Veri Kappaletta

Veri is a girl, aged 23 who is just a tad insane. A bit of advice, don't lie to her.

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a character in “Liars”, as played by AkeNightingale


Veri is 5' 8" with long, ebony black hair that reaches down to her bellybutton. She is very pale, and has ice blue eyes. She is average build, but also very strong, and you can see that from her ab muscles. around her neck, almost like a collar is a scar that she obtained from her ex-boyfriend who tried to hang her, but failed. It is whiter than her skin, but almost pinkish.


Veri is hesitant to trust people, and angers quickly. She hates being lied to and deals with liars in the most severe of ways. Usually the blood of her victims is put in a vile and placed with all of the other viles.


Veri kills the people that lie to her with a chef knife, and occasionally uses poison.


Veri grew up in a wealthy and powerful family, but her parents were BOTH cheating on each other and created alibis to mask their unfaithfulness. Eventually, she grew sick of the lies and told both of her parents the truth. When she was older, Veri got a boyfriend that was abusive, and took attempts on her life. He, just like her parents, cheated and lied. Veri finally snapped and killed him after he tried to hang her with velvet curtains while she was asleep. She saved his blood in a vile and now kills anybody who lies to her.

So begins...

Veri Kappaletta's Story