Phoebe Eloise Locke

Emma's aunt ,

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a character in “Lemonade”, as played by Katharos


Phoebe has very short hair and a pretty face. She usually wears glasses when working on a case. She is thirty seven years old and very athletic.


Quirky and fun she is the type to sing at karaoke bars and ride a bike without her hands on it. She is also very prone to fall asleep in church. However when it comes to children she becomes very fierce. A social worker by choice she falls in love with children easily. She has adopted three children. Her two three year old twins and Alexa who was adopted when she was five.

After her child of four died, she began to dedicate her life to children. She had already adopte Alexa since after her baby's birth she could not have more children.

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Phoebe Eloise Locke's Story