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Micheal 'Mikey' Rose

"Time for my father to know I exist..."

0 · 356 views · located in Earth (2015)

a character in “Legends of Rock and Metal:The Next Generation”, as played by Commisar_Gaunt


Name:Micheal 'Mikey' Rose

Age: 23 (Born October 20th, 1988)

Gender: Male

Parents: Axl Rose (Guns N' Roses) and Erin Everly

Occupation/Position in Band: Lead Singer of Chicago Loop



Height: 5'11"

Weight: 150lbs

Sexuality: Straight

Personality/Traits: Oan is a party loving guy that acts like he just got out of a DeLorean that went 88mph. He doesnt fear the law, and is willing to break a few rules to have a good time. He is very calm and can take a lot of punishment, but God help you if you talk smack about his family, especially his father.

Likes: Music, Golden Age Rock, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry, parties

Dislikes: Heavy Metal, Scream-O, Raves, drugs, idiots, the law

Crush: not tellin' yet, but he's been looking at his drummer a lot...

Info: Born Micheal Everly, he was the son of model Erin Everly and an unknown father. When Mikey was 13, Erin's husband demanded a paternity test, seeing as the child looked nothing like him. When the paternity test was done, it amazed everyone when the blood test confirmed it wasn't his son, but rather the son of her first husband, Guns N' Roses vocalist Axl Rose. Axl was never told about his son, and does not know Micheal even exists to this day. However, Micheal modeled himself after his father, minus the drug and domestic abuse. The rest of the band does know, and Axl will learn in due time about his prodigy son...

Chicago Loop was born after a little drunken conversation with his buddies in a bar, where one of his friends suggested that he made a band from other children of Rock Legends. Somehow, Micheal was able to remember it the day after, and started Chicago Loop with one Philosophy: To make Legends out of the kids of Music Legends who's careers would be overshadowed by their parents.

Extra: Mikey is learning how to play guitar, but he's not good enough for the stage. He also has contact regularly with the rest of the GnR lineup, and thinks of The Slash, not his father, as his mentor for rock stardom. He also has a Red and Black 2012 Ford Mustang 320 Boss

So begins...

Micheal 'Mikey' Rose's Story


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"Kay Ava, let's go home." He says, grabbing a hold of her to keep her from falling. "Uhh..." He says, as he realizes when he put his hand in front of her, he unintentionally got his hand right on her left breast. "That wasn't intentional, I think..." He apologizes, as he escorts her out like a proper gentleman. Getting her and himself into a cab, they make their way back to the hotel they are staying at while in the city.

Making their way up to the two rooms the band shares, one girls and one boys, she looks at him with an amused smile as he fumbles the key card. After finding it and getting it into the door, he opens up the hotel room and the two make their way inside. "Well, that was fun..." He says, rubbing his head. He than walks over to her, kissing her. "But that was a lot funner."


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Character Portrait: Ava Lucas-Bongiovi Character Portrait: Micheal 'Mikey' Rose
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Mikey was kinda surprised that Ava kissed him back, but sure as Hell wasn't going to stop. "I've wanted to do this for a long time with you Ava..." He says as he leans back and the two fall back onto the bed.

Fade To Black


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Xander got up and stumbled towards their room. The hotel wasn't a five star one, but it sure as hell wasn't a motel either. When he got to the room door he started fumbling for his key. After about five minutes he finally got a hold of the little card thing. For the next ten minutes he tried to get the door open. When he did he was greeted with Ava and Mikey laying in each others arms with a faint glow around them. "Oh what the hell. Did you really need to have a romp in the sack in the same room as the one I have to sleep in? I mean that's a big no-no in my book. I'm gonna have a long talk with you later Mikey. Though for right now, I've got a date with the white throne about some rapid evacuation." Xander stumbled towards the bathroom and then proceeded to vomit his last few drinks up. While between surges he was taking sips from his hip flask. He knew that he was gonna have a hangover, but Xander really didn't really care at this point.