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Ayami Mashiro

"W-who me? Nah... I'm nobody special, you must be mistaking me for someone else haha! Oh no worries... I, ehm, get that alot, trust me." WIP

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a character in “Life is a Highway”, as played by Another Lie


Living up high and mighty in the eyes of the people... it can make you feel like the lowest of the low when you look in the mirror.


The bubbly, "other" neighbor girl with a past that she'd rather keep a secret.
Kisaragi Attention ~ Jubyphonic Cover ~ Guitar Outtake

Her father calls her Aya as a sort of pet name. He's the only one who calls her this since Ayami's sister and mother passed away. In what she refers to as her "past life" she went by the moniker of "Ayamashi". As a final note, while not really a nickname, Ayami has a fake name that everyone in town knows her and her father for, that name being "Ayami Tsubasa", she keeps her real surname a secret out of fear that someone might recognize her past self by it.

Recently turned 16.




Hair Color
Once it was a very dark shade of brown, however she has dyed it a vibrant orange in order to further segregate herself from her previous identity.

Eye Color
A bit of an oddity, their most frequent color is a dark chocolate brown, however under certain lighting they can appear to be a brighter shade of orange and sometimes even red. This however, is just a case of angling and area lighting, but even still it is a relatively unique feature that defines a part of who Ayami is.

Skin Tone
Fairly fair, though she has a sort of creamy complexion. Her cheeks often turn a bright shade of rosey red when she is embarrassed or angry. Two states which she tends to enter into a little bit more often than she would like.

Slim and holding a build that most would consider "cutesy". She isn't very tall and she doesn't consider herself to be overly "womanly" in figure. But in the end she's appreciative of her looks and she's well aware that more than a few guys would probably be with her if she gave them a chance... not that she'd ever consider doing that, that is. Romance is way too complicated... and complication is exactly what she's trying to get away from.

Romantic Interest / Crush
??? (TBA)

Hobbies and Activities
Singing: Up until roughly six months ago when Ayami and her father changed their names and moved to the small town where they now reside, Ayami was known as the famous up and coming idol, "Ayamashi!" however, the deaths of Ayami's mother and sister due to circumstances she doesn't like to discuss... as well as the stress of an idols life in general, caused her to retire early and try once again to live a normal life. She still however, adores singing and tends to do it in private or in the sole company of her father so that nobody recognizes her voice. If people figured out that she was an idol (a popular one at that) then her fans would swarm her small town location and royally mess up the new life she has spent six months establishing.
Running: Sometimes Ayami is happy to, at completely random times of day and/or night, to get up, leave her house and start running around town, be it through the park, the school grounds or through a crowded market street, Ayami will put her feet to the ground and run as fast as she can just to feel the wind rush through her lungs.
Video Games: Ayami has never liked the idea of being some princess in a castle, or some precious little object to be protected and held... but her life with a doting father and as a public idol often made her feel like that was the impression she gave off. As a form of solace and escape from that life style, Ayami found video games. Be it putting on a red cap and beating a big turtle like dinosaur to free a princess dressed in pink, donning a green tunic and travelling the land to find some golden triangles or suiting up in some orange power armor and fighting some brain sucking aliens with various space age weaponry... Ayami loved every minute of every adventure she had in the virtual world and to this day she loves to just sit down and play games on lazy days.

✔Hanging out with friends like a normal teenager.
✔Singing her heart out.
✔Running like she just can't stop.
✔Video games, adventure games and RPGs in particular.
✔Sweets, she'd eat them all day if her teeth didn't rot.
✔Dancing like an idiot to the sound of any music at all.
✔Spending time with what little family she has left.
✔Having a well earned sleep after a long days work.
✔Hugs, she loves hugs.
✔Competition, she's always up for a little bit of friendly competition.
✔Light, she loves it when everything is nice, bright and happy.

✘Being stalked, noticed, threatened, awed over, etc. by her old fans.
✘Having to change her name and live in hiding.
✘Small spaces, being confined.
✘Spicy food that hurts her tongue.
✘Getting embarrassed or angry a little bit too easily.
✘Talking about her past, especially her sister and mother.
✘Over sleeping and missing out on perfectly good sunlight. (Especially on school days.)
✘Prudes, honestly some people are just too close minded for her tastes.
✘Pessimists, she thinks its foolish to complain about how bad the world is when all you do is look at the negative and make no effort to change anything.
✘Dark, Ayami's always had an irrational fear of the dark.

