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Shae Hayze

I'm sorry... What did you say?

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a character in “Life Backstage”, as played by ChaosxChild13


Shaela [Shay-la] Adrian Hayze
"If you are going through Hell, keep going."


Full Name:
Shaela Adrian Hayze


Twenty one

Birth Date:
June 30th


Shae is the "Medium", her job is to amaze people with her uncanny ability to reach out to the "Other Side".

The Talent


Shae holds seances, spiritual cleansings and helps others communicate with loved ones.
Shea's abilities are:
  • She can view ghosts/spirits of deceased and communicate with them, even if they have possessed inanimate objects/subjects/people. Shea is also able to repel and run spirits away from an area, compel to employ an armada of ghosts, and may even view a visual conception of a spirit world in a trance if desired.
  • Shae's abilities also flow into being able to do spiritual cleansing on people, and places that might be being trapped by a demonic force.
    [*}Shea uses stones, sphere stones [crystal balls], pendulums, proclamations, and her own spiritual energies for anything she does.
  • Shae is extremely perceptive to the point where she herself can become open and allow the spirit of a loved one take over her body for a brief moment of communication between the dead and the customer [ie: the loved one].

Shae has many people who come into her tent and ask her for a spiritual cleansing, or if they might talk to their dead loved ones, she accepts and it weakens her spiritually because she has to spread out her energy and so what she does to avoid that is she uses her stones and other spiritual objects [as listed in her Power section] and their energies to reenergize herself. She meditates every day for three hours, which increases her abilities and her emotions control a lot of her powers, so she has to be extra careful. Shae is extremely perceptive, and open minded. Things people think are crazy, she will believe them, because she's seen some crazy things herself.

Weaknesses and Flaws:
Shae's weakness is that she feels alone. And this makes her detach herself from other people and rarely speak to anyone. For years she had no idea how to even control her power and it took over a lot when she was younger. Seeing death everyday for a young child was terrifying. She would allow spiritual entities into her world that turned out to be dark forces that sent her into a spiraling depression. She's found comfort in her stones however, and it would be awfully devastating if someone were to steal them. Not only that, she is not superhuman because of this, she ages normally, she is a normal twenty one year old girl. She joined the Amaroff Theatre when she was 19, a nervous young wreck who was always messing up and was she's extremely self conscious. Even though she is two years older now, and more experienced, she still gets self conscious and worried about what others think of her.

Sharing Our Desires


Her stones
her dog -- Gizmo, a 80 pound male pitbull who just chills by her side most of the time
being alone
herbal teas

When people ask her things about herself
people who try to call her fake
her irrational, anxious thoughts
knowing that the thoughts probably aren't hers, but someone else's thoughts that are trying to reach out to her.
seeing violence -- her past is the reason she hates violence, if she can try to solve something without raising an inch of her temper, it's a good day.
being cold -- she doesn't like the cold

Shae has a variety of pets, so she ends up tending to them a lot. [She has a dog named Gizmo, a cat named Tiny Dancer and a tarantula named Priscilla]. She also enjoys making jewelry, candles, dream catchers, and other various things. Shae also really likes to read, write, sing and draw or paint. She finds comfort in the arts because she sees colors, and things, that don't exist, but with the right amount of shading and paint, she hopes to be able to capture a small sliver of her world on paper for others to see.
Losing control of her abilities, that she might hold more power than she has already. That her pets will pass, or her stones will be stolen.

She has always been unsure if it was okay to be bisexual or not, so she keeps it secret.
She was in a mental hospital for four years, and still continues to have nightmares and anxiety attacks about it.



Special Markings:
Shae has a lot of piercings on her ears, she has three on her right ear lobe, and two up on her right cartilage, then three on her left cartilage and two on her left ear lobe. She also has a tattoo of a wolf pawprint on her hip with two green wolf eyes peering out of it.

She stands about five foot, two inches and weighs in around 115 pounds. Shae would normally be wearing feather earrings, a white flowy [bohemian] style dress, with a few rings on her fingers, and a brown or blue shawl to wrap over her shoulders. She finds comfort in wearing sandals, or no shoes at all normally. She normally makes her own dresses and clothing out of whatever cloth she can buy.

Personality:/About Me
Perceptive, Open Minded, Intelligent, Spiritual, Emotionally Closed Off to Others.

