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Haruka Minami

"You don't know me at all."

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a character in “Life is a Highway”, as played by Keen


Haruka Minami

The BasicsImage

Full Name:
Haruka Minami

Friends and family often shorten her name to Haru-chan

Youngest daughter of the Minami family



Face Claim:
Ritsu Tainaka

On The OutsideImage

Height & Weight:
5'6" & 127 lbs.

Haruka stands at an above average height and possesses a fit and slim thanks to her time spent playing tennis for the last several years, and she's a bit lacking in womanly curves, particularly around the chest. Her hair is kept relatively short in a slightly boyish fashion and can be found in all sorts of configurations, tied up, pulled back with a headband, under a hat, or even simply just left loose and hanging. As with the others in her family, her hair is brown and her eyes are a similarly dark shade of brown as well.

When not engaged in conversation or interaction with others and left to her own devices, Haru's expression is often a thoughtful one betraying little emotion as she stares out a window or something similar. She is however also prone to smiling and laughing easily when interacting with others, especially those she feels more comfortable around. This juxtaposition in her usual expressions can make her a bit hard to really read.

Her sense of fashion is inconsistent at best and varies widely on a day to day basis. Some days her clothes will be bright and loud in clashing colors or patterns, on others she dons dark and reserved tones. One consistency however is the boyish style of her clothes, outside of school you'll never see her in a skirt or a dress and she prefers baggier and loose clothing. Additionally she's quite fond of hoodies and hats, boasting a wide collection of styles and colors. Despite her unladylike appearance Haru puts a fairly large amount of effort into her looks and wardrobe when out and about.

ImageOn The Inside

Haruka is a bit of a mixed bag. She's an energetic young woman with a healthy sense of humor and an infectious smile, but also someone who finds herself awkward and at a loss during many social interactions, especially with her peers. When it comes to her hobbies and interests she's a very passionate girl, but when it comes to work of any sort it's incredibly difficult to get her to care or put forth any effort at all. That isn't to say she's incapable of hard work, she trains and practices hard for tennis, and in the case where something absolutely -has- to be done she can get it done quickly and done well. Outside of her family, Haru has very few people she considers close. At school she has a hard time making any real friends due to the awkwardness she often finds herself in when she doesn't know what to say in a conversation and the discomfort she feels being unable to be herself with people outside of her family. Due to this she can often be found simply hanging around her brother Michio during breaks between classes and during lunch.

- Drawing (Mostly manga and outfit designs)
- Photography
- Making costumes

- Unmotivated: Haruka has a hard time motivating herself to do anything work related.
- Disappointing her parents: Failing or disappointing her parents is a fear of Haruka's and is the only reason she continues to play tennis to this day.
- Losing a family member: Haruka treasures her family and her home as one of the few places she feels comfortable and that she can be herself and fears the loss of any of her family members.

- Fashion
- Hats
- Music
- Tea & Coffee
- Oranges
- Her family
- Manga
Tennis -
Homework -
Cooking -
Cleaning -
The heat -
Gossips -
Spicy foods -

The Small Stuff


Tennis Ace: Haruka has been playing tennis from a young age when her parents signed her up in the hopes of giving the overly energetic young girl a positive way to spend all that energy. At first Haruka quite enjoyed the sport and continued playing. As she grew older and became more skilled however she began to enter competitions and more importantly, began winning them. As her success grew so did the pressure she felt to perform, she began to dread playing but didn't have the heart to quit because of how proud it seemed to make her family of her. To this day she still plays, perhaps the best on the tennis team in her school which has earned her a bit of notoriety among the students.

Sexuality: While Haruka has not openly admitted and come out as being gay, there are more than a few rumors regarding her preference circulating among the student body thanks to her looks and her apparent disinterest in any of the boys who happen to ask her out. It's something Haruka refuses to talk about with anyone and it's something she still wishes to keep secret.

Photography: Wherever Haru goes she brings her digital camera, it's a pretty ordinary camera, nothing of a particularly high quality but not cheap either. Haruka can often be found taking pictures of just about anything she happens to pique her interest. In the past she has submitted a few photographs to some minor competitions for magazines and such, but has never had any of her photographs featured. Though she doesn't see it as a very realistic path, one of her dream occupations is to become a professional photographer for models or fashion.

