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Juliette Everett

"Words are such uncertain things."

0 · 491 views · located in Amaroff Theatre

a character in “Life Backstage”, as played by Pazzi



"Being alone never felt right. Sometimes it felt good, but it never felt right.”
― Charles Bukowski



Full Name:
Juliette Elizabeth Everett



Birth Date:
January 7


Front of House/General Organiser

The Talent


With enhanced memory, Juliette can remember great volumes of information, in greater detail and for much longer than the average human. She can read books, listen to song lyrics, encounter people or experience events and recall a vast deal of the details of their experience. In addition, it takes less effort to recall the information she encounter, and she can remember it for longer without having to strain. Also, she can distracted with various things, mainly with people, when it comes to trying to use her powers in a larger quantity.

Juliette is observant and can easily memorize things about people and their quirks. Her control over her emotions is pretty well and it takes a lot to actually make her snap out of any sort of emotion. She is really good with straightforward things like mathematics and her powers enhance her way with numbers. Juliette is very knowledgeable due to her powers and knows all kinds of information for various subjects. Having things organized is something she has always had a natural liking to and it helps her to cope with her powers. With so much information memorized, she get confused or mix some things together from time to time so organizing her thoughts and the things around keep her calm. Being alone also helps her recollect information and memorizing since people tend to make her concentration falter. Her powers also work better when she has more energy inside of her, so she tends to do better with a full stomach and, even better, by drinking coffee and/or energy drinks.

Weaknesses and Flaws:
Juliette isn't good at connecting with people on a personal level and consoling people. She's also never been good with physical skills seeings as her powers consist of storing information, not actually doing whatever she learns. She is also bad at working with people; depending on others has never been her thing so she usually tends to do things on her own rather than work together. Her powers can also cause Juliette to get random head aches through out her week and they tend to be worse when she overexerts herself. When she does get these head aches, it becomes harder for her to be able to remember or memorize things. Her concentration isn't the best either, so she can get distracted, especially when it's due to other people.

Sharing Our Desires


Books | History | Stories | Classical Music | Corny jokes | Helping | Animals | Watching People | Movies | Working | Napping | Movies

Swimming | Being Emotional | Spicy Food | Emotional People | Hospitals | Roller coasters | Sweets

Hobbies: Reading | Gardening | Solving Puzzles

Fears: Enclosed Spaces | Rejection | Drowning | Sharks

There are things that Juliette keeps to herself, either because she doesn't want to bother others with it or because talking about them make her emotional and she doesn't want that. She doesn't like talking about her family, it brings back vivid memories that can cause her thoughts to become a mess. Also, there are a lot of things she doesn't say because she doesn't feel the need to, like her headaches, being sick, or stressed about something.



Special Markings:
Juliette isn't the type of person who would decorate her body with things like piercings or tattoos. They just aren't as appealing to her as other things. That said, she does have one piercing on each of her ear that her mother did on her when she was young that she still open for sentimental reasons (although she really doesn't comprehend that that's why she does it).

Juliette has long brown hair with a clear complexion. Her body is thicker than most (she still can't forget her father saying the reason was "because you have so much information stored inside of you") and she is rather open to the cloths she wears. She can wear something fancy one day and then the next day something more on the casual side. This is mostly due to the idea that if she wears different things, she can appeal and thus get along with different type of people. She keeps accessories to a minimum and make-up when the day calls for it.

Juliette is a self reliant, introvert, and calm person to say the least which can lead to people classifying her as a cold person. Her emotions are well controlled and she tends to be a patient person when it comes to most things. She isn't the most friendliest person out there though. Juliette sticks to facts rather than her own thoughts and opinions and this can cause many conversation with her to scare people away. Talking to people is like a job for Juliette instead of something that comes natural to her. Most of the time, how she talks to people is like her going through a check list (greeting, asking how their day is, nodding, smiling, etc). She is independent and rarely puts her fate or troubles on other people's hands because she doesn't want to bother them. Juliette is a person who has grown into the habit of keeping to herself most of the time. She doesn't like being alone, but it's something she has grown quite used to so she really doesn't complain. Juliette does like being helpful and tries to be more likable; for example, dressing up a bit more, researching the latest trends or something a friend is interested in, and even puts herself out there at times. She tries to keep the people the cares about to a limit, simply because she tends to get attached and her insecurity when it comes to other people messes with her mind a lot. Aside from that, Juliette is naturally intelligent and a very observant individual. She learns things with ease thanks to her powers and notices little things from humans that most people don't. Although Juliette rarely lies, mainly because she doesn't see the need to seeing as she lacks empathy for people, whenever she does it can be apparent because of how little she does it.

