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Life As We Knew It: The Next Chapter

Life As We Knew It: The Next Chapter


"The weather finally broke...for good."

251 readers have visited Life As We Knew It: The Next Chapter since ZoeyAutopsyx created it.

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(I IN NO WAY OWN THIS WONDERFUL BOOK! I simply love this series so much, that I had to build on top of it. For those of you who haven't read the first book, Life As We Knew It, PLEASE take the time and check it out! You will not be dissapointed!)


Introduction -

May 18th, 2010 -
The newsman cleared his throat, like taking an extra few seconds was going to change what he had to say. "We are receiving reports of widespread tsunamis," he said. "The tides. As most of you know, the moon controls the tides. And the moon, well, whatever happened this evening at nine thirty-seven PM-and we don't know just what really did happen, but whatever it was-the tides were affected. Yes, yes, I got that. The tides seem to have swelled far beyond their normal boundaries. The reports coming in are from people in airplanes who happened to be flying overhead at the time. Massive flooding has been reported all over the eastern seaboard. There has been some confirmation of this, but these reports are all preliminary. Sometimes you hear the worst and it doesn't prove that way at all..."

May 18th, 2011 -
It has been exactly a year since an asteroid hit the moon, bringing it closer to our Earth. For a year, people have known nothing but Tidal Waves, Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, starvation, and death. A better life has been rumored to be in the South, where there is food. The electricity works most of the time. There are hospitals and help. But not everyone can get into the south, you have to have connections. Money isn't the currency anymore; food and medicine are.
For the fortunate individuals who do manage to make it to the south, where do they stay? How do they make it there? Only they know.

Appearence: (REALISTIC picture and/or a small description!)
Connections: (How did they manage to make it to the south?)
Brief History: (How old were they when this first happened? Are they only children? Where are they originally from? Stuff like that!)


1. Stormy Beaudonte - PLAYED BY ZOEYAUTOPSYX

Toggle Rules

- Don't just submit a character and never post, the point of this RP is to RP!!! (:
- I want at least a post per week...? That's not too bad.
- This is a semi-lit RP, so don't just put one sentence per post! I want at least a paragraph! Also, please try to spell everything correctly...? I understand typos, but if every other word is misspelled, that's when Google is there to help!
- I don't care if you curse!
- You may submit more than 1 character!! :D
- No killing people unless they both agree, blah blah blah, you know how that goes...
- PLEASE write in 3rd person..I abhor reading "I did this, I did that, I went to the...."
- Hmm. What else. Oh, yeah, HAVE FUN! And PM me if you have any questions! Thank youu. (:

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