The sister

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a character in “Lemonade”, as played by SheaTeal




Charlotte used to be bubbly, friendly and popular, well liked by almost everybody she knew. She would go out and bug hunt with her little sister, and help her squeeze the lemonade to sell with her sister. Now that she is dead, though, Charlotte has become very distant and doesn't seem to respond to anything, even though doctors swear that she hasn't gone deaf and that nothing is wrong with her except she is on the verge of being severely underweight. She shows no sign of feeling, though inside is an emotional battle.


Charlotte had always loved her baby sister, but she had always been a bit jealous, too. As soon as she was born, her parents began to pay less and less attention to her. Now that she is dead, Charlotte is as good as invisible. After Emma died, Charlotte started to speak less and less, becoming a stranger to her friends at school, and has been seen scraping her food into the trash, completely untouched. She has steadily been growing thinner and thinner, but her parents are too absorbed in their own sadness to notice.

So begins...

Charlotte's Story