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Keita Minami

"Can you not see that I'm busy?"

0 · 322 views · located in Nakamura

a character in “Life is a Highway”, originally authored by BespectacledBeauty, as played by RolePlayGateway



Youngest Son of the Minami Family

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None that he prefers.





Hair Color
Pale Brown

Eye Color

Skin Tone



TBA "D-don't me stupid!"

Programming/Hacking || Keita is a major kind of a nerd when it comes to computers. It's almost as if he was born with the natural skill of weaving his way into his schools database from home so he can cheat on his homework. It might be hard for some to believe but he's actually quite the genius when it comes to technology.
MMO's || During whatever spare time he can get himself, Keita will be online for hours playing one of the various games that he's practically devoted himself to.
Origami || Keita has tons of origami pieces cluttering his shelves, littering the corners of his room and hanging from ceilings and walls. You can tell when he's got something on his mind because he'll fold together paper after paper like he doesn't even know he's doing it.

Likes Dislikes
âœĻ Sleeping Camping/Hiking ◆
âœĻ Sweets Cold Weather ◆
âœĻ Proving he's right Going to sleep early ◆
âœĻ Computers Schoolwork ◆
âœĻ Personal Space Adults ◆
âœĻ Walking at night Having Responsibilities ◆
âœĻ Online Shooting Games His Height ◆
âœĻ Beaches/The Ocean Going outside during the day ◆

Intelligent || His progress in school would say otherwise, but Keita is actually a fairly smart boy. The only reason his grades aren't the best is because he finds school unnecessary and time-consuming, so he barely pays attention in class and instead uses his skills with technology to cheat on his homework and tests to keep his parents from asking questions about school.
Observant || For someone who claims not to care about other people, he's sure good at reading them. Keita pays attention to detail, even more so if it's something he's interested in.

His Mother || Keita's never been the type to just "do as he's told". That is unless his mother is the one doing the telling. He goes against his siblings, teachers and even seems to slack off around his father, but he'll obey anything his mother tells him to do and is absolutely never rude to her in the slightest.
His Computer || He would literally do just about anything if his precious computer is threatened. Think he's confident now? Try holding a tilted cup of water over his monitor and see how "tough" he is then.
Cocky || Keita has been in the midst of quite a few quarrels with classmates and even strangers on the street. He's gotten himself beaten up a couple of times too, saying as he's not exactly physically strong. All of this is a result of his "better than you" attitude that seems to get him into trouble often.

Temperamental || Keita's had a short fuse ever since he was a toddler. He'd throw a fit just from somebody bumping into him without apologizing.
Short Attention-span || When he's not stuck in front of his games, Keita is terrible at keeping his focus on things that aren't interesting to him. He gets bored rather easily. Because of this his grades have been slipping in school, only staying just above failing due to him cheating.
No Manners || Basically he expects others to be polite to him, but he's rarely ever been polite to others. He gets into stuff without asking, cuts in line, will borrow other people stuff without permission, push his way through a crowd without excusing himself, rudely butt into a conversations, ect. The only time he ever shows some manners is when he's in the presence his mother.


With his cocky attitude and rude manners, it's easy for one to say that Keita is your everyday brat. I'd be hard to believe that someone would think otherwise of him, saying as he doesn't have any friends. It doesn't take him long to show his displeasure of socializing with other people. Though, despite him preferring to avoid conversation, he sure does tend to talk a lot when he has something to say. He believes the majority of people around him are idiots, more specifically those his age or those who think they are better than others. A bit hypocritical, since Keita himself comes off as that very type of person, but he really doesn't think anyone, including himself, is all that important and shouldn't try to act otherwise. Cocky personalities, ironically, piss him off especially when adults seem to think they can treat him like a child just because their older than him.

Video games and computers seem to be one of Keita'a only passions. He could go for hours without moving from his spot if he's playing something. This is another thing that ties into him not having any friends. He rarely ever leaves his room, let alone goes outside during the day. In fact it's he considers technology to be his life line, openly saying that he would die without internet connection. He can be quite the drama queen at times..

What might come as a surprise to some, though, is that Keita is actually somewhat shy. He's against socializing, yes, and can run his mouth with ease towards strangers or classmates who irritate him, however when it comes to him trying to make new friends he can be incredibly awkward. Since he's constantly locked up in his room he doesn't really get the chance to interact with others outside of school, so his social skill are really quite terrible. He's easily embarrassed and has a hard time understanding other people, so he does what he does best and brushes off the affections of those around him who try to be friendly.

