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Max Carter

"I'm not necessarily a pacifist, I just don't pick fights that I can't win."

0 · 376 views · located in Topeka

a character in “Life: After Plague”, as played by roomrider




Name: Max Carter
Age: 25
Gender: Male

Occupation: Sales Rep.

Personality: Max is very easygoing and acts care-free. He stays lax on regulations and rules. He's often laughing or smiling, and rarely has a frown on his face. He messes around often but doesn't get himself caught. He can be very persuasive, is good with words, and is a good actor. However, Max does have a bad side to him...

Appearance: Max stands at 6'1 with a well muscled build. He has blonde hair complemented by blue eyes. At the moment, he is wearing camo hunting gear and boots along with a camo boonie hat.

Background: Max was born to two parents, Will Carter and Mary Carter. The boy also had a younger brother, Alex who he was on good terms with. Max did well in school staying between a 3.5 and 4.0 GPA. The "in crowd" was where he was often found despite his good grades. Max and Alex's father would often take them hunting. Max was a crack shot with a rifle and caught himself many a trophy on these hunting trips.

Max graduated from college with a Master's degree and a 3.6 GPA. The graduate then began working as a sales representative at a BMW dealer, and was a very effective employee. When the outbreak of the disease took place, Max quickly got in touch with his brother and met up with him. Sadly, his parents were tooken by the disease. Luckily, Max and Alex had continued to go hunting regularly which meant that they were familiar with their weapons. The two brothers set out in Alex's Land Rover.

Although he is a great shot with a rifle, and just about as effective with a good pistol, Max lacks any real fighting skills. He never learned anything about how to punch or dodge or that sort of thing. The reason is, he's never been in a real fight before, he was either found a way to negotiate out of one or scare the adversary out of it. Although he can act like he is an expert in knife fighting, in reality he's afraid that he'll end up cutting himself.

So begins...

Max Carter's Story