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Captain Loger Kronis

An up and rising star of the Union army who doubles as head of the town watch.

0 · 357 views · located in Eronnis

a character in “Life Anew In Eronnis”, as played by A Rubber Chicken


Name: Captain Loger Kronis

Age: 30

Appearance: An impressive 6' 7", broad and heavily built, Loger did not make it to his title without a lot of work. 3 hours physical training a day in addition to his job have carved his outer body into a shell of solid muscle beneath deeply tanned skin. His form is mostly human, though there are a few differences that set him aside from being pure-bred. His ears, for example, grow into points that stretch back and protrude and inch or two behind his head. His eyes are a bright orange colour that seems to flare brighter in the sun, easily recognisable even from a distance. Below these sits a nose which is small and flat with long, thin nostrils that are able to close at will, giving him an excellent advantage in the trecharous desert conditions. The final inhuman attribute is his hands. They are of normal size but the fingers are much longer than a normal human's, though are not without strength, and tipped in small, rounded claws.

The rest of his features are indistinguishable from any man that walks the streets. A thin-lipped mouth above a solid, square jaw. Thick, black eyebrows. Hair, also black, falls past his shoulders and rests down his upper back in a series of intricate braids which knit together into a final knot just below his shoulder blades.

He is usually to be seen wearing a traditional, casual soldier's dress of heavy leather armour across his legs and torso, however as Captain he is set aside by shining gauntlets of shimmering silver. The rest of his armour is plain brown with the crest of Jarvaise stitched into each garment - Image - and red stitching around the outside. He wears no helmet, preferring the extended field of vision which his sharp eyes can make the most of.

Personality: Captain Loger Kronis, barely thirty years old, has shown outstanding bravery in battle, relentless pursuit of justice on the streets and an infallible belief in the Union. He is a solid, strong, independent figure with unshakable faith in the system. Any and all who break the law on his watch will be punished to fullest extent. He does not indulge in alcohol, he does not partake in smokable goods, he does not allow himself to take part in anything that will lower his awareness. His job is his life and he has been noticed by the highest authority for this. Rumour says he will be the next General in the Union, second only to the High General himself, because of his outlook and attitude. Anything that gets in his way will be dealt with swiftly.

On a more personal note, Loger is not a self-centred individual, nor is he one who will actively seek to right wrongs according to some moral system he adheres to. He is a soldier. It defines him. His concept of good and bad are dictated by the rules which govern the city and he will do everything in his power to uphold those rules. He knows enough of right and wrong to have never taken a bribe and to have beaten to a bloody pulp the men who tried.

Weapons: In a sheath on his waist is a short sword made of the strongest metal available to the city's blacksmiths.
Hung over the same belt is a throwable weapon - 3 chains connected at a single point, each with an iron ball at the end.
Also carries a spear, the typical weapon of soldiers within the city walls.

Captain Loger Kronis is the head of the city watch in Jarvaise. He is a hardened soldier and will not tolerate rule breaking on the streets. If you value your life, you will steer clear of him while discussing or indulging in less savoury activities.

So begins...

Captain Loger Kronis's Story