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Roman Sionis

"The problem with gun makers going to war is that there is no shortage of ammunition."

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a character in “Legends of The Dark Knight”, as played by Saxious


ImageName: Roman Sionis
Alter Ego: Black Mask
Occupancy: Organized Crime Leader, Leader of the False Face Society.
Age: 30

Physical/Mental Capabilities: Black Mask is surprisingly fit for his age, and knows Various fighting techniques.

Equipment: Being the leader of a well organized mafia, Black Mask has enough resources to be a significant foe to the batman. His large financial funds allow him to hire mercenaries from across the world, and equip his men with military grade weaponry. He is always armed with at least two guns.

Weaknesses: Black Mask is still a human, and therefore has all the weaknesses that comes along.


Roman Sionis came from a rich family, his father a successful industrialist. His parents would drag him around to parties, and force him to be friends with the children of other wealthy Gothamites like the young Bruce Wayne. His parents hated other people like the Waynes though, but put on almost social masks in public to seem like more charming people. Roman hated the masks his parents wore. He would later inherit the prosperous Janus Cosmetics Corporation after his parents died in a suspicious fire.

Roman quickly drove the company into the ground, leaving the company open to a Wayne Industries buyout. Driven mad by losing his legacy, he turned his hatred on Bruce Wayne. Donning a mask carved from his father's coffin, he began murdering Wayne employees. In the ensuing battle with Batman, Sionis's mask became permanently burned into his face as a living death mask.

Over time, Black Mask became one of Gothams most notorious and sadistic crime lords, with a criminal empire. Though he still seeks revenge against Bruce Wayne, the Batman often foils his plans and denies him his revenge, a habit that Black Mask has come to hate.

So begins...

Roman Sionis's Story


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Character Portrait: Roman Sionis
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#, as written by Saxious
"Mr. Robertson, so nice of you to make it," Black Mask said casually as he looked across the Dixon Pier. "The docks are looking busy tonight, I've got a lot of shipments arriving for my business and I appreciate your corporation regarding those customs and import export bullshit." Black Mask turned and looked at the office man who made sure that his various goods that he wanted smuggled in didn't get tangled up in needless red tape
"I'm glad that I can help, Mr. Mask, but -"
"But what?"
"But... I think the police is getting suspicious of what we're doing. A detective came by, starting asking about my work and how it worked with protocols and all. Fairly young guy, I got his name and parts of his badge number here."
"Let me see that... Eric Bilsen. Ah yes, this guy. He's been putting his nose where it should be... No worries. I'll take care of it, after all. We're family now, and I always look out for my family. Please take this as a token of gratitude," Black Mask then slipped his associate a thick stack of money, more than what the man made in a month. "I'll have my men escort you home, and you just make sure that my goods keep flowing in."

With the meeting coming to an end, Black Mask signaled for his men to pick them up and take them their separate ways. "Mr. Mask, we have a small issue in the eastern end of Gotham. It would appear that some of our employers thought it wise to borrow some of your goods for a private use." His secretary said, looking up from his mini-laptop
"Damn it... If it wasn't because they were so damn cheap, I'd have them shot! How much did they steal?"
"It hasn't been clarified, sir. When do you wish to deal with the detective?"
"Have one of our guys pay him a visit in a few days. Take him out to our little fun house and I'll make an example out of him, and make sure all of the evidence he has collected against me is removed. Permanently."
"Yes sir."


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Roman Sionis
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#, as written by Saxious
"I don't understand why you even bother to deny my accusations," Black Mask said as he watched the two men being beaten by his henchmen. "You were seen trying to steal my drugs, and now you pay the price, now just confess and I'll make all of this stop."
"Mr. Mask, sir, please... We didn't do it, we never meant to offend you, please," one of the lowlives begged, receiving a kick in the head by one of the masked henchmen.
"Do you think I enjoy coming down here and keeping an eye out on the likes of you?" Black Mask said coldly, his eyes narrowing as he looked at the two men. "Do you think I willingly take time to come down here and see if you are nice and behave? NO I DO NOT!" Black Mask then stood up and grabbed an iron bar and began beating the man that had spoken.

"You're dirt!" he yelled. "You're nothing. You're the scum of this earth, and I give you the privilege to work for me. I. Am. Gotham!"
Black Mask let go of the bloodied bar and looked at the broken body. Damn it, he thought, now he would have to spare more men to get rid of the evidence, but there was nothing he could do now. "Dumb his body somewhere in the alleys. Make sure everyone knows that he's an example and get rid of the other."
"No, Mr. Mask, no, please, sir I swear I will-" His throat was cut before he could say more and his gurgling body dragged away to be placed in a container of acid.

"What did I miss, James," Black mask called as he returned to his car and signaled for the driver to go back towards central. James, Black Mask's personal secretary, quickly ended the call he was having and began to summarize how Black Mask's contacts within the police had informed them that Commissioner Gordon had been on the roof, presumably with Batman.
"Fucking great. Any leads for who that man in tights is after?" Black Mask asked, vaguely hiding his building anger.
"No. Our contact claims that due to the lack of trust within the police department, he isn't being told as much as he used to," James elaborated.
"God damn it, I pay him to tell me these things, if he can't deliver I'll find someone else. This is Gotham! Corruption is right around the corner, and I always get what I want," Black Mask hissed. "Send the word out. I want to know what's going on, an I want to know who the Batman is hunting. If it isn't me, then get one of my teams ready, some of the banks are looking a little too fat, and needs some quick slimming."