Due to Shae's gift, she is wise beyond her years, and she is extremely perceptive. Shae is an introvert, she always has been. She finds comfort in animals, long nature/scenic walks, being in her own bubble, reading, writing, and singing. Shae is very into studying, she enjoys studying alchemy [being able to create healing potions, or deadly poisons], astrial projecting [a practice that allows her connection to be stronger to the spiritual realm], and tending to her pets. Shae doesn't necessarily enjoy human contact, due to her history, she's learned that being alone is probably easier because she doesn't think anyone will understand the things that she sees on the daily.

Although Shae doesn't find herself talking to people, she finds people talking to her a lot. Mostly customers, who find the need to tell her their spiritual experiences as well. Her aura brings a certain calmness wherever she may go and people find her comforting to be around. Even though she doesn't enjoy the chitter chatter, she is still extremely open minded to listening to others, because she believes that everyone has something important to say. Shae is spiritual, not religious. She doesn't believe one God is creating all things on Earth, she believes that many different forces are always at work all the time, and Shae -- since she meditates often and is always trying to expand her knowledge -- can almost feel the different forces shift daily.

Shae suffers from anxiety and depression, which is why her meditation and her vices are so important to her; She finds it hard to focus on a conversation for too long because normally something else is whispering in her other ear, or poking her, or just plain bothering her. Shae's gift translates a lot about who she is, and those who understand and are patient might just get her to crack open her shell and be her true self.

Unlike most humans, she does not fear death. She even tells people that if she were to die tomorrow, she would be okay with it. Seeing death everyday has made her less stingy with the idea of leaving and passing into a spiritual realm.

The Past Defines Us


Shae's history is strange. Two years ago she stumbled across the Theater and fell in love with the smokey, dim-lit place. But before she joined though, she was raised by a family in London, who thought her Mediumship was dangerous; she was tested by doctors and given a lot of different medications to "fix" her "vision problem". But after that, her gifts got stronger so at fourteen she was sent into a mental hospital and she stayed there for three years, getting shock therapy and other kinds of "treatment". When the fourth year came around, she finally just got sick of it, knowing she wasn't nearly half as insane as the others in the hospital. She ended up faking her recovery in the mental hospital. Her parents picked her up and brought her back to her old house. For a year, she went to school but she fell into a secret depression, which one night she decided to pack up her remaining things that she might need and began wandering the streets of London by herself, until she stumbled upon the Theater, and her life changed forever.

Theme Song:
Open Window|| MitiS
I'm parading in your eyes,
an open window never lies.
Here, through, take me for granted,
you leave empty handed.
Here, through.

Not forget you.

So begins...

Shae Hayze's Story


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#, as written by Cloud


Date: Tuesday 21st January, 2014
Time: 4.00pm
Weather: Mostly cloudy with a high of 10°C (50°F) and a low of 3°C (37°F)

Before the sun sets Amaroff Theatre usually sits quietly, entertaining the occasional tourist who wonders inside or the odd collection of regular customers. However the day has been a moderately busy one despite the early hour. A number of clients have passed through in need of the theatre's particular offering of skills and a bridal party has decided to make Amaroff the first stop on the beginning of their long night. (Although it's very possible they thought that the theatre was a strip club). Still, it promises to be a lively night for the Theatre.


Dee stretched her arms above her head, pulling herself up in a catlike stretch as she waited for her next client to enter the room. Her ‘office’, as she liked to call it, wasn’t large. A round table sat between her comfortable cushioned chair and the two empty chairs waiting to be filled. A modest bookcase and mirror lined one wall, the other was filled with a large world map that was riddled with pin marks. There were no crystal balls or tarot cards here, nothing that people usually associated with psychics. Not that that was exactly what Dee was, it was just the simplest term for people to understand. Dee’s power was called Clairvoyance, the ability to gain direct information from something through other means. It came in useful when searching for missing items or people, which was what most of her clients came to her for.

A knock on her door brought Dee back to the present. Her head glanced up to watch as an overweight, middle-aged woman shuffled into the room, wearing that guilty look that many wore when they first visited Amaroff. Most people were embarrassed to admit that they were putting their trust into what many believed were frauds. Not that Dee cared. She knew what she did was real and she got paid for it. Screw what everyone else thought.

