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Life at Kōsaten Ryokan

Life at Kōsaten Ryokan


Kōsaten Ryokan is a traditional Japanese Style Inn that is known for its delicious food, friendly waitresses, and its relaxing atmosphere. However, what Kōsaten Ryokan is renowned for is its acceptance of any and all customers. 6 Roles Open!

545 readers have visited Life at Kōsaten Ryokan since Lorrim created it.

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:

image for the inn and idea to focus on the interactions between the workers and the inn's customers were inspired by the anime "hanasaku iroha." character archtypes/names/personalities may come from other anime.



Life at Kōsaten Ryokan, the "Crossroad Inn"

The primary location and main focus of this Roleplay will be the Kōsaten Ryokan, or Kōsaten for short. There will of course be subdivisions of the Kōsaten where the roleplay will take place, primarily the Kitchen, Onsen, Dorms, Workers Lounge, Ōkami's Room, the Entrance, and occasionally the Customer's Room. Although this roleplay takes place in Modern Day Japan, the Kōsaten likes to stay as traditional as possible. Exceptions mostly happen for "Behind the Scenes" work. In other words, any technology that makes running the Kōsaten smoother is implemented, specifically a state of the art kitchen, usage of Cell Phones, the Internet, Computers to organize Customer Reservations, and a Food Elevator.

Finally, to give this Roleplay a "Hook," there is a wing of the Kōsaten that the Ōkami specifically stated that no Customers are to be placed without her direct approval. However, she demands that it be cleaned and maintained as well as the other wings of the Kōsaten. What this means will be revealed as time goes on.

This roleplay is extremely character driven. I purposely left the character personality of the Role's open ended (Only placing restrictions on Sex to balance it out and their occupation at the Kōsaten). As you post more and more, we should see your character being fleshed out. This means that, when you submit your character sheets, I don't want some huge elaborate backstory/history. In fact, if you do include one, please make it a bulleted list, and keep it short and sweet. The only essential parts of your character sheet should be Name, Picture (Anime pictures only. No GIFs, please), basic personality, and character role. To elaborate on the "Basic Personality," write something that gives us a general idea on what kind of character you will be roleplaying.

"Outgoing and friendly, sometimes to a fault." To flesh this character out, maybe at some point, show him/her giving Hugs instead of bowing to the Customers.
"Quite and introverted." To flesh this character out, maybe have him/her stutter during social interactions.
"Team player and leader, but not pushy." To flesh this character out, maybe have him/her act as a mediator when disputes inevitably arise. Or have him/her organize events at the Kōsaten, such as a Halloween Themed Day.
"Aspiring photographer using his/her job at the Kōsaten to fund his/her passion" To flesh this character out, maybe have him/her always carry a camera around, taking pictures of the landscapes when he/she should be cleaning the Onsen.

Skies the limit. But make the Basic Personality something you can stick with and not stray too far from.

Again, to emphasize, I want your character to develop as time goes on, with the interactions at the Kōsaten acting as a catalyst. Use your Basic Personality as a base, and build upon it via your character's actions in your Posts. The more you Post, the more Meat and Potatoes of your character should be revealed.

One optional thing I'm going to add to your character sheet (That I highly recommend) is to include his/her "Mantra." This is to keep your character in check with his/her Basic Personality. To elaborate, a Mantra is a short phrase that your character would think (or even say, if he/she believes it defines who he/she is!) to him/herself.

"Be true, be Real, be the best you can be" This character would probably not lie frivolously, nor will they settle for "Just enough." They will strive to always better themselves.
"I refuse to be in my brother's shadow any longer" A typical Anime trope, but a powerful one. This character's actions may mimic what their brother may have done, but they will try to do it better. Or maybe all their actions, despite being independent and different from their brother, will always have that heavy thought of "Is this something my brother would do?"
"I WILL FIND AND KILL THE PERSON WHO DESTROYED MY NINJA CLAN" This character's actions will probably cause a Shōnen Anime to be made that consists of countless episodes, only which a fraction of which contain actual content. LoL. JK. Please don't use this Mantra.

To emphasize, your Mantra is optional. But I recommend it, to keep your roleplays accurate to your personality. You can even include your Mantra as a little heading in your Posts as a helpful reminder to your fellow roleplayers of what kind of character you are roleplaying as!

OK! Sorry for the wall of text. Here are the available Roles at Kōsaten Ryokan:

The Ōkami: The Owner/Manager of Kōsaten Ryokan. I will be roleplaying her. Her primary role is to oversee her Workers, but from behind the scenes. Rarely will the Workers (except for one) directly interact with her. Out Of Game, I will be using her primarily as basically a God. Specifically, she will be used to introduce Plot Devices, break up/push along interactions that are taking too long or are going stale, and as a way to Write Off people who take too long to Post.

The Head Chef (Male): OPEN
Assistant Chef (Male):OPEN
Ōkami's Son (Male)*: OPEN
Repairman (Male)**:OPEN

*Ōkami's Son is usually the only person who directly sees/interacts with the Ōkami. If you desire this role, be warned that I have high expectations. Shares a secret between the Ōkami, the Repairman, and Waitress #4
**The Repairman is the person who, well, repairs everything at the Kōsaten. He is starred though, because he shares a secret with Ōkami's Son, the Ōkami, and Waitress #4.

