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Life in Captivity

Life in Captivity


We are the last wolfpack on earth, but we live a life contained by humans... Will we escape? or be Released? Put to sleep? Or live here forever?

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"We are the last wolves on earth, the last of our kind, we are the Spartan wolf pack."


Life in captivity was easy. Well thats what most wild wolves would have said if they were still alive. We are the last of our kind and we live here in a zoo, where humans watch us daily like bugs under glass. Sounds fun, right? Well we are the Spartans. Thats what the humans called us, because we survived the Great Hunt. Spartans because we fought hard and survived. If your wondering what the Great Hunt was, well it was the biggest hunt humans had ever managed to put together, to destroy all wolves all over the world. Somehow, some of us survived.
There are also different kinds of us wolves here. Red wolves, Mexican wolves, Grey wolves going all the way to Tundra wolves. Like I said, there are all kinds of us left we just stopped counting along time ago.
Anyways back to the point, we're the last. Being the one of the last of your species isn't fun, when your all grouped togther in a small peice of land. The area where we're kept is about ten miles long and six miles wide. Sound big enough for a dog right? But we aren't dogs, we're wolves people! God, to us its like being put in a cage. The humans said they would increase the size of the area when the wolf pack got bigger, well we're still waiting. There isn't a metal fence around us but about twenty or fifteen feet high cement walls. On the top of the walls are humans looking down at us, enjoying the veiw. It's not all cement walls, though. The eastern wall is made of glass. About four inch thick glass, that lets the humans look at us without being mauled.
Oh, I forgot about the food didn't I? Well it's not much to talk about, but I'll talk anyways. The food here is... okay. They serve us a dead deer, or cow that died naturally or was hit by a truck sometimes. Other times they'll just throw in some live domestic rabbits, thinking one rabbit should be enough for one wolf here. There is also a small creek running through the area, and if you don't want to drink from the creek, then you can drink from the bowls of water they leave out by the glass wall. Heres a warning though. Sometimes the humans drug you and take in to do some tests.
Fighting for us wolves in natural of course. The humans think differently. When one of us cause a fight, we get thrown into the enclosed fence. Its about twenty feet wide and 19 feet long. Of course there is a dog house like building inside the enclosed area for us to sleep in. So thats about 14 feet to pace in while the other wolves mock you or ignore you. You also get one rabbit for one day, nothing else and just about two bowls of water.
Humans here are very strict about our health. They do check ups once or twice a week. Sometimes when they feel like it, they give shots that make us... not so energetic and take us on walks outside the containment area. Not all us wolves like being touched by humans or get needles stuck into their fur to see if their fine. We wolves aren't perfect, and so we get into fights sometimes. The humans, of course dislike this and take us in every time we fight. By take us in, I mean they drug us, take us into the lab and check our bites marks, bruises, and see if they can fix it.
Well thats most of it. Life here pretty much suck... Well at least for some wolves... What about you? What do you think of life in captivity?


Alpha Male:: Talon
Alpha Female::

Beta male:
Beta Female:

Gamma male:
Gamma female:

Lead Hunter:

Lead warrior:

Pup sitters:




Now I know we are wolves in captivity but we still have ranks. If we didn't then there would chaos around here. I also know there hunters, and warriors in the rankings, but what would we do without them if something random just happened? Yeah we would have problems without warriors and hunters if we were suddenly released.


Rank wanted:: (I will determine if your right for the job)
Personality:: (more then a sentence)
History:: (optional)

- No fighting in OOC
- Limit the cussing
- Post every other day if you can
- No powerplaying
- No godmodding
- The wolves can't escape on their own free will... If this roleplay works out fine then I might add a sequel to this about them being released.
- I can and probably add more rules later
- Have fun!!!!!

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Talon walked over to the creek, and sat down. He was wondering if the other wolves were okay, which was his usual thoughts. He was an Alpha so he always thought about the others first. He lapped up some water then walked back over to the clearing area. The area where the humans could clearly see him from the top of the concrete wall. He sighed, then lied down on the ground watching them, watch him.


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#, as written by niykin
Asmuru stumbled over him self as he reached Talon he sat down in the grass near the creak looking up at the alpha
and smiled "Hi" he tried to look happy


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As Adolpha lay, she couldn't help but look at her paw. She had hurt her arm a while ago, yet it still hasn't healed. The humans would come out and fix her bandages every few hours or so, which was quite annoying. She saw Asumuru walk over to Talon, then she wanted to join their conversation. She tried to get up and walk, but the humans gave her somthing that would numb the pain so it was hard to walk.


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Talon looked at Asmuru and smiled. "Hey Asmuru, what are you doing?" His golden eyes shined a bit brighter as he looked at the young wolf pup.


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She carful got up, and walked away from the two talking. The humans started to form at the top of the concrete, and she walked into the little stone hut that was used for the water bowls.

"Why do they come to see us? We don't change, and there's nothing of interest to see. I just don't understand them." She said then laying down to drink from the bowls.

"I miss the forest and snowy hills, but mostly the fresh water. Thisdoesn't taste fresh." She said pushing the water bowl away, knocking it over. She walked past the food bowl to lay down on a mat that was placed there. She sat down and slept.

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I will not fail to save the other wolves
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