The woman took a seat, perched on the end, and held her bag tightly in her hands.
“How can I help?” Dee started, giving the woman a reassuring smile. The woman gulped, bit her lip and clenched her hands, but didn’t answer. Dee, already impatient with the woman, had to plaster her smile on her face to keep from scowling. “Are you looking for someone?”
The woman took a deep breath and nodded, before reaching into her handbag and bringing out a small golden ring.
“My husband.” She said, offering Dee the ring. “Will you need this?”
Dee nodded and took the ring, “A name and a photo of him would help too.” Dee suggested. The woman nodded quickly and dug out her purse from her handbag. From the purse she slid out a family portrait. It showed the woman, some years younger and skinnier, with three young children standing between her and a man of average height and build who had the most hideous moustache.
“His name is Terrance. Terrance Donald.” The woman, Mrs Donald assumedly, said. “He’s 57, has problems with his knees and weighs...”
“Thanks.” Dee said, cutting her off, “That’s all I need.”

Dee focused on the photograph for a moment and then closed her eyes, bringing up the man’s image in her mind’s eye. Mentally she repeated his name and at the same time her hand closed over the ring. First came smell; There was a faint whiff of body odour, mingled with cheap aftershave. Beyond that was the undeniable smell of the ocean. Sight and sound seemed to come at the same time, waves washing up on the beach nearby and the soft snores of Terrance Donald, appeared in sync with the sight of the queen sized hotel bed, complete with the portly man himself and a young, half-naked woman who looked barely older than Dee. She found herself watching from above, as if she were hovering somewhere near the ceiling fan. It only took a second to see what was happening and even less for Dee to sense exactly where he was.

Dee opened her eyes to find the woman leaning anxiously forward. She was obviously desperate to find her husband.
“Well..?” She asked, her voice barely above a whisper. Dee sighed; she hated telling people things they didn't want to hear.
“I found him.” Dee replied, pushing herself to her feet and stepping in front of her large map. She took a small pin from the side and stuck it through Terrance Donald’s location. “You’re husband is currently sleeping in Cabin 5 at The Island Resort, Suva, Fiji.” Dee turned to find the woman’s face a curious mask of shock and anger,
“What is he doing there?” The woman asked, expecting Dee to give her all the answers.
“Well, judging by the half-naked girl sleeping beside him, I’d say not being faithful.” Dee replied. She almost immediately regretted her choice of words as the woman’s face turned an unfaltering, maroon shade.
“Do you think this is some kind of joke?” She demanded, lumbering to her feet, “I haven’t seen Terr in weeks. For all I know he’s dead somewhere in a ditch. And you stand there and tell me he’s in Fiji!”
“Believe me. If he was dead, I would have seen it.” Dee replied, struggling to keep her patience with the woman. She’d seen this kind of thing a lot, when people weren't happy with the answers that Dee gave. Not everyone liked hearing that their partner of so many years was alive and well with another man or woman. Many people found it easier to get angry at Dee rather than accept what she’d seen. The woman stormed out. Dee rolled her eyes, at least she’d paid before the reading.

Dee slouched out of her office, letting the door swing shut behind her. Honestly, some clients never appreciated how much energy went into finding their wayward husbands. Dee was exhausted and in need of a drink. So what if it was only four in the afternoon, somewhere in the world it was night time. She made her way into the main stage area where Jonny was currently entertaining an audience with his illusionary magic. Dee couldn't help but notice that the majority of the small audience was female. Shaking her head she wondered behind the bar and grabbed a beer before plopping herself on a bar stool. She spun around so that she could watch as Jonny closed up his show.


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Dark eyes flicker open to a pale, baby blue room with a white carpet. White, blue and purple Chinese lanterns hang from the ceiling and the walls are filled with dream catchers, shelves of meditation stones and spheres; Spread along on the back wall was a large tapestry of all the chakras. The scent of sage heavily doused the air, and soft meditation soundtracks play in the background.

"It's four o'clock and I seriously have nothing to do." Shae says to her cat, Tiny Dancer, placing her meditation stone down. Dancer purrs and meanders over towards Shae's hand, rubbing her face against it gently. Her bright blue eyes follow Shae's playfully. With a chuckle, the medium, stands up from her spot and places Dancer on her bed. She was just about ready to go take Gizmo for another small walk when she sensed something lurking behind the door.

"Come in, don't be shy." Shae felt their energies change, and a scrawny male around 19 stumbled in and Shae sat up a bit straighter, "Come sit..." She offers, placing a pillow on the floor so he could sit down.

His eyes were sunken and red, his face worn, almost like it'd been stretched through a taffy machine. He was about six foot two, and he did not know exactly how to be that tall. His movements were spastic, tired, and strange. He looked as if he hadn't eaten in days.

