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Lets get right to the point: Secrets

The Real World


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The Real World is a part of Lets get right to the point: Secrets.

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Tarri Uhale [16] Hi! (: *Giggles cutely*
Ennosuke "Cuddles" Fukumitsu [16] "Hey, hey you! M-May have I hug? Pretty please?"
Emily Uhale [15] "Ok, whatever...."
Ansel Rubick [14] "'Stalking' is such a strong word, I like to call it intense 'research on an individual'. By the way, you're out of milk."
James Trigiani [13] "Oh. Have I bothered you?"
Duell O'Malley [6] If dying was so important, I think I'd have a fucking medal by now.-Cough, hack hack-
Inana Uhale [4] ''Why did it happen?''
Desmond Uhale [1] "hello, and goodbye"

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When she heard her mom knock at the door she slipped the razor to deep and started bleeding heavily. "Dammit! Hold on mother.." She yells. She washed off her wrist quickly, from the oozing blood. Though the cut she didn't mean to make keep bleeding out. "Shit.." She whispers. Tarri grabs a wrap from her shelf and wraps her wrist up quickly before pulling her sleeve back down and standing next to her door. "Mother.. We all know that you think of Inana more than us. Its alright, just don't expect me to ever listen to you. I am going out with that boy tonight though. Its been a long time since I have went out and I'm going, whether you like it or not." She declares loudly, folding her arms, her wrist stinging. "Mother.. You were being such a jerk to that man. Thats not out of love. He didn't do anything, hell if anyone did. I did, I'm the one who gave him the hug. And I'm not opening the door." She yells back. Tarri sits on her bed and pulls up her sleeve to see the blood had soaked through. She shrugs then lays down heavily. Plugging in her head phones and turning her ipod touch on. Blasting jazz in her arms she hums along lightly.


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( Sorry, I must have written it before your post had popped up)

The girl and her mother were really going at it. The girl did need a bit more respect for her mother, but then again he didn't know them or how their family had operated. The bloody vomit had drained into the sewer drain. She offered him their bathroom and to call the ambulance.
" Trust me..theres no need for that ma'am, I already know whats wrong..and.." She had stalked off continuing the argument with her daughter. It seemed things were falling apart faster than sugar melts in water. He wasn't needed here, or wanted for that matter. Shaking his head at the whole damn situation he quickly walked inside and washed his face and the inside of his mouth.

He looked at himself for a long time in the mirror, wondering how the fuck his life had gotten so bad. Listening to the aruging he was almost half tempted to stomp up the stairs and get the both of them to calm down and talk to each other like normal people. Hating one another wasn't the way to live life, especially when you don't have much time left.

Infact, he was going to get in the middle of this argument, her mother wasn't going to like it, but she would just have to deal. Whats the worse she could do? Tell him to leave her house? Whiping the water from his face he trotted up the stairs and stopped infront of Tarri's bedroom door looking down at her mother with a sympathic look on his face " Two things..One, tell the ambulance not to come..and two..let me try and talk some sense into her. me I wont rape your kid or steal anything, scouts honor.-