, leaning for the most part towards women. She speaks Georgian fluently.


So begins...

Izzie Maisuradze's Story