"Can I help you?" Shae asks, raising her eyebrow, for he hadn't spoken a word yet.

The boy looked up at her, and all of a sudden Shae was sucked into his energies, she felt paranoid, fearful...

"Something's....Following... me and my sister..."

Shae nodded for him to continue, as she handed him a stone, "Continue, but, play with this. I'm going to get you some water." She says, standing slowly and walking over to the small fridge and grabbed a bottle of water.

"It can move objects, Miss... It turns on the oven when we aren't home, so it leaks gas.... It... It..." The boy begins to panic and Shae sits down next to him, opening up the water bottle then handing it to him, "My sister says she can hear it sometimes... Talking... Screaming..."

Shae's eyes narrowed, "Screaming what?"

"This is my house, he tells her. He tells her that either we all get out... Or he will force us out... We tried telling mum and dad but they don't listen. They just don't want to open their eyes," He fiddles with the stone and takes in a deep breath and a large gulp of water, "They don't seem to care..."

Shae smirks a bit, "I understand..." Her eyes flicker back up to the male, "What's your name?"


"Tristan," Shae keeps full eye contact, "You're going to be ok, I just need your consent to clear your house of anything that might be trying to hurt you. Is that okay?"

Tristan nodded his head violently, "Please, he's already hurt my sister... and me..." He rips the sleeves of his dark blue sweater upward and reveals scratches in rows of three. Shae's eyes widen.

"Tristan, I'm glad you came to me."

In a small panic, Shae stood up and strode over to her shelves of stones and pendulums, she chose her strongest amethyst pendulum and her protection stones. She then she grabs a post it note and a pen and sits in front of him.

"I promise whatever happens in this room stays in this room, I need you to write your address on this sheet of paper so I can put a protection shield around your house. Then I'm going to clear your house of all negative entities." Shae talked him through it and he nodded, complying, unlike most of the customers Shae had.

Placing her stones in order, Shae grabs her pendulum and begins the ritual.

"Are there any dark entities living in Tristan's house?" She asks the pendulum, and gives it a swing. Waiting for the swing to become more in sync, it begins to swing up and down [the sign for "Yes"].

Her eyes flicker up to Tristan, "You were right... Let's see how many there are... Is there more than two?" The pendulum began to swing no.

"What's going on?" Tristan asked, his eyes darting from this way to that.

"Well, it looks like you only have one grumpy spirit living in your house."

"It's more than grumpy. It's fucking pissed." Tristan's eyes widened and Shae continued her proclamations, she stated one where she wishes to do the cleansing in private, protected and undetected from anything that might want to penetrate the walls of her office. She also stated another proclamation where she cleansed Tristan of any energies attached to him, and his sister.

"I, Shaela Hayze, with the highest consent, rid Tristan's house of any, and all, entities. May his house be safe for him to walk, sleep, and live in."

Shae placed four stones surrounding the post it note Tristan had written his address on, "I now clear this house for as long as Tristan and his family reside there."

A sudden shift of energies made Shae and Tristan cringe, but then silence soon became comfortable again.

"Is that it.... Is it ...gone?"

Shae smiled, "Trust me, your house is clean. It's a lot more simple than they try to make it in movies. Now... I will keep the four protection stones that are putting the barrier on your house for now, but just make sure to cleanse yourself every once in a while too to make sure nothing follows you again."

Tristan's eyes lightened and curved into a full smile and Shae smiled, knowing he felt the relief of the situation.

"Thank you." Tristan said, he placed some money down on the table and Shae smiled back to him, then he slipped out of her room. Most people did anyway.


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Shae sat there for quite a few minutes in deep thought about the cleansing. After every cleansing she felt a bit weak, sloppy, and tired. A familiar vibration rang through her bones, it was the remaining energies that were left over. Kind of like the shakes after getting a huge adrenaline rush. She took a few deep breaths and began to meditate on her stone, clearing herself of any left over energies, and recollecting her own. When she comes back to herself, her eyes dart around the room one last time, making sure there weren't any more things lurking about. She then snaps her fingers and Tiny Dancer comes prancing into her arms. Picking her up, Shae stands, the jewelry dangling off her ankles giving a soft jingle-jangle. She opens Dancer's crate and places her in there, locking the crate up.

