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Jack Seer

"Is that gold in your pockets or is everyone just happy to see me?"

0 · 193 views · located in Eronnis

a character in “Life Anew In Eronnis”, as played by Jane Storm


Jack Seer

Known as Pitchblack Jack, age 34, this member of the secret-yet-known-to-all guild of thieves is both a patriot and a monarchist. He truly believes in the return of the King and of the old laws along with him, missing the days when he used to make an honest living in robbing the wealthy without much trouble from the authorities.

Now that the Union has control over the military and the guards alike, it’s quite hard for even a good thief such as Jack to earn his everyday lunch and beverage. He had to leave his home in the Southern Baronies as well as his wife and two daughters behind to work in the port of Vestern as a jack of all trades. Because the port is the first dwelling in which every kind of merchandise arrives in the country, Jack had every reason to congratulate himself for the choice.
He’s been on ships, a bag carrier, a construction worker and had done various other jobs as a cover for his nightly routines until he met an old friend that was part of the Rebellion. The man offered him a spot and his unique abilities are until this day put to a good use in the name of the King and its presumable rebels. Jack has his own doubts about the reasoning leading to the Rebellion or its outcome, but the thought of doing something against the Union satisfies him enough to not ask any other questions. He often thinks of leaving the cause, one reason for this being the death of his friend and another the killing. He doesn’t enjoy bringing death to another being, in fact he hates it so much that most of his shots almost never give deadly wounds.

Jack’ s build isn’t exactly strong, he’s more lean than buff and has nothing out of the ordinary in his looks except for his tanned skin (therefore the nickname) and black iris. Everything from top to toes screams “human”. There is always a hint of mischief in the way he looks at you when he talks or in his curved smile and everyone seems to decide in the last moment not to trust him, in spite of his honest words. While agile and flexible, Jack isn’t a ninja. He can’t walk on walls or jump too high, but he has very good reflexes, athletic legs and an unmatched speed when running. He’s also very good at climbing and could probably win a medal at gymnastics if there was such a thing in his realm.
He has full lips and unruly hair which he rarely washes (not a crime considering the lack of indoor plumbing). You’ll be sure to find him amongst the rebels wearing a simple grey shirt with cherry-colored laces on the base of the neck and leather trousers (has two pairs: deep butter and scarlet red). His only pair of shoes is also made of leather and they’re almost weightless, a great item to posses as a thief.

Weaponry: throwing knives which he masters quite skillfully. He hates anything heavy so he doesn’t use any other weapons if he’s not forced to.
Jack’s unique abilities mainly consist of pocket theft, horse theft, house theft, barn theft and anything in between, lock picking and a great adaptability to any kind of situation. He almost never catches colds, which is why he’s the first one to be on guard on a rainy day. His special abilities are his humor and the fact that he never gets caught.

Currently Jack Seer is the leader of a small, yet adventurous group of rebels. There is the cook, a chubby man in his late forties, called Jabba, a cowardly priest exiled for drinking from the elder’s personal wine – Linus, two sturdy farmers – Geko and Karlile and a young boy, Nathaniel who admires Jack greatly and has a big interest in learning his trade. Jack loves to spend the evening with his group, telling dirty jokes and drinking until late. Sometimes he even sets up small plays for their entertainment and is probably the only one of them brave enough to wear a dress just for the laughs.

He met another leader, Rowan the vampire, one year and six months ago when he was out for a little “practice”. The intriguing woman caught him stealing from her safe house on one night and almost killed him in his laughable attempt to flee. Jack joked at first and told her something about his blood being full of vinegar after he mistook one of the cook’s bottles for a strong drink and offered to be her eyes and ears during the day, a decision which proved itself wise. Rowan considered that as a fair trade for letting him live and they’ve been fighting some battles together since then. Because he’s surprisingly skillful, Jack managed to gain her respect, yet she’s still intimidating to him because of her power and her preference for human blood.

So begins...

Jack Seer's Story