When you get to know her, Juliette can be a person that will do just about anything for someone she cares about. She shows her love better through actions rather than words though. Her lack of empathy makes it hard for her to console others properly and react to other people's emotions correctly. If she gets to be around someone a lot, she can become pretty chatty, especially if she is speaking about something or someone she likes or is fascinated about; in this case, she finds that it is much easier to talk and can go on for a quite a bit without realizing she's ranting.

The Past Defines Us


It was obvious Juliette was different ever since she was young. It started out to show little by little, she learned to do things like talking and learning information faster than any of the kids her age at that time. Her teachers praised her, but this caused her to be alienated from all of the other students. Her older brother, Johan, grew to resent her for the attention that she got and would tease her a lot because of it. This caused Juliette to think that her powers weren't all that great to have, so she stopped answering questions at school and pretty much became a quiet child so that people wouldn't notice who she really was. When she was around the age of four, things began to change after her mother began coughing more and more each day until she coughed out blood one day. Only Juliette was there to see it but her mother made her promise not to tell anyone so she didn't. It grew into shortness of breath and wheezing and suddenly she was having trouble breathing. It wasn't until she passed out during dinner that they took her to the hospital only to find out she had a lung tumor. Being ignored for more than three years, the tumor had grown progressively. In an attempt to take it out or at least decrease the size, the hospital decided to perform a surgery in which her lung ended up collapsing. The death of her mother was a bit too much for a kid of seven years of age to comprehend and take in. All she knew was that her mother was admitted into a hospital and never returned and because of that has grown a resentment and fear towards hospitals. Her mother's death was something that left Juliette a little broken; she researched so much things about tumors and made up so many possible scenarios that would've happened if she had just told someone that her mother was in trouble back then. The memories of her mother getting worse over the years still haunt her and much more her own mistake.

The death was hard for the entire family. Her father working most of the time and started drinking whenever he wasn't. He would often not be able to pick up Juliette from school and he would have to walk home. They would constantly run out of groceries and Jonah soon started high school and he used every excuse in the book to stay away from home. He would constantly go to parties and would rather stay with his friends all day than go home. Juliette was alone most of the time or taking care of her drunk father. She got into an university when she was 18 and went through most of it until she stumbled upon a place called Amaroff Theatre. It happened by chance, she was just taking shelter from the rain and was fascinated by the acts. They weren't normal, just like her, and that lit up something inside of her that had been gone for a long time. She started showing up there a lot, which lead to her talking to some of the workers who came to notice that she wasn't normal either. She was offered a job after a while and after consideration, she took it and even managed to get somewhere to stay where she moved in without saying goodbye or where she was going to her father or her brother.

Theme Song:
When I Was Younger || Liz Lawrence
When I was younger
I told my mother
"I say, one day I'm gonna make you proud"

Now that I'm older
It's so much harder
To say those words out loud

You're growing taller
A little smarter
And one day you're gonna leave home
Oh, will you look like your mother's father
Oh, when you are fully grown?

Ooh ooh oh oh oh oho ho...

When I was younger, I asked my father
"Why are we so human?"
Now that I'm older
I think I figured it out
We're just doing what we can

Oh ooh oh oh...

Because I won't
I won't let you down
I won't let you
I won't let you down, oh now
I won't, I won't let you down
I won't let you, I won't let you, I won't, I won't let you down

When I was younger, I told my mother

"I say, one day I'm gonna make you proud"

So begins...

Juliette Everett's Story


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#, as written by Cloud


Date: Tuesday 21st January, 2014
Time: 4.00pm
Weather: Mostly cloudy with a high of 10°C (50°F) and a low of 3°C (37°F)

Before the sun sets Amaroff Theatre usually sits quietly, entertaining the occasional tourist who wonders inside or the odd collection of regular customers. However the day has been a moderately busy one despite the early hour. A number of clients have passed through in need of the theatre's particular offering of skills and a bridal party has decided to make Amaroff the first stop on the beginning of their long night. (Although it's very possible they thought that the theatre was a strip club). Still, it promises to be a lively night for the Theatre.


