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Marlaina Macintosh

A Golem of unimaginable complexity.

0 · 218 views · located in Eronnis

a character in “Life Anew In Eronnis”, as played by MercyKilling


Name: Marlaina Macintosh

Age: 3
Appearance: Marlaina was originally an Mac book pro, swish, sleek and silver, she belonged to a writer called Megan. Now she is one of the most intricate golems to have ever existed, however though she has no owner, her tongue is inscribed with the word Truth, which gives her life. She has ash colored hair made of the finest silk, that runs down past her waists and falls softly against her partially deadened skin. The part of her body shown as ‘Skin’ is made of fine cream porcelain, where as her ‘clothes’ (darker in colour)and hidden body parts are made with one of the hardest ceramics known to man, (zirconium oxide that's been heated in a process called sintering) it is almost unbreakable. Unlike all other golems, she is a hollow structure, filled with wires that both act as muscle and send signals around her body allowing her to sense things. In the center of her chest glows a blue marker where the she placed the artifact she found, searching the Internet with her owner. Her eyes shine light in the dark, but otherwise there is little special about her. She has the fine delicate features of the character in her owners most recent book, that and her name. (Unlike her picture she is whole and unmarred by the passage of time)

Personality: She is clinical, having never had much of a thought of her own before, however she will grow to be sweet and kind. She is utterly truthful, it is written into the code of her being and she has no idea how to lie and could not even if she wanted to. Everything is new, so everything is wonderful and she has never been beyond the walls of her owners home before, nor seen more than walls and a face, she will find things scary and beautiful. Extremely loyal she will stick to someone once she has decided they are friends and will do anything to ensure their safety and happiness, though she has a small jealous streak (mainly for her owners 'personal' laptop). She is extremely naive, having never been anywhere out of herself, the ability to interact, move and think on her own will at first overwhelm her.

Brief history:It had been a pretty normal day for Marlaina, her owner had turned her on at am pretty much the same time as usual and she took a few short moments to wake up, being kept in perfect working order. She opened her lazy eye to the light, adjusting her screen as not to hurt Megan’s eyes in the early morning and started bringing up the pages the young woman wanted every morning at this time. The internet sprung up on her screen, tabs clicking on one after the other as she processed everything in milliseconds, the news, sinfest, hotmail, facebook, radio one and her blog. The day had gone pretty easily, her owner had woken with lots of inspiration, typing away frantically and Marlaina read along, correcting any errors as best as she could and enjoying seeing the book come to life. This was Megan’s second book and both had been written on her, she knew how much of a success her owner was, just by reading the replies to her blog.

Around mid day her owner went to lunch, she sat their happily, fan buzzing slowly to cool her insides, keeping everything perfect, she scanned for any updates she might need, then scanned for anything that might harm her. She stopped, angrily noting that their was indeed something wrong, her consciousness zipped along her wires and feeds to find what it was. Now if she could have blinked, she would have, as it was she paused, staring at the blue blip of unimaginable beauty. Checking her records she saw they had picked it up during research on the internet, not uncommon, but this, this was something different. She reached out to the thing with her great mind an it felt old, far older than any hardware or software she had ever come across, far older than she knew. It did not seem harmful, it was doing nothing other than swirling their and looking pretty, so she bought up the image on her screen, intricate runes glittered in dazzling blue, then finally settled in the symbol for magic, though she did not know this and settled at the bottom of her screen blinking happily like all the other lights.

At her owner leaned back in her chair, rubbing her eyes and Marlaina knew it was time to start saving things safely. Storing them away in her infinite mind. Megan tapped the off switch and she chirped happily a quick goodbye as the world went dark. Sleep instantaneous, she did not notice that the blue signal did not go off with her, but glowed on after she had been shut, spinning the world around her and taking her away from the life she knew.

Item found: The item found is in the form of a tear drop, glowing blue and filled with two runes magic and truth. Though not physical at the time, the item now rests atop her chest, a glowing symmetrical simplification of the teardrop and runes.

Extra:Was a very swish laptop, now is a golem. (A creature created of clay, somewhat like a robot, some can be incredibly simple, others far more complex. They were originally creations of holy people; Adam was a golem to start with! A word or scroll is placed in the head or mouth of the creature and given animation by its controller, which equally can take it away too. There are many stories of golems, going back to the first man and still being told now. The golems can be anything from intricate works of art, that posses great minds (these tend to go mad or fall in love, then go mad anyway and kill people), to menial workers (that can not speak or think for themselves))

So begins...

Marlaina Macintosh's Story