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Sebastian Pherson

A friendly teacher with a taste for the quiet life

0 · 217 views · located in Eronnis

a character in “Life Anew In Eronnis: Chapter 2”, as played by A Rubber Chicken


Name: Sebastian Pherson

Age: 34

Race: Human (Earth)

Appearance: An average height of 5' 10" and bordering on the chunky side despite moderate, regular exercise, Sebastian is every bit the bookworm his students would believe. Appearance is generally very smart, favouring the tidiness of a shirt and tie to casual wear in day to day life. Blonde hair is neatly combed back, facial hair is lengthy but kept trimmed, face is devoid of scars or wrinkles, he is the picture of health, albeit a generation before his time. Atop a small nose sits fashionable, rectangular reading glasses with a colour to match his shirt each and every day.

A month in Eronnis, with a real training regiment and no fast food, has sucked the pounds off Sebastian's once ample frame. His once flabby arms are beginning to show signs of lean muscle from such regular bow practice and his stomach has flattened while his chest has widened. He yet lacks the physical strength of a soldier but his stamina and general fitness is vastly improved since leaving Earth.

He has taken these days to wearing black in an effort to keep from being easily noticed. His boots, his baggy trousers, his hooded, flowing tunic and his long, thick cloak are all black and allow him to move through the streets without being easily identified.

Personality: Outstandingly friendly, unbelieveably trusting and ridiculously bad with money, Sebastian, or Zebbie as he prefers his friends to call him, is a man with many friends. At least, that's what he thinks. His charming antics were perhaps more suited to a more gentlemanly era where politeness reigned supreme and to 'flash your cash' was a sign of success instead of arrogance. As it happens, his trusting nature often gets the better of him and Zebbie ends up befriending, and ocassionally bedding, people with nothing more than his money on their mind. Despite this, he remains unchanged by his experiences, although perhaps slightly more bitter these days and with a shorter fuse than he once had.

Always being willing to help, and to go the extra mile to do it, is one of the reasons he went into his chosen profession and it is the first thing that any of his true friends would mention if asked about his traits. A trusted member of his local commitee for raising charity awareness and a seasoned organiser of fundraising events, he would likely already be teaching at a university level had he concentrated all his resources on getting to that path.

His short time in Eronnis has done much to harden his once soft outlook on the world. He remains much the same person; quiet and reserved for the most past, but he has found strength and resolve he never knew he had and as a result has managed to keep himself from the brink of madness despite severe homesickness.

This is not to say he no longer cares for people, he most certainly does, but he has developed ways and means of hiding any affections, guilt or feelings of ill towards any particular individual. He has become more difficult to read as the weeks progress and, coupled with his many finds and sales in the marketplace of Vestern, he has quickly earned himself a place in the Trade Confederacy.

Skill: Sebastian has developed a number of useful skills during his time in Eronnis, becoming particularly prominent in those he has worked on since coming to Vestern. He has a great eye for rare and useful items being sold in the marketplace and often gets good deals on items he wants to buy, as well as those he sells on a regular basis.

His ability with a bow and arrow, which was his chosen weapon on the second day he stumbled through this new life, is improving but at a slower rate than his companions weapons skills. He is not a bad shot but he is far from a level which would be acceptable for a hunter or mercenary.

His work with magic, however, is exceeding his own personal goals day after day. The scale of the spells he can currently perform is minor but is constantly improving. A wide variety is available to him and he has yet to choose a particular discipline so that he may further his work in this field.

Brief History: An academic seemingly since birth, Sebastian excelled in school, college and university in London. Born to a pair of loving, supporting parents he rarely needed for anything, having his path set out ahead of him. An untroubled life led to a swift move into teaching. He finished his training years ago and worked at a college in an upper-class part of town, teaching rich kids and spoiled brats. Every spare hour not at work was spent with his nose in a book trying to get himself good enough to become a university lecturer in the field of Physics.

But all that changed on a fateful afternoon on the way home when he stopped in at a coffee house to get something to wake him up. On the table he chose to sit at was an old pair of gloves, unremarkable at first. As he picked them up the light caught the palms and his eyes were drawn to hundreds of tiny, shining stones in a spiral pattern on each. After a quick look around to see if anyone had seen him he slipped the gloves into his bag for no reason more than curiosity. The rest of his day went normally until it came time to shut off the light in his study and get to bed. It had been a particularly short winter's day and he was tired and cold, deciding to collapse onto his bed in his undergarments.

After several weeks in Eronnis, many of which were spent on the road, Sebastian has rekindled his lust for knowledge. He has read many books and is adapting well to the rough tongues that he could once barely understand. He is amongst those who long for home, him perhaps more than others. His comfortable bed and coffee-to-go lifestyle haunt his dreams and he often wakes tired and depressed. But as the memories of specifics begin to fade he has found his mind sharpened enough to start branching out into the strange culture that surrounds him. Of particular interest are two subjects: Magic, something which he would never have believed had he never been dragged here, and dragons, for the same reasons.

Now a member of the Trade Confederacy, he also seeks to join the Mage's Fellowship. It is through the constant forging of new contacts that ebastian manages gather such detailed information about his surroundings, as well as the history and myths that seem to blend so seamlessly together.

Item Found: Thin, worn, brown, leather gloves with a series of tiny gems of every colour set into each palm in a spiral.

Affiliation: Currently Neutral

Goal: Sebastian has been dedicated to his studies for more than just mere curiosity, though that has played a major part in the ordeal. His ultimate mission here is to make his way back home where he feels comfortable and life is safe. Research into magic and odd occurances throughout history has, so far, yielded little in the way of progress. He does have a number of vague leads and has chosen to follow them up himself in his spare time, feeling that to share such information may prove disasterous to his own morale as well as those around him, should his attempts fail.

So begins...

Sebastian Pherson's Story