Charismatic: With a voice that could soothe a raging bear to sleep, a cute face that most people find it very hard to say no to and a natural charm that just persists in everything that she does... Ayami is very good at being influential and getting what she wants. She can convince most normal people to do all kinds of silly things for her if she asks nicely enough. She can get most boys, specifically, wrapped around her finger with a little bit of charm and tact... but well, she doesn't often use this charisma for anything major or important... she feels that manipulating people is horrible and she hates doing it. Not to mention that at the end of the day all it is is charm and as such not everybody falls for it so easily.
Abnormally Strong: Anybody who underestimates Ayami in terms of physical strength due to her being female is in for a nasty surprise. She can beat most of the guys she meets in arm wrestling and her left hook might as well be a deadly instant knockout. Nobody quite understands why Ayami is as strong as she is, heck she doesn't totally understand it much herself, but as far as she is concerned it's a nice bonus. (Well she suspects she got the strength from pushing paparazzi out of the way and wading through pools of fans, though she'd never say that openly.)
Strong Hand-Eye Coordination: Video games and dance routines have boosted Ayami's hand-eye coordination to monstrous levels, she doesn't tend to use it too often, but this talent has proven itself useful in the past. Especially when it comes to things such as aiming, catching, throwing, punching, etc. This combined with her strength has led to several offers from many of the sports teams that exist at the high school she attends... though organized sports have never really been her thing, so she has turned down every offer thus far. Not to mention being a sports star might just draw a little too much attention to her day to day life... somebody would definitely recognize her eventually.

Her Past Self: If someone were to find out about Ayami's past life as "Ayamashi!" then that person would be in a very good position to manipulate Ayami. She's desperate beyond everything else to keep who she used to be a secret from the world, so the knowledge of who she once was could be considered a huge weakness due to the extreme potential for blackmail that that information carries.
Her Family: Be it her deceased mother and sister or her struggling single father, Ayami does not take well to people talking ill of or threatening her family. Speaking badly of them is a surefire way to get her angry and riled up whereas placing a threat with enough evidence for Ayami to take it seriously is yet another way to frighten and manipulate the young ex-idol. She values her father a great deal and the idea of someone hurting or, God forbid, killing him, frightens her to no end. She doesn't want to be left alone and so far over six months living in town she hasn't made any close friends (there are of course, the neighbor kids, the Minami's, but as of yet she hasn't really talked to them all that much) ...her father is all she has left and as such he means the world to her.
Self Doubt: Even as an idol, Ayami never understood why she was so popular. She looks herself in the mirror and the only thought she can think is "nothing special", she doesn't like compliments as she feels like they're always almost certainly lies or flattery... she acts very self confident and almost arrogant in front of other people, but beneath all of that she feels like she just isn't good enough to do anything worthwhile except stand up and sing with a pretty face and a false smile.

Lack of Intelligence: Ayami isn't stupid by any stretch of the imagination... but she definitely isn't some super intelligent brain box. Science makes her scratch her head, philosophy seems like alot of bother for little to no reward, math just goes right over her level of understanding, advanced language makes her brain spin... as one might expect her grades are most certainly not spectacular... but she tries her best and manages to pass her core subjects... barely.
Too Nice:Ayami is hopelessly sympathetic and caring and often sticks her nose into other peoples problems more than she should just because she wants to help out. While an idol she would stay up all day and night just so she could individually answer every piece of fan mail and visit every sick kid who wanted to meet her. She cares too much for too little reason and while this makes her a better person morally and socially it really doesn't do her any favors when it comes to dealing with her own problems.
Easily angered and embarrassed: "The red faced curse" as she calls it, Ayami is too easily embarrassed and will turn bright bright red from any silly thing, like making a slight fool of herself, saying embarrassing things by mistake or generally doing something cringe worthy. This embarrassment if persistent can quickly turn to anger and aggression... something that can be somewhat dangerous when one considers Ayami's left hook's strength.


Dialogue Color = #DF7401
Face Claim = Momo Kisaragi - Mekakucity Actors / Kisaragi Attention / Otsukimi Recital

I don't feel like I really made it clear enough... but it's important to note that Ayami's favorite sport is running. If she didn't dislike organized sport she'd probably be on the track team.

So begins...

Ayami Mashiro's Story


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"Ay... an..."

A single familiar and soft voice rang in Ayami's ears... however, she wasn't really in the mood to hear it. The sunlight was streaming in from the window and hitting her in the face as she lay tiredly in bed. She had been up all night playing video games... a foolish decision really, but she was so dang close to beating that one level that she couldn't resist playing until she finished it!... and the one after it... and the one after that... gah, she had really messed up.

"Aya-chan... come on honey it's time for school. For both of us. Now get up, you're already terrible in terms of grades so sleeping in won't exactly help you."

Her father was sitting on her bedside then. She grimaced, cheeky old man... who did he think he was? She hated sleeping in anyway, so she hardly ever did it, not to mention the fact that she was very well aware of her falling grade point average... but it's not like she hadn't been trying to improve it at all during the Summer! Sure, she had taken her time to relax like any good, normal high school student would... but it's not like she hadn't opened a book to do some equations... you know, once or twice, or maybe just once... eh she couldn't remember.

