Carnieve Lyncher

"Guests? Fantastic! Why, the 'entertainment' will be most pleased to watch you dance, my lovely puppets."

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"Guests? Fantastic! Why, the 'entertainment' will be most pleased to watch you dance, my lovely puppets. Tehehe."


Alexandre Carnieve (KARD-NIV-EVE) Lyncher
Alice 9: OC, Ruler of the Prison and Entertainment Theater

Like many of the Bad ALICE role-holders who have corrupted the Wonderland, Carnieve (as he prefers to go by) is is just a dark heart as the rest of the lot. A sadistic, cold and disturbed individual with a smile as fake as they come, Carnieve is manipulative and takes great joy in seeing those unfortunate in great pain or shattered in will (hence, sadistic). He is never easily pleased and is quite demanding of the impossible. While a lovely smile graces his otherwise stoic face of indifference most of the time to please his "guests" as their "host", a plotting mind is always to work and as so, one must be very cautious when in his presence with great minding, as Carnieve isn't one to be trusted very easily. Rarely does he truly and genuinely attach himself to another living being in good cause, as he fears companionship that he cannot control.

He is quite flamboyant and easily excited (which is more evident in his voice rather than his face) as well as easily amused in terms of optimistic attitude, due to his upbringing. One to prefer unorthodox and adventurous ways to settle things, he is very eccentric, as is many of the Wonderland residents, though not as insane. Carnieve is a bit of narcissist as a "fine appreciator of beauty", he detests "ugliness" in a very close-minded aspect.

His general demeanor is quite pleasant and very charming as he keeps a soft-spoken voice (which would be loud when shouting/yelling/announcing or otherwise), an all-smiles aura that may leave his company in doubt of his intentions, which mustn't be trusted at all. Along with his carefully-guarded and masked sense of reassurance for others, he is extremely tolerant towards mishaps of his guests. However, Carnieve does not tolerant questioning towards his authority, no matter what. Carried with him is a fine elegance that surrounds him always to anything that he does, be it gruesome and messily bloody or small movement that is meant to be awkward, he does so in a fashion of grace and refined stature, keeping a perfectly straight face even as the most cruelest of deaths that his victims suffer are at his feet. Carnieve has a great love for many things that are typically found in carnivals and circuses, and most especially for puppets and marionettes. His great fondness for these dolls are to a point of complete obsession.

Carnieve fears becoming ugly and disgusting in appearance. He also fears being controlled, and having his "reins of dominance" being taken from him; to not being in control of the situation at hand frightens him and unsettles him to a great extent. Without the comfort of a puppet nearby, he becomes slightly anxious and paranoid. Carnieve also suffers from hallucinations that appear to him every and then, and they haunt him dearly, therefore, he requires the same presence of something that he knows that he can control, due to his lack of control of the delusions he gets.

Carnieve was the youngest son of a family that manages a circus, which is (or isn't) hard to believe, but for many generations his family was in business and is very content with their life. Of course, in this wondrous life of being a part of a traveling circus of marvels and mystery, there's always an underlying history that is darker than the bright lights of the circus. Alexandre has inherited a genetic mental illness that's deep in the family roots, and it is this odd illness hasn't really been identified, due to the family's strong beliefs of not trusting medical practitioners. This illness that is likely to be quite mild schizophrenia that has him a bit.. less normal from most people, developing to a more identified state in his teenage years. Needless to say, most people aren't raised in a circus of freaks and wonder alike to be the eccentric person he is. Since his family home-schooled all of their children due to their demanding lifestyle that had no need for public schools or settling down to allow them to grow up in one environment alone, Carnieve has learned more about various town cultures and other smaller details that most children his age don't really care for.

As a child of the circus, he was a performer on in the Big Top as well, and due to his young age and little known talent for most of the more complicated acts, he played various feminine and masculine roles as a child in varying clothing for various acts. He becomes knowledgeable in cloths and sewing at this point. Carnieve first started his marionette obsession late in childhood, and developed his persona of "Carnieve" as he became even further obsessed into the doll-making business. He watched his parents be the marionette-puppet act for many of a year, where they've carved the dolls themselves and have them move accordingly to their touch to play out and entertain their audiences. It was then that he had first fell in love with the dolls, and began improving his basic knowledge of the art.

As he reached the age of teenagehood, did he truly begin to master making dolls, awing (and unsettling) the crowds of people who come to their show at the nearly life-like mannequins that he controlled. He had a violent mental breakdown when several teenagers who were visiting the circus that arrived in their town, decided to mess around the dolls, where it came to a point where two of his dolls were broken. He mourned over their deaths, and his family tries to comfort him throughout it, but his great attachment to the dolls have him go on a conquest of revenge. The circus had already left the town by the time he made up his mind, and he first began experimenting on animals from the local townsfolk's homes. Killing the things, then gutting them out and then replacing the majority of it's structure to made it a truly, real and life-like doll, with ball-joints or not.

He didn't really make it to the point when he would experiment on humans of the Surface World just yet, as he fell into Wonderland one day and has stayed there ever since. He had taken on the role of the Ruler of the Prison and Entertainment Theater that seemed practically made in existence just for him after falling into the curiously wonderful Wonderland, and there did he wreck havoc in his ill-minded state. Known as the "Puppeteer" to many, he has made a reputation for himself in the time he has been here. Carnieve has practiced on many of the creatures in Wonderland, but it has not yet given him enough of a satisfying accomplishment, and for now the Prison that he rules over and the Entertainment Theater that has become his makeshift replacement for his previous home will keep his amused until he eventually gets bored of it all or dies and will have to give up his status as a role-holder. It shouldn't be anywhere in the near future though that he will be bored or die; he's simply enjoying himself far too much here in Wonderland with all of his "guests".

As the narcissist that he is, he takes time over his appearance, and he is thankful to have an quite feminine and androgynous build, much like that of his dolls. Slender and thin, but quite bony that isn't much of an ounce of significant muscle or unnecessary fat on his person that he could really be mistaken for having a girl's body, having a feminine face more than does its idea of Carnieve being a girl. Though his more masculine-like way of speaking, whether it be soft-spoken or not, allows more confusion into the mix. Fair-skinned and easily tanned to the point that he does enjoy direct contact with sunlight, he has hazel (gold-green) eyes that are framed by long lashes and dirty blonde hair, that seems to darken to the base and tips of his otherwise golden colored hair. With a long fringe easily able to cover over the left side of his face but is kept short at the nape of his neck.

Most of the time, he is dressed in extravagant fashion that is very expensive-looking, and quite refined. Usually it is in formal style, at other times, he is more crazily arranged colors like that of the trademark clashing patterns and pretty jeweled/flowered design of that of a circus. As a former inhabitant of a circus for the majority of his life, he is amateur in terms of using makeup, and more often than not, he would make realistic lines over his skin to give a more mannequin-like look to his appearance, like that of the objects of his affectionate obsessions.

⌈Any twisted habits?⌋
He enjoys slicing and cutting up his little.. "puppets" a little too much. He hates anything that is more beautiful than he is, despite his love for "beautiful" things, his habit of slicing and scarring skin and etc. usually does the misfortune upon the victim.He sees everything in the world as "good puppet material", so beware you may be next. Many of his mannequins were once former living things.

TBA, I guess.

⌈Anything else?⌋ Fear your life whenever in his presence. Always. Be cautious. Or you just may end up being a part of his little "entertainment group" at the Theater. Also, he always goes by "Carnieve", it's very likely that practically no one in Wonderland knows of his real name: Alex(andre).

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