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Kaiya Amarante

"I'm not some little girl you can just push around."

0 · 763 views · located in Japan | Tokyo

a character in “Life is a Big Great Paper”, as played by angelwolf123



"Oh, uh, (how many people are reading this?) am I supposed to say something? Ack, well, WORDS HERE. Yeah."

B A S I C - I N F O

Full Name
Kaiya Amarante

Nickname/ Pen name/ Alias
โœ PRINCE- Yes, romanticized to all-caps. The reasoning for this is that she is rather aloof towards her fans, but is known for being protective of them (for example, instead of writing about herself in the extra panels, she will give advice and tips on how to stay safe, and so on). Her growing fanbase started referring to her as their "prince" (especially after seeing Kaiya's photos), and the name stuck.



"If you're breathing I don't like you."
Heteroflexible. She would be open to a relationship with a girl, but has never actually tried it before.

Face Claim
Shinobu Wakamiya from Chihayafuru.


Five feet, five inches. Kaiya likes to pretend she's taller than she actually is.

One-hundred and twelve pounds.

Eye color
An almost metallic blue.

Hair color
Pure black.

Kaiya has a small frame, but she's skinny. This goes hand in hand with the fact that she is incapable of feeding herself, and lives most of her life curled away in some dark corner.

Preferred Clothing
Zero fashion sense whatsoever. Basically, if one opened up her closet all they would see are a variety of overlarge t-shirts for sleeping, track suits for lurking hanging out inside, sweat pants/ sweatshirts, and normal t-shirts and jeans for going outside. She has some long-sleeved shirts for the winter, and when it gets cold her typical response it to just layer it up, and pile on the scarves. Yup. That's pretty much it; Kaiya doesn't own blouses or skirts or anything similarly fancy or dressy. The only exception would be her formal kimono given to her by her sister, and that's all.

If you met her under normal circumstances? Cold and regal ice-queen.



โ†ณ Lurking | Due to the overabundance of invisible furry side-kicks she keeps trapped in her room, Kaiya will only go in there to sleep, or if she needs to retrieve something. This means that she resorts to finding niches and other hidden, tucked-away areas of the house. Kaiya's current favorites are the laundry room, under the kitchen table, and next to the vending machine on the second floor. But those aren't the only places. She could literally appear anywhere at any given moment.
โ†ณ Hissing/Snarling | If interrupted in the middle of drawing an intense scene, suddenly shined light upon, or surprised in general while "lurking" somewhere, Kaiya will immediately begin hissing and snarling on reflex, and may possibly speed-crawl away if there is an appropriate opening.
โ†ณ Everything is a Snack | Kaiya always has to be doing something while she eats. So, even if she dragged an actual meal to her working area, it would be cut/broken into pieces before hand so she can easily shovel/pop it into her mouth as she sketches. This habit of breaking up all of her food before hand applies even when she's not working, so if she's eating normally with people it can stand out a little.
โ†ณ Princely Demeanor | Kaiya is not an ice-queen as some may think; under the many layers of introvert you would find she is actually a prince! When the situation demands it, she would feel compelled to protect anyone in need, hold open doors, pull chairs out, lay her jacket on a puddle, kill spiders, and so on. Once she actually interacts with them, Kaiya will treat every girl as if she were a princess... and every guy, too! However, she's not a doormat. If someone proves themselves to be a nasty person, then they can just forget it.
โ†ณ Natural Beauty | Kaiya has been blessed with natural beauty in abundance. This is especially fortunate considering that she has doesn't know jack about normal girl things like makeup or planning outfits. Then again... it could also be the reason for that as well. Kaiya never learned those things because she never had to. Her face never needed any additional make-up, her skin stayed clear on it's own, and her hair just always seemed to fall into place by itself.

โ˜‘ Anything cute
โ˜‘ Vending machines
โ˜‘ Cramped, dark spaces
โ˜‘ Drawing
โ˜‘ Protecting people
โ˜‘ Midnight snack runs
โ˜‘ Other weirdos

โ˜’ Driving
โ˜’ Lies, being tricked
โ˜’ Bright lights
โ˜’ Social interaction
โ˜’ Shopping

Flaws/ Weaknesses/ Fears
โœ— Kaiya is a prince in every way except the charisma. She is socially crippled, and for all her beauty she is literally unable to interact normally with people. She can't do small talk, can't maintain an average, healthy friendship, is afraid to talk to cashiers, and an abundance of other real-life tasks.
โœ— Her lack of regular teenage experiences sometimes makes writing shoujo more of a challenge than it needs to be.
โœ— If put in a tight spot in front of many people, or cornered into a high-pressure social situation, Kaiya will freeze up, and she will have a full-blown panic attack. It is entirely possible that she may faint and/or throw up.