"I'll be back soon, I'm just going to grab something to drink." She says, turning back and striding out of the room. Fixing her shirt, she walks out towards the main area with all the action, just to take a peek and maybe get a little something to drink. As she walks in she notices the normal Happy Hour crew over by the bar. She quietly slips past them and sits down at a table by herself. Shaela stared around, there had been something about a bridal party -- or whatever -- today. The medium always got twitchy when the Amaroff Theater hosted such events, normally because it attracted a bunch of crazy drunks who couldn't afford anything better. Or perhaps they were mistaken, and they were told the Amaroff Theater was a strip club of some sort... Who knows, the crowd the theater attracted was an odd diversity of believers, skeptics and fakers. It was then Shae was taken away from reality as a voice penetrated her thoughts.

Over in Killarney
Many years ago,
Me mother sang a song to me
In tones so sweet and low.

Just a simple little ditty,
In her good ol' Irish way,
And I'd give the world if she could sing
That song to me this day.

The song rings in Shae's ears, the voice of a young girl, as she closes her eyes, a picture begins forming in her mind. The girl is hunched over, underneath one of the tables playing with a ragged doll; she has long red curls and freckles sprinkled across her white frosted face. Her eyes dart up, searing into Shae's third eye and Shae's eyes flicker open with a shudder that tingled down her spine. A wave of sadness floods Shae's emotions, and she looks over to her left. The girl's pale fragile hand is upon the medium's hand. Shae's eyes widen a little as she looks directly at the girl; the young girl's grip tightens, her dark green eyes piercing into Shae's, and her face deforms into a scream before she disappears. Suddenly, Shae's eyes avert towards a female who had been with the bridal shower group, and she immediately took notice of the lady's forest green coat and her long flowing red hair, almost resembling the girl she had just seen. With a shake of the head, Shae decides to leave it alone. She knows she can't help every spirit she saw. Even if they were so young.


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He hadn't started his shift too long ago, and already Lou was getting sick of work. He had eyed a comfortable looking booth every time he passed it, which happened to be a lot as apparently people never got sick of making orders.
At the moment Gideon was debating whether or not he should take a nap.

"Waiter! Over here!" A woman's voice rang out as Lou walked past her table. He stopped, back-tracked his steps, and put on his best smile as he pulled out his notepad and pen.
"Hello, ma'am!" Lou said, desperately trying to keep himself from yawning. Inwardly, Lou wanted to say Hurry up because I have more important stuff to do... like sleeping. but instead the words came out as "Is this your first time being here? I think I'd remember such a pretty face like yours."
The woman scowled at him, which he should have expected. She had yellow, which normally meant the person was optimistic and cheerful, but this one had a bland stingy highlight to it.
Lou didn't get his hopes up on earning a tip from her.

"If you don't mind... Gideon." The woman said, peering at his name-tag. "I don't want to chat." Ah, yes... her voice was just as bitter as her aura. Gideon wasn't fond of dealing with customers like these.
Her emerald eyes glared at him, making Lou feel slightly uncomfortable, and he wondered for a second how such a nice looking face like hers could at the same be so... cold.

"Okay, well... what would you like?"
The woman tapped her fingers impatiently on the table. "A menu would be nice."
Lou blinked, how had he missed that? There wasn't anything on the table except the woman's purse. She didn't even have a glass of water to keep her busy while Lou was off being lazy with orders. Although she didn't seem particularly nice, he felt bad about making her wait like that.

"Ha... right! Sorry about that." Gideon apologized. "I'll be back in a few minutes with with menu." Stupid, stupid, stupid.
The woman nodded and her glare left him as soon as he finished talking. "Get going then, please."

The young man left the woman sitting at the table, but he only walked about sixteen steps before he recognized someone he passed by. Was that... Shae? He took a few steps back and looked at her.
Yep, that definitely was Shae. Sitting alone at a table, very predictable of her.

Deciding that the woman from before could wait an extra for minutes, Gideon slid in to the seat across from the medium and beamed at her.
"See any ghosts lately?" He asked, not completely expecting an answer.


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Her eyes floated around the room, watching people start to pile in as the clock ticked closer towards five. Shae knew the later it got, the crazier the customers got, and the more intense the acts got. Normally due to over consumption of alcohol and over-inflated egos. The drinking crowd had begun drinking, and laughter began to fill the air. Clinking glasses, bits and pieces of conversation floated past Shae:

"I just never would have..."

"... could you have guessed?"

"I never would have...".

