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Cain the divine

0 · 256 views · located in The Grand Marker

a character in “Lesser Evil”, as played by ellnor7


Age: 5 billion years
Size Category:
Ancient Dragons are over five billion years old, and they cease growing only once they are as large as our planet.

Specific Details:
length from nose to tail:
height at shoulder: and others.

Human form

Height: up to 10ft
Weight: 1,000 lb
Age apparant: 23
eye color: silver
scale color : shining silver during the day and pitch black at night
hair: glowing white
other: bleached white horns and talons

Elemental affinity: Light

Personality: benevolent even loving his pets he graciously gives knowledge and guidance to any that ask but refuse to settle there little squabbles any request he takes must be asked by one of the four councils he is a loving master but also an unconcerned letting them learn to live with each other on their own.
as for dealing with his own kind he is wise and kind often trying to guide the young and nurture the sick and injured.

Background History: As all Dragon Characters are at least 10,000 years old, a description of important events, as well as a summary of their existence, must be included. Dragons under five million years old will have lived the Entirety of their life in the Exile Realm. Dragons over that age by more than one million will have been raised during the Demon wars.

Faehar: Called Starbloods by men, these dragons dwell almost exclusively in the lands to the west of the Grand Marker, and as a result of the highly potent energies suffusing that realm, tend to be stronger in magic than most. Their scales suffer a deterioration in this, making them more vulnerable to physical attack than usual. Through the gaps in their scaly hide the energy is often peaking through, resulting in them appearing to be have constalations of stars covering their bodies at night. During the day the energy is seen as a haze that obscures their form, making them seem like an illusion made of flame. They are the only dragons who's scales change color, being a bright silver during the day, and a pitch black at night.

Domain and Territory:
Ancient: At least five, no more than ten.

The fey realms:

as a realm it is mostly populated by elves though you can easily find and fay race within these realms from were to pixie even vampires and naga
the fey realms are divided into 5 separate territories named after the councils that control them they are

the realm of fay'da'nar this realm is occupied by the more bizarre of the shide races such as merfolk, minotors, and the fates (such as veldandie and skuld) fey that could not easily pass for human the only notable city of any size is the councils city of ulster with a population of about 400.

the realm of the sidhe is occupied by elves, shifters(such as were-animals) and near human breads such as pixies, asimaar and samsaren. it has many colonies simply named for the race that that inhabits the the elf colony of the pixie colonies in the south no colony is bigger than 200 save the shining jewel of the Sidhe fe'danaris

the warring land is only populated with elves and drow of neutral alignment though is often occupied at least in part by Waring tribes of the sidhe,(including the fay'da'nar) and the banshide (including the la'fay) there are many small towns 200-300 people scattered about such as Conner to the north fe'sinn to the west and le'cairn in the east but the wondrous city Craig (or made in the rock) made by the only dwarven citizens at 700 people of white marble stone buildings with the tallest tower in the land meant to invite the divine dragon to come down and bring peace to the two sides of the fay

the realm of the la'fay is populated by the more humanesk Banshide such as vampires, drow, druegaur. its largest city is 300 centered around a giant stone ring they named the spirit stones and the cit that surrounds it cairn which means of stone there are also small colonies called covens among the la'fey and have been known to war amongst them selves till the London council comes to straighten them out

the realm of the Banshide is reserved for the worst the bandshide have to offer such as the lich, lamias, and the death witch fates such as babba yaga and it only city is it council city London(a city of approximately 500)

all of the fey realms work with the most basic mostly wooden tools but what they don't have in tech they make up for with magic as small cantrips and even some low level spells are commonly taught in every home. the fey live of the land (or one another) and trade in goods and services money is a foreign concept to these very simple folk. they do not farm but graciously accept what the forest spirits and spirits of the hunt provide and always send there prayers to the greatest of spirits the divine dragon the spirit of the sky and sun

So begins...

Cain the divine's Story