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Andrea Lessard

Psuedo-alter ego of Kaitlynn Lessard. In actuality, is a malevolent spirit who is leeching off her negative emotions, phobia of blood and vampirism.

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a character in “Lessard Family Archives”, as played by Imehal


Image sourced from Gelbooru. Not mine. Never mine.

Name: Andrea Lessard.

Alias: None that she gives herself, but certain 'friends' seem fond of endearments towards her.
Title(s): N/A.
Age: Twenty-two.
Gender: Female.
Race: Human.
Species: Vampire.

Height: 5’6”
Weight: 9st.
Eyes: Andrea, unlike her alter-ego, does not need to wear contacts unless she is suffering the effects of quite a time going by without feeding. As such, her eyes are naturally coloured a hazel brown and she much prefers them that way.
Hair: Yellowy-blonde, which only serves to make her natural skin seem paler than it is.
Physique: Slim and weak-looking though her natural strength is more considerable than her body should allow following her turning.
Skin Colour: Extraordinarily pale, which has only gotten worse since two months ago. Of course, unlike Kaitlynn, Andrea knows and embraces her aversion to sunlight in lieu of the greater gifts that undeath grants.
Memorable Features: Her eyes are almost unnaturally large, focusing like an owl’s might upon its prey when something grabs her attention solidly. Otherwise, Andrea transforms Kaitlynn’s otherwise soft features with a firm, omni-present frown on her lips. Why it is there is anyone’s guess.


No matter what personality is on the surface, the slightly less dead Lessard sister tends towards the same forms of dress sense, Andrea doing so to keep up the ruse that she is her oblivious counter-part. At all times, she wears a long navy and rather worn crushed velvet coat and her low heeled navy blue ankle boots.

Accessories and other clothes usually revolve around these two specific items but Kaitlynn is not a terribly fashionable person and therefore, there are occasions where she wears some quite odd arrangements.

As far as jewellery goes, neither personality deigns to wear much of it, except for a thin circle of silver hung on a thick silver chain quite tight around her neck, almost like a choker. Hanging down in the middle of this delicate circular object is a dewdrop gemstone coloured pale blue. Its significance is not immediately obvious.


A collection of crystals used to channel and protect whilst performing seances or when particularly powerful spirits decide to be unexpectedly troublesome.
Her mobile phone, which she's becoming increasingly more irritated with.
Keys to her apartment.
A small number of business cards advertising her services as a medium.
A rather large, but pretty amber encased dragonfly imitation that masquerades as an ornament for her keys.

Abilities, Magic and Talents:

Kaitlynn possesses two abilities worth noting; one natural and the other learnt. The latter is easier to explain and understand and that is her love for insects and therefore, her developed knack for biology that aided her in securing a career examining her beloved creatures post University.

It also gave her a wonderful excuse to depart from her, in Kaitlynn's eyes, deranged family as well as push into the background her other, more naturally acquired talent and that is her capabilities as a medium.

These powers manifested at a young age and in the beginning, she had nurtured them alongside her mother. Simply put, she can see the spirits of the deceased alongside the physical forms of the living, the only difference being a light beaming out of the spirits' chests. It didn't blind her; just marked them as being separated from their mortal form.

Kaitlynn, over time, has learnt how to suppress and dismiss more powerful and troublesome spirits via simple incantations and crystals aiding her natural abilities. It used to be more of a hobby, taking on and ridding innocents of small, troublesome spirits or helping troubled spirits on their way via seances but now, since being fired from her last job, she's now using it to pay the bills.

Also, it is worth noting that Andrea, being a malevolent spirit and therefore not actually part of Kaitlynn, cannot use these abilities.


It's ironic but this particular vampire has a crippling phobia of blood. This is not a recent change but something that the young woman has possessed all her life since childhood, developed during a particular incident that she has quite firmly blocked out from her memory. Before her Turning, this merely resulted in violent bouts of shaking and sickness. It has resulted in hospitalisation once and that was when Kaitlynn mistakenly walked in on one of her father's necromantic rituals. She never, ever did that again, purposely avoiding both father and sibling when they were practising the dark arts.

However, since her Turning, her phobia of blood results in blackouts, sometimes for days on end, only for Kaitlynn to regain consciousness often covered in blood, shaking and feeling very cold. She can never recall how she got there and always checks the date and time first, bewildered and very afraid. These are the times when 'Andrea' – her rather alarmingly alter ego – takes control.

As a medium, Kaitlynn always has to be careful of her ability to be manipulated by the spirits that she can innately commune with. It was during her Turning that she found herself completely unable to defend herself and crucially unaware of a malevolent spirit who took advantage of the prime situation to give itself an almost constant supply of negative energy to feed its hunger.

The resulting effects were quite dizzying; the majority of Kaitlynn's vampirism was absorbed by the spirit, as well as the trauma of the entire episode, making it solidly locked away within her mind. Instead of lying dormant, it was seized upon by her unwanted spiritual passenger, who managed to use it to attach herself permanently to the medium, adopting all the traits of vampirism and the darkness of the spirit itself to create a second personality; Andrea.

So, not only is Kaitlynn blissfully unaware of her status as a newly turned vampire, she is also worryingly unaware that there is a spirit attached to her, using her negativity as fuel to survive.


Medium For Hire.


In Progress.

So begins...

Andrea Lessard's Story