If he does get the chance to actually have a conversation with someone though, his company can be kind of enjoyable, if you don't mind him making sly comments every so often. Despite his shy side, once he becomes curious about something he can usually bring up the courage to ask about it. He may be a little awkward, but he's also very confident in himself, never letting any negative thoughts or outside voices get to him.

Dialogue~ #288591
Faceclaim~ Hibiya || Mekaku City Actors


So begins...

Keita Minami's Story


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#, as written by Felilla

The crisp spring air drifted into the small room. The pastel walls danced in the sunlight filtering in from open window as the curtains fluttered softly in the breeze. It was a beautiful morning and outside the world was starting to bustle with activity. Everything in the world seemed to be right, if only for that one moment. The owner of the room was one girl. Her long blonde hair was spread out around as she rested peacefully in her bed, taking deep even breaths. If someone was in her room, looking down at her, they would find the girl to be ordinary and nothing special. Maybe that was why she never let anyone in her room when she was asleep.


The alarm clock next to her twin bed went off. The girl groaned and rolled over, as if that would make the clock shut off. When it did nothing, she let out an irritable yell, sitting up quickly. She slammed her hand down on the "snooze" button and rubbed her eyes. Her pristine blue eyes slowly opened to star around her room. For a few seconds, her eyes aimlessly roamed until she saw her clock. She let out a small scream, scrambling out from under her purple covers. "I'm late! Late! Late!" she glanced back at her clock and sighed in relief when she realized she had read the time wrong. "Thank god, I'm not late."

The girl we are currently with is known as Megumi Himura, only child of the Himura family. Well, for now, at least. Megumi sighed and ran a hand through her blonde hair. She grabbed the red bow off her nightstand, setting out for the bathroom.

Any sane person would be wondering what she thought she was late for in the first place. It's quite a simple answer, actually. Today was the first day of her second year of senior high school. It was an understatement to say she was excited. Twenty minutes after she entered the bathroom, she exited in her school uniform. It was simple enough: a blue skirt and a white polo shirt. She loved it though. As much as she had enjoyed summer break, she was happy to be going back to school.

She couldn't wait to see Aoi, who had gone away from the summer, and bug the Minami kids. And- and- and- Megumi took a deep breath. She was getting too excited, but she couldn't help it! With a squeal, she jumped into the air. She raced into the kitchen, offering her mom a small greeting a kissing her dad on the cheek. Quickly, she stuffed her food into her face before racing out the door, "Bye, mom! Bye, dad!"

After pulling on her shoes and grabbing her school bag, Megumi threw open the door and greeted the day with a smile. This was going to be great year!


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#, as written by Keen
Haruka Minami

'Ow... My neck...' As consciousness slowly returned to young woman of the Minami house, her first hazy thoughts were of the startling discomfort she felt. Despite this, she didn't feel all that motivated to actually get up, being in the fuzzy half-awake state she was in, sleep took priority over alleviating whatever this discomfort was. Satisfied with this line of thought she resigned herself to a few more minutes of sleep, but as luck would have it a gust of wind swept by nearby and elicited a high-pitched cacophony of windchimes that put an end to the girl's sleepy morning.

With a groan and no small amount of pain Haruka sat up, vision blurry as her eyes blinked open, her vision becoming clearer with each opening and closing of her eyes. It all started to make sense now, why her neck hurt and why she felt so uncomfortable, she had fallen asleep at her desk. With one hand reaching up to rub the back of her neck, the other reached down to flip closed the notebook that had served as her pillow. Apparently a bit of late-night inspiration had struck the girl.

With an exasperated sigh Haruka made for the bathroom to begin the usual morning rituals, hoping to get there before the rest of her large family did. As she returned to her room to get dressed, she remembered, 'Oh yeah... New school year...'. With a slight grimace she picked up the school uniform that was hanging up in her closet, muttering to herself, "Ugh... Skirts..." With another sigh she donned the outfit in preparation for her 2nd year of high school.

Still rubbing at the back of her neck, she made her way downstairs towards the kitchen, giving her parents a wave as she passed by. She hadn't seen any of her siblings up and about yet, and so she went about just preparing a slice of toast for herself before heading out the front door to stretch and take a deep breath of morning air. As her gaze wandered, she spotted the neighbor-girl... 'What was her name again?'. Pondering this question she reached up and scratched her head, finding herself absent-mindedly staring over in her direction. 'She's pretty cute.'

"Yo!" She began making her way across the porch and closer to the girl she called out to her with a wave. "Morning." With a small but sincere smile she greeted the girl next door, still munching away at the remnants of her toast as she wondered to herself what exactly she was doing sitting alone on her porch.