The white noise buzzing in her ears as she stared down at the white napkin, tearing a piece off the right corner, and then a piece off the left corner so they match each other. As Shae was lost in thought, and a partial daydream, Gideon came and slid into the seat across from her. Her dark eyes flickered back to reality and she cracked a smirk.

Gideon made Shaela... Giddy? He was precious and she always enjoyed a good conversation with him. He always seemed to be enthusiastic, maybe it was because he was seeing colors all day...Kind of like a natural trip. A super natural trip.

Haha...Ugh, I have got to stop making these terribly awkward jokes in my head. No one else is going to think they're anywhere close to funny....And this is why I have little friends. I'm more awkward than turtles..

Once again the medium was swept out of her little train of thought by his voice, "See any ghosts lately?" Gideon asked, and Shae's hand shook a little as a quick flash of the redhead's face flickered before her and then faded like dust.

"Well, I suppose I have... yes." Shae looked down at the table, fiddling with the white napkin and tearing a little part of the corner off. She looked up for a reaction and laughed -- awkwardly, "I guess, that's not exactly what you were expecting...Most people are pretty shocked when I tell them that though."

Even if they knew her gift.

"So," She clapped her hands together a bit,her rings clinging together and she looks at Gideon, "How's work thus far?"


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Gideon shrugged back in his seat. "Shocked? Me? Nah. Makes me wish we could all see 'em during Halloween or something, though. That'd spice the show up for sure." He said absently, wondering if the ghosts would draw in more customers or scare them all away. He'd be scared, that was for sure.
Gideon briefly wondered if the things Shaela saw scared her sometimes. Certainly being a medium and whatnot was more horrifying than being some silly ol' aura reader, right?
But then again, every time Gideon tried to imagine things from the 'other side', his brain automatically came up with the ghosts from ghostbusters. Of course he thought it would be terrible. Vigo messing things up all the time? Gideon think he'd pass.

It was a few seconds later that he realized he'd slipped away into his own thoughts. Shaela had asked him a question, hadn't she? Gideon probably looked like he had been straight up ignoring her.
"I've only had the urge to brutally murder just two of the customers so far, so it's safe to say work has been good!" If he ever went on a psychotic killing rampage, Gideon was fairly sure that Andy from table three and Elaine from table eight would be the first people to go.
Smearing ketchup on the table and throwing fries on the floor. Were they savages?
Honestly, one would easily think that they were both raised in barns.

Once again Gideon's attention swayed, his focus turning back towards the green eyed woman who didn't seem to be taking a liking to him. From where he sat he could see that she was too busy reapplying her make-up to answer her phone, which was buzzing to life every five seconds. Every time the phone made it's little jingle, the man sitting at the table in front of her would pause mid-sentence until it stopped.
"And Aiden was trying to talk to her, but she just. . ." The man was saying right before the sound went off again. He let out an irritated sigh and, as if it had suddenly pricked him, Gideon felt a slight pang of annoyance.

He shook it off and looked back towards Shae, realizing once again that he probably looked like he was flat out ignoring her. That was the problem with being in busy places, there was always too many distractions.
"How about you? What's your day been like so far?" Gideon asked, trying to make up for lack of attention he was showing her.


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Gideon's shoulders gave out into a shrug as he slumped back into his seat, "Shocked? Me? Nah. Makes me wish we could all see 'em during Halloween or something, though. That'd spice the show up for sure."

Shaela's eyes almost gave a roll, I don't think anyone would want my gift Her eyes avert towards the table, and drift around the room a bit as the small place slowly became more filled in. Not just with customers, but whatever they had following them.

"I've only had the urge to brutally murder just two of the customers so far, so it's safe to say work has been good!"

Shaela giggled, "We wouldn't want you to go all brute about someone spilling a beer."

Gideon's gaze turned blank again, as if his thoughts had just ventured off somewhere far. Shaela knew the gaze, it was one of those gazes that she used often to try to distract herself from the reality in front of her.

"How about you? What's your day been like so far?" Gideon's gaze filtered back towards her.

"I had one customer today," She shrugged, "Nothing too exciting, just ridding of a poltergeist. I'm assuming though I might have more customers tonight. I can see a lot of people with some heavy spiritual baggage coming into this place."

Shaela's eyes flickered over to the stage as she watched Ashton begin to make his way towards it. She leaned back in her chair a bit, flicking a strand of hair from her eyes, curious to see what kind of nonsense the Dreamwalker was up to.

"I see we have our first line of drunken entertainment though." She smirked, chuckling to herself.