"Neh, neh Otōsan... five more minutes. I need my beauty sleep." Ayami replied to her father dismissively as she snuggled into her pillows and began to flutter her eyes shut once again, however as she did so she swore she saw the glint of a devilish smile on her fathers face.

"Oh Aya-chan... I wouldn't worry, you're plenty beautiful already! Not then... up you get!"

In a cruel move on her fathers part, Ayami felt a pair of warm hands shunt her half-sleeping back. Just like that she was knocked forward, rolling haphazardly out of the bed to hit her wooden bedroom floor with a thud. She lay there for a few moments before smashing the ground with her fist and groaning loudly.

Seemed like it was time to start her first full year as a perfectly normal high school student. To be honest, she would have been lying if she said that the didn't at least excite her a little bit.


Sitting at the breakfast table, Ayami and her father, Kosetsu, were both dressed for the day ahead... she in her school uniform and he in his smartest shirt and lab coat... a text book tucked firmly under his arm. Between bites of toast the older man spoke to his daughter.

"Remember that this weekend you're joining my extra classes... I know you didn't have long in school the first time around... I know we've only been here for six months, but you need to get your grades up."

Ayami sighed at her fathers words. She just nodded, she wasn't happy about having her father tutor her, but she knew it was necessary. As the two finished breakfast they rose from the table proceeded to the door and exited outwards to stand on the front porch.

"Ayami... one more thing." In response to her fathers voice, Ayami stopped moving and listened. "I know you've been finding it hard adjusting... we both have, but I want you to make a serious effort to make some friends this year alright? Maybe with the neighbor kids? They have a son and daughter around your age... and I'm almost certain that I'm teaching their youngest son this year. I mean we've been here six months, I'm surprised you aren't already close friends with all of them."

Ayami frowned. "I just haven't ended up in a situation where I've really gotten to talk to them... that's all..." Kosetsu looked away for a moment as if thinking, before grinning and sprinting to his car, taking Ayami by surprise as he got in and started the engine.

"W...wait! Otōsan! You've always driven me to school! I don't know my way there walking!"

Kosetsu didn't say anything, instead he pointed with a bored expression to the Minami household and drove off, leaving his daughter in the dust.

Ayami's eyes widened as she realized that her father was using this abandonment as a method of forced interaction between the neighbor kids and herself. He had literally left her with no choice but to either rely on them, or be VERY late for her first day of school. With a desperate expression she looked around helplessly before sighing and flopping down to sit and wait for the Minami's on her porch step.

It would seem that no matter where she lived or what happened, her father was always her father. That was comforting in a way... but as she had just realized it could also be incredibly awkward.


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#, as written by Keen
Haruka Minami

'Ow... My neck...' As consciousness slowly returned to young woman of the Minami house, her first hazy thoughts were of the startling discomfort she felt. Despite this, she didn't feel all that motivated to actually get up, being in the fuzzy half-awake state she was in, sleep took priority over alleviating whatever this discomfort was. Satisfied with this line of thought she resigned herself to a few more minutes of sleep, but as luck would have it a gust of wind swept by nearby and elicited a high-pitched cacophony of windchimes that put an end to the girl's sleepy morning.

With a groan and no small amount of pain Haruka sat up, vision blurry as her eyes blinked open, her vision becoming clearer with each opening and closing of her eyes. It all started to make sense now, why her neck hurt and why she felt so uncomfortable, she had fallen asleep at her desk. With one hand reaching up to rub the back of her neck, the other reached down to flip closed the notebook that had served as her pillow. Apparently a bit of late-night inspiration had struck the girl.

With an exasperated sigh Haruka made for the bathroom to begin the usual morning rituals, hoping to get there before the rest of her large family did. As she returned to her room to get dressed, she remembered, 'Oh yeah... New school year...'. With a slight grimace she picked up the school uniform that was hanging up in her closet, muttering to herself, "Ugh... Skirts..." With another sigh she donned the outfit in preparation for her 2nd year of high school.

Still rubbing at the back of her neck, she made her way downstairs towards the kitchen, giving her parents a wave as she passed by. She hadn't seen any of her siblings up and about yet, and so she went about just preparing a slice of toast for herself before heading out the front door to stretch and take a deep breath of morning air. As her gaze wandered, she spotted the neighbor-girl... 'What was her name again?'. Pondering this question she reached up and scratched her head, finding herself absent-mindedly staring over in her direction. 'She's pretty cute.'

"Yo!" She began making her way across the porch and closer to the girl she called out to her with a wave. "Morning." With a small but sincere smile she greeted the girl next door, still munching away at the remnants of her toast as she wondered to herself what exactly she was doing sitting alone on her porch.