Introverted โ–ช Strange โ–ช Honest โ–ช Kind โ–ช Cunning โ–ช Determined

Kaiya is basically a hermit, though she has a lot of ways that can mislead a person into thinking otherwise. It's just a manipulation of the first impression. Kaiya is a quiet, dignified human being who rarely bothers to talk with other human beings. To strangers, she has a cold, frigid attitude that's hard to crack without the right circumstances. This makes Kaiya seem like some sort of calm, sophisticated person, but she most certainly is not. This young "lady" actually has a lot of social anxiety to go along with her introversion. It's not so much that she's shy; that makes it seem like Kaiya is nervous about how people will perceive her. Rather, just the act of having to interact with other people is extremely painful and emotionally draining, so she avoids it as much as possible. Think of it this way; what if the one thing you hated and were horrendously bad at, was the one thing that you were expected to do every single day?

Do to Kaiya's inability to communicate effectively, she has learned from experience that the only way to get her point across to others is to say things as bluntly and straightforward as possible. Subtley is not this woman's strong point, and I suppose that contributes to her social inadequacies. She is basically incapable of lying, even the helpful white lies that make people get along better are past her. While disdaining most social interactions, if Kaiya feels strongly about something she is not afraid to voice her opinion flatly. She has a protective soul, and that's where her "princely" side comes in occasionally, regardless how out of place those gentlemanly actions are or how awkward they could make a situation. Kaiya has no sense of timing whatsoever, and is typically unable to read moods beyond "normal", "oh no someone's crying", and "wow those two should date".

While preferring a solitary life, sometimes Kaiya will be compelled to step out of her comfort zone. This will typically be caused by one of three different things. One, someone is in trouble and needs her help. Unless this person is someone Kaiya actively hates or her BS detector is going off, she will step in to help without fail regardless of circumstance. Two, she has just met a person she wishes to become friends with. While unable to befriend normal, sane people, there is a distinct possibility of Kaiya forming friendships with other weirdos. Oftentimes she will see someone who's strange traits would be deemed freakish by others, and be charmed by them immediately. Three, her manga can sometimes suffer from her lack of social experience, so sometimes Kaiya will force herself to go out and try to re-create the feelings of her main character, or purposely place herself into a certain situation to see how it would play out in real life, then apply it to her manga to make it more believable.


Educational Background
Kaiya grew up on a small town on Kyushu's countryside, living there throughout elementary and middle school. She had extremely good grades until her family moved to Tokyo for her older brother's college and her father's work. In high school and severely disturbed by the sudden shift in environment, her grades plummeted, but were saved by her enrollment into a cram school. It was drawing manga that got Kaiya through the difficult shift in environments, and it was during that time her manga career first took off when a contest-winning one-shot of hers got published in their local shoujo magazine. Since then, Kaiya has apprenticed to an established, well-known mangaka as a part-time job throughout the rest of high school and beyond. During that time she has published several one-shots until one managed to catch a significant amount of interest a year ago, which earned it a serialization a year ago.

With her career on an uphill, Kaiya decided to work as a mangaka on her own, moving into the manor. She's currently debating if she should start attending a university.

Known Language(s)
Japanese, of course. That's it, except for the rudimentary English that she was required to take during school. Kaiya's passable, but not great.

Opinion about ability
Kaiya likes her ability very much, purely because the things she tends to draw are positive and friendly. However, since they are so nice she can never bring herself to "kill" them, and has a bad habit of letting them run rampant. However, she is a shoujo mangaka. Mostly it's just couples that come to life, and they don't do much harm. However, the fuzzy animal heroine sidekicks are a little difficult to control, so Kaiya keeps them locked in her room most of the time.

The exception to this would be the one time Kaiya accidentally animated a monstrous "doodle" when she was 14. Given life by her feelings of resentment and hurt, the monster hurt and possibly would've killed her little sister if Kaiya hadn't dumped water on it at the last second. That wised Kaiya up to the potential dangers of this ability, and while she isn't so concerned about her own drawings, she is very wary of the creations of others.

Kaiya's parents still live in Tokyo to this day, while her older brother, who has graduated college, works at the Japanese Embassy in America. Kaiya doesn't have a lot of contact with them except for family gatherings on holidays. However, she remains close to her younger sister Shiharu who is seventeen and goes to high school nearby. They see each other on weekends, and Shiharu (who is far more successful on the social scene) is constantly fussing over Kaiya's appearance and pushing her to make friends and take better care of herself. Should be the other way around, huh? Not only that, but Shiharu is someone who keeps Kaiya in touch with her writing demographic, and Kaiya frequently consults her opinion of manga ideas.

So begins...

Kaiya Amarante's Story