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Spencer St. Lawrence

The guy whose likely to be buzzed before he even gets to the party. Yeah. That one.

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a character in “Let The Music Play!”, as played by Artik


Name: Spencer Ethan St. Lawrence
Age: Twenty-Three
Occupation: College student majoring in Psychology. Minor in Photography. Works part-time taking photographs for various magazines, and newspapers. - Though that job is currently on the rocks.

Appearance: Let's see. Spencer stands five foot ten, five foot eleven on a good day. He has a slim, semi-athletic build, with an elongated torso. He is often found sporting simply blue jeans, plain t-shirts, and or plaid button up shirts, and let's not forget his favorite pair of teal converse high tops. However, his new girlfriend has him in the habit of dressing up, something she considers to be a confidence booster. His hair is a darker shade of chocolate brown and his eyes seem to be one of his more striking features what with their chilling icy blue color. He's not the biggest guy you'll see by far, but he can sure hold his own. What he lacks in brute strength, he makes up in speed and strategy - both of which unfortunately are inhibited when mixed with significant amounts of alcohols he's bound to drink. Spencer's tongue is pierced and he's has both tattoo's and scars that stick out against his complexion. One tattoo is scripted along his wrist, and the other across his abdomen.

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Personality: A total smart ass. He'll crack jokes, make second hand remarks, say something playfully sarcastic, or simply snort and laugh at you just for his own amusement. He's constantly grinning, laughing, and smirking. It's rare you catch this guy with a less than satisfied expression. When drunk, he's even more fun. He'll dance spontaneously, make you dance with him, somehow end up with less clothes than he showed up in, and he always, always loses a shoe. All in all, he just loves to have a good time and will do his best to make sure everyone is doing just that. At heart, he's a good, loyal guy, a flirt at times, but a total sweetheart either way. On a side note, being intoxicated tends to make him much more..liberal with which thoughts he simply blurts out, or which girl he stumbles into and accidentally grabs, and or kisses. When drunk, like a lot of people, he'll be more likely to admit things he would normally never admit to. At least, that was the Spencer however many months ago at Tommy's last party. As of late, new Spencer is up to the same old antics, but less on a lighthearted level and more so due to deep, underlying issue.

History: Spencer was born on a frosty and cold December first morning. 3 a.m after putting his poor mother through almost forty eight hours of labor only to turn and fidget like the impatient spaz he is and have to be c-sectioned anyway. His life has been the relatively average just slightly above middle class life. Grew up a good little kid all the way through elementary and middle school. Freshman year was when alcohol came into the picture. Surprisingly, he was on the football team. Back up QB. Get out of class. Go to the celebration parties. None of the responsibility. It was great. Though, having no responsibility left plenty of room for him to enjoy alcohol without many of the ramifications. College came into the picture and thanks to his natural tendency to have a photographic memory, thus no real need to study; Spence transitioned into college almost effortlessly. There was where he met some of his pals, Brad while attending a college party. That's where the chain started. Brad introduced him to Kevin and Mickey. Somewhere along the line he even met Derek, and Felicity. Sooner or later, it was a domino effect, thus, he met Thomas and hence has been invited to some of the most epic parties ever to occur.

Let's cut to the chase here, though clearly Spencer has become more of a drunker, a bit less for fun, and a bit more for need; text book alcoholic. The alcohol hasn't had the best of effects on him either, he's become more defensive in some ways, less likely to open up and talk to friends the way he use to. It's not like his college friend's Brad, Kevin, and Mickey are ever sober enough to notice either. If anything, they'd think Spence has become more fun, allowing himself to 'let loose' and get drunk more often than not. It may be a lot to say that this was all because of him loosing Paula, but it's not entirely false. It started after loosing Paula, and snowballed from their into financial issues. Paying for school, for his apartment, for his car, for booze, all while attending school, attending parties, and trying to hold down his job. Needless to say, one guy can only juggle it all for so long until he's statistically bound to drop something. Then it happened, he made an attempt to go to rehab, to get better. Which he did, but it was short lived. The women who ran the meetings took a special interest in the young man, it was discovered that she went to the same college as a social work major. It quickly became clear that she was the kind of person that felt the need to help every kicked little puppy she could find and she had decided that Spencer was that puppy, and that she loved this puppy. Well, he was more than willing to fall into that role. If it meant someone would take care of him, than why not? Perhaps he even thought he could move on, forget Paula with the help of this new girl, Abigail, maybe learn to love her.

Well, we all know how that goes.

Spencer & Abigail

So begins...

Spencer St. Lawrence's Story