Her Room: Haru's room is the only place of privacy she has within the lively Minami household and is a place that is off limits to her family without her permission. Inside her room are stacks of manga and fashion magazines, some hidden away and others simply left hanging out in the open with no real organization. Hidden deep in her closet however is the real thing Haru wishes to keep secret. Stored away neatly in a few unassuming cardboard boxes are several notebooks filled to the brim with her drawings. Outfit and costume designs, various drawings of both popular characters and original creations, and the beginnings of more than a few manga she had created.


So begins...

Haruka Minami's Story


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#, as written by Felilla

The crisp spring air drifted into the small room. The pastel walls danced in the sunlight filtering in from open window as the curtains fluttered softly in the breeze. It was a beautiful morning and outside the world was starting to bustle with activity. Everything in the world seemed to be right, if only for that one moment. The owner of the room was one girl. Her long blonde hair was spread out around as she rested peacefully in her bed, taking deep even breaths. If someone was in her room, looking down at her, they would find the girl to be ordinary and nothing special. Maybe that was why she never let anyone in her room when she was asleep.


The alarm clock next to her twin bed went off. The girl groaned and rolled over, as if that would make the clock shut off. When it did nothing, she let out an irritable yell, sitting up quickly. She slammed her hand down on the "snooze" button and rubbed her eyes. Her pristine blue eyes slowly opened to star around her room. For a few seconds, her eyes aimlessly roamed until she saw her clock. She let out a small scream, scrambling out from under her purple covers. "I'm late! Late! Late!" she glanced back at her clock and sighed in relief when she realized she had read the time wrong. "Thank god, I'm not late."

The girl we are currently with is known as Megumi Himura, only child of the Himura family. Well, for now, at least. Megumi sighed and ran a hand through her blonde hair. She grabbed the red bow off her nightstand, setting out for the bathroom.

Any sane person would be wondering what she thought she was late for in the first place. It's quite a simple answer, actually. Today was the first day of her second year of senior high school. It was an understatement to say she was excited. Twenty minutes after she entered the bathroom, she exited in her school uniform. It was simple enough: a blue skirt and a white polo shirt. She loved it though. As much as she had enjoyed summer break, she was happy to be going back to school.

She couldn't wait to see Aoi, who had gone away from the summer, and bug the Minami kids. And- and- and- Megumi took a deep breath. She was getting too excited, but she couldn't help it! With a squeal, she jumped into the air. She raced into the kitchen, offering her mom a small greeting a kissing her dad on the cheek. Quickly, she stuffed her food into her face before racing out the door, "Bye, mom! Bye, dad!"

After pulling on her shoes and grabbing her school bag, Megumi threw open the door and greeted the day with a smile. This was going to be great year!


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#, as written by Keen
Haruka Minami

'Ow... My neck...' As consciousness slowly returned to young woman of the Minami house, her first hazy thoughts were of the startling discomfort she felt. Despite this, she didn't feel all that motivated to actually get up, being in the fuzzy half-awake state she was in, sleep took priority over alleviating whatever this discomfort was. Satisfied with this line of thought she resigned herself to a few more minutes of sleep, but as luck would have it a gust of wind swept by nearby and elicited a high-pitched cacophony of windchimes that put an end to the girl's sleepy morning.

With a groan and no small amount of pain Haruka sat up, vision blurry as her eyes blinked open, her vision becoming clearer with each opening and closing of her eyes. It all started to make sense now, why her neck hurt and why she felt so uncomfortable, she had fallen asleep at her desk. With one hand reaching up to rub the back of her neck, the other reached down to flip closed the notebook that had served as her pillow. Apparently a bit of late-night inspiration had struck the girl.

With an exasperated sigh Haruka made for the bathroom to begin the usual morning rituals, hoping to get there before the rest of her large family did. As she returned to her room to get dressed, she remembered, 'Oh yeah... New school year...'. With a slight grimace she picked up the school uniform that was hanging up in her closet, muttering to herself, "Ugh... Skirts..." With another sigh she donned the outfit in preparation for her 2nd year of high school.

Still rubbing at the back of her neck, she made her way downstairs towards the kitchen, giving her parents a wave as she passed by. She hadn't seen any of her siblings up and about yet, and so she went about just preparing a slice of toast for herself before heading out the front door to stretch and take a deep breath of morning air. As her gaze wandered, she spotted the neighbor-girl... 'What was her name again?'. Pondering this question she reached up and scratched her head, finding herself absent-mindedly staring over in her direction. 'She's pretty cute.'

"Yo!" She began making her way across the porch and closer to the girl she called out to her with a wave. "Morning." With a small but sincere smile she greeted the girl next door, still munching away at the remnants of her toast as she wondered to herself what exactly she was doing sitting alone on her porch.