Dee stretched her arms above her head, pulling herself up in a catlike stretch as she waited for her next client to enter the room. Her ‘office’, as she liked to call it, wasn’t large. A round table sat between her comfortable cushioned chair and the two empty chairs waiting to be filled. A modest bookcase and mirror lined one wall, the other was filled with a large world map that was riddled with pin marks. There were no crystal balls or tarot cards here, nothing that people usually associated with psychics. Not that that was exactly what Dee was, it was just the simplest term for people to understand. Dee’s power was called Clairvoyance, the ability to gain direct information from something through other means. It came in useful when searching for missing items or people, which was what most of her clients came to her for.

A knock on her door brought Dee back to the present. Her head glanced up to watch as an overweight, middle-aged woman shuffled into the room, wearing that guilty look that many wore when they first visited Amaroff. Most people were embarrassed to admit that they were putting their trust into what many believed were frauds. Not that Dee cared. She knew what she did was real and she got paid for it. Screw what everyone else thought.

The woman took a seat, perched on the end, and held her bag tightly in her hands.
“How can I help?” Dee started, giving the woman a reassuring smile. The woman gulped, bit her lip and clenched her hands, but didn’t answer. Dee, already impatient with the woman, had to plaster her smile on her face to keep from scowling. “Are you looking for someone?”
The woman took a deep breath and nodded, before reaching into her handbag and bringing out a small golden ring.
“My husband.” She said, offering Dee the ring. “Will you need this?”
Dee nodded and took the ring, “A name and a photo of him would help too.” Dee suggested. The woman nodded quickly and dug out her purse from her handbag. From the purse she slid out a family portrait. It showed the woman, some years younger and skinnier, with three young children standing between her and a man of average height and build who had the most hideous moustache.
“His name is Terrance. Terrance Donald.” The woman, Mrs Donald assumedly, said. “He’s 57, has problems with his knees and weighs...”
“Thanks.” Dee said, cutting her off, “That’s all I need.”

Dee focused on the photograph for a moment and then closed her eyes, bringing up the man’s image in her mind’s eye. Mentally she repeated his name and at the same time her hand closed over the ring. First came smell; There was a faint whiff of body odour, mingled with cheap aftershave. Beyond that was the undeniable smell of the ocean. Sight and sound seemed to come at the same time, waves washing up on the beach nearby and the soft snores of Terrance Donald, appeared in sync with the sight of the queen sized hotel bed, complete with the portly man himself and a young, half-naked woman who looked barely older than Dee. She found herself watching from above, as if she were hovering somewhere near the ceiling fan. It only took a second to see what was happening and even less for Dee to sense exactly where he was.

Dee opened her eyes to find the woman leaning anxiously forward. She was obviously desperate to find her husband.
“Well..?” She asked, her voice barely above a whisper. Dee sighed; she hated telling people things they didn't want to hear.
“I found him.” Dee replied, pushing herself to her feet and stepping in front of her large map. She took a small pin from the side and stuck it through Terrance Donald’s location. “You’re husband is currently sleeping in Cabin 5 at The Island Resort, Suva, Fiji.” Dee turned to find the woman’s face a curious mask of shock and anger,
“What is he doing there?” The woman asked, expecting Dee to give her all the answers.
“Well, judging by the half-naked girl sleeping beside him, I’d say not being faithful.” Dee replied. She almost immediately regretted her choice of words as the woman’s face turned an unfaltering, maroon shade.
“Do you think this is some kind of joke?” She demanded, lumbering to her feet, “I haven’t seen Terr in weeks. For all I know he’s dead somewhere in a ditch. And you stand there and tell me he’s in Fiji!”
“Believe me. If he was dead, I would have seen it.” Dee replied, struggling to keep her patience with the woman. She’d seen this kind of thing a lot, when people weren't happy with the answers that Dee gave. Not everyone liked hearing that their partner of so many years was alive and well with another man or woman. Many people found it easier to get angry at Dee rather than accept what she’d seen. The woman stormed out. Dee rolled her eyes, at least she’d paid before the reading.

Dee slouched out of her office, letting the door swing shut behind her. Honestly, some clients never appreciated how much energy went into finding their wayward husbands. Dee was exhausted and in need of a drink. So what if it was only four in the afternoon, somewhere in the world it was night time. She made her way into the main stage area where Jonny was currently entertaining an audience with his illusionary magic. Dee couldn't help but notice that the majority of the small audience was female. Shaking her head she wondered behind the bar and grabbed a beer before plopping herself on a bar stool. She spun around so that she could watch as Jonny closed up his show.