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Marifra Wyrmender

"Maybe one day, we'll all just accept technology!"

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a character in “Legends Reborn”, as played by yeastyy



Marifra Wyrmender
"I wish my name was more... Human sounding...

"Don't be deceived by my height!"


"It's not that I don't like being a dwarf- I'm proud of my race! I just wish everyone else would catch up with the times already."



Crossbow, spear

Marifra is a very free spirit who enjoys exploring and leaning about nearly everything. She was never to good at magic, and although she is a dwarf, she has always been fascinated with technology. She is very kind and caring, willing to do anything for the people she cares about. At times, her happiness may be unrealistic and cause her to undermine the seriousness of the situation. She is overly sensitive towards words, and cares deeply about what people think about her. Other than that, she is very loyal, and a good friend to have around.

Marifra always found technology fascinating, and did anything to get her hands on it. Her parents were very against the idea of their daughter meddling with such things, but they couldn't really stop her. The settlement they lived in was in very, very close to a human city, so technology wasn't out of reach. She would always get in trouble for sneaking into human buildings and trying to make off with little gadgets, but sometimes, she succeeded in getting what she wanted. By the age of ten, she could assemble a radio out of spare parts, and was pretty familiar with basic mechanics. When she was fourteen, she managed to get a job in a small spare parts shop on the outskirt of the human town, without her parent's knowledge, of course.

When she was fifteen, she packed up her things and attempted to stow away on a ship so she could visit Xenon, where there was an abundance of technology. She hoped to possibly invent her own 'technologies,' and maybe to start a business. However, she was found out and sent back home to very angry parents, who immediately withdrew their approval of her passions. She ran away later that night, finding refugee in a small village like town, with a mixture of both elves and dwarves. There, she got another job as a sort of 'security guard' on the estate of a very wealthy human family. Since then, she has lived in the general living quarters, sometimes scrapping together mediocre radios or primitive hand guns.

So begins...

Marifra Wyrmender's Story


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#, as written by yeastyy
Marifra sighed, half running half jogging behind her employers' pure white horses, letting the butt of her spear drag along in the dirt as she did so. She was having trouble catching her breath, and the other escort, a very disheveled looking elf, looked as if he was also having a hard time keeping up the pace of the horses. Laughter and light conversation trickled off the backs of the horses and trailed behind. Usually, Marifra would listen, and nod and agree politely with the humans. This time, however, she was very distracted.

Ever since the humans had been planning to visit this 'dragon festival' Marifra had felt rather- strange. She was used to escorting the humans to all sorts of 'festivals,' but she had felt particularly drawn to this one and she couldn't really figure out why. Besides technology, dragons and the lore surrounding them was the most fascinating thing to her. A small smile tugged at the edges of her lips as a very fond memory came to mind. Her and her friends back in the dwarven village always pretended to be dragons. She had always been the wind dragon, since that was the only magic she was actually comfortable at using.

"Please!" the elf blurted, interrupting Marifra's train of thought, "We've been running all day! Can we stop and rest!" he had always been bold with the humans. They were very kind, though, and treated us nicely.

"Ah, yes sorry about that!" The plump human man said, running a hand over his thick black mustache. "How about you two stop and rest up there, and we'll make the rest of the trip alone? We're only ten minutes from the town! We can meet up later tonight."

"Ten minutes?" the elf pondered, "In that case, I'll just make the rest of the trip."

"If you don't mind," Marifra huffed, "I'll take you up on that offer!" she said her farewells, then slowed to a content walk, taking deep breaths. As she caught her breath, she started enjoying the walk. Up ahead, she noticed two individuals laying on the ground next to each other, and narrowed her eyes. They were probably also heading to the dragon festival.


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Kien didn't respond as the blond haired girl seems to go on a frenzy over him. Bending his head down and looking over his body to examine any injuries on him. He glances to the side with a confused look as he notices a group of traveler not far off, a dwarf girl among them looking right at them.

NOW things got embarrassing. He was just about to speak back to her when she suddenly let go of him, turning around as she said something about a map. He wasn't all to sure what she was talking about since all she took out was the broken remains of a piece of bark in her hands.

"Um...are you ok?" He asks her once again. This time referring to more then just her physical condition. "I'm not one to really but into other's problems, but it seems that piece of bark was important. Right?" He slowly walks around her, trying to get a better look at the remains in her hands and her expression for a better feel of the situation.