Waitress #1 (Female):OPEN
Waitress #2 (Female):OPEN
Waitress #3 (Female):OPEN
Waitress #4 (Female)*:OPEN

* As with Ōkami's Son, I have high expectations for this role, mostly because she shares the secret between Ōkami's Son, the Ōkami, and the Repairman.
Please also note that Waitress #1 and #2 share a Dorm Room. Same thing with Waitress #3 and #4.

A little bit about myself

This section is obviously optional, but if you are curious as to what my background his, read away!

This is my first Roleplay that I am creating, mostly because a lot of the Roleplays out there are either too restricting, or too open ended that it spirals out of control. I wanted something with a happy medium, with a setting I can enjoy. Thus, Life at Kōsaten Ryokan, the "Crossroad Inn" was born!

I am primarily a Table Top RPGer (DnD, Pathfinders, Shadowrun, etc.), so my knowledge is mostly in being a Game Master or a Player Character. Often in both cases, I see that the Role Playing aspect taking a back seat to the Combat and Dice Rolling of Table Top RPGs, which I find is a shame. I think it is b/c I have not been exposed to enough Role Playing. Thus, I wish to hone my skills at Role Playing and Improvisations to better increase the quality of my Table Top Games.

Also, I love Anime (Obviously).

Toggle Rules

1. No God Mode
2. 300 word minimum. However, I don't want Novels. I want good Content, and not Filler. Less is more and all that jazz. Please be Literate.
3. If more than a 7 day period passes since your last post, I will write you off. If you need more time, please send me a PM. I'm super flexible.
4. Emphasis on Slice of Life and Melodrama/Romance. Occasional comedic situations are OK, but the primary focus will be on Mature interactions.
5. You can swear, but do it tastefully.
6. Be nice. Don't be "That Guy."
7. PM me your reservation along with a quick outline of your character, and I will decide if you can proceed to submit a character sheet. Read the Intro for some info on how to structure your Character Sheet.
8. Have fun!

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#, as written by Lorrim
Chirp. Chirp. Chirp.

The sound of the cicadas mixed with the soothing sound of the river created an orchestra of peace and relaxation. Indeed, it was as if nature itself was proclaiming to the world that Summer has arrived in Japan, and it was something to be appreciated.

Well, something that should be appreciated.

For a toddler waiting for his father to finish shopping, the only thing that he was concerned with was how high he can get his rubber ball to bounce. As his eyes followed the ball up and down, something far into the distance caught his eye. Atop a large hill, surrounded by lush forests was a lonely looking building. It looked old, but strong. A building that seemed to blend in with its surroundings, instead of something that shouldn’t belong. The fact that the toddler noticed the building at all is amazing. Unfortunately, with his attention now completely focused on this building, the toddler’s rubber ball was forgotten as it rolled away.

“What are you looking at?” the toddler’s father asked him as he emerged from the store.

“...What building is that?” the toddler asked his father, pointing far into the distance. Arching his neck, the father followed his son’s finger until his eyes gazed upon the building as well.

“Ahhh...That’s the Kōsaten Ryokan. It’s an Inn...a hotel.”

“Hotel? So it’s like that place where you take those pretty women at night?”

The father blushed and coughed loudly, trying to cover up what his son said. The bewildering looks from the old women sitting on the nearby bench proved his attempts were in vain. “N-no, son. Not like those. The Kōsaten is a place where you stay and rest. The hotels I go to, you don’t get as much.”

The toddler simply tilted his head, and shrugged. “That’s weird. Why do they need to go so far up a hill just to rest? Can’t they do that at home?”

The father pats his son’s head and replies “I said that same exact question to my father. He told me ‘Son, sometimes the people who rest at the Kōsaten don’t have a home like you and I do. To others, the Kōsaten is a place to rest your soul.’ I didn’t believe him, of course. That is, until I stayed there myself.”

“A place to rest your soul...” The toddler simply repeated what his father said, not exactly understanding what it meant. “This Kōsaten sounds fun. I want to rest my soul!” the toddler stated, tugging at his father’s sleeve.

The father simply chuckled. “Maybe next time. Daddy needs to save up a bit more money before we can go together.”

“Oh...that shouldn’t take too long, if you didn’t go to those other hotels!”

Again, coughing to cover up his son’s unrestrained speech, the father quickly retorted “Y-yeah! Of course! I’ll stop. Just...uh, just stop talking about it, OK?”

The toddler simply flashed his father a beaming smile, proud of himself for convincing his dad to take him to the Kōsaten. He grasped his father’s hand, and they started back home. However, the toddler turned his head, wishing to look at the Kōsaten one last time before heading home. What he saw instead was a small white wolf, carrying his rubber ball in its mouth, staring back at him. Before the toddler could get his father’s attention, the white wolf swiftly turned around, and ran into the forest surrounding the Kōsaten Ryokan.

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Character Portrait: Ōkami


Character Portrait: Ōkami

"Kosaten above all else"


Character Portrait: Ōkami

"Kosaten above all else"

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Character Portrait: Ōkami

"Kosaten above all else"

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Re: Life at Kōsaten Ryokan

Just wanted to quickly mention this as a fellow Hanasaku Iroha lover, but you don't need the long "Ō" in "Ōkami." In fact, with the long "Ō" it means wolf. You want just "Okami" with a short "O."

Very interesting roleplay, though, and I do respect your philosophy on character's not being written before the roleplay has begun.

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