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Mio Wantanabe

"I dare you to touch my girls."(MWIP)

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a character in “Life is a Highway”, originally authored by BespectacledBeauty, as played by RolePlayGateway


Dialogue~ #610260 || #056110
Faceclaim~ Sonora || Stella Women's Academy

- Nickname(s) -
Mio - Her preferred nickname.
"Please don't use my full name."

Mom, Mother - Called by her children.
"Well I am a Mother, after all!"

Ma'm - What her kids call her when she's scolding them.
"Damn right, Kid."

- Family/Role -
Mother of the Wantanabe Family

- Age -
"It's rude to ask a women for her age."

- Sexuality -

- Height -

- Weight -

- Hair Color -
Midnight Blue

- Eye Color -
Midnight Blue

- Skin Tone -

- Build -



- Potential Interest -
Sakura Koizumi
"What? She's good-looking!"

- Occupation -
Mio is a deputy at the local police station.
"That's Ms. Deputy to you."

- Hobbies -


- Likes - - Dislikes -
- Her Job Cigarette Smoke -
- Cooking Sweets -
- Taking Long Showers Disrespectful People -
- Running Coffee -
- Old Literature Frilly Clothes -
- English Tea Large Cities -

- Strengths -
Athletic - Mio is very physically fit, something that goes along with her job. There's no getting away from her if she's chasing you.
Empathetic - Especially when it comes to her daughters, Mio is very good at understanding others feelings, making her a wonderful listener.
Protective - Mio would do anything for those dear to her, especially her kids. As a mother she has a natural instinct to help those in need. Her job also ties her into wanting to protect the weak and stand up for those who can't stand up for themselves.

- Skills -
Shooting - Mio's got a great aim and knows quite a lot about guns. She often uses her weapon as a way to say "hurt my kids and I'll put a hole in you", though this is mostly used in a joking manner.
Multitasking - Forget doing one thing at a time. Mio can easily focus on a plethora of things at once. She has excellent concentration, so even if she's got her hands full with stuff she can still take care of many things with few mistakes.
Hand-to-Hand Combat - She could knock an amateur on their feet in seconds. Her job requires her to train in combat and exercise those skills daily. So don't make her angry...

- Weaknesses -
Her daughters - What mother wouldn't consider their children to be their greatest weakness? She'd do anything for the sake of her kids, even if it means dressing up in a frilly pink bunny suit! *Shudders*
Dares - If you dare Mio to do something, as long a it's within reason, she'll do it. Though she usually has to get a few drinks in her before she goes streaking down the road.
Technology - She can manage a cell phone and other communication devices that are used in her line of work, but tell her to print something up and she'll likely break the printer trying to get it to work.

- Flaws -
Over-protective - I did mention her love of guns and how she uses them to threaten any boys that come around her daughters. She can be a little too protective sometimes and is always worrying about her kids.
Cooking - She loves cooking, really. She's always going through cookbooks and trying new things, but Mio is definitely not a chef. She usually ends up making a mess of the kitchen and not many of her dishes actually come out tasting like they should.

- Fears -
Her Job - There is no other career path that Mio would rather take than doing police work. However, now that she has children she's always afraid something might happen to her that would leave her daughters without a mother.
Heights - Mio has always had an irrational fear of heights. She doesn't even like looking out of the window of a two-story building. Being in high places makes her feel very dizzy and she may even black out.


- Personality -
Friendly || Protective || Strong-Willed || Strict || Outgoing


So begins...

Mio Wantanabe's Story


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#, as written by Felilla

The crisp spring air drifted into the small room. The pastel walls danced in the sunlight filtering in from open window as the curtains fluttered softly in the breeze. It was a beautiful morning and outside the world was starting to bustle with activity. Everything in the world seemed to be right, if only for that one moment. The owner of the room was one girl. Her long blonde hair was spread out around as she rested peacefully in her bed, taking deep even breaths. If someone was in her room, looking down at her, they would find the girl to be ordinary and nothing special. Maybe that was why she never let anyone in her room when she was asleep.


The alarm clock next to her twin bed went off. The girl groaned and rolled over, as if that would make the clock shut off. When it did nothing, she let out an irritable yell, sitting up quickly. She slammed her hand down on the "snooze" button and rubbed her eyes. Her pristine blue eyes slowly opened to star around her room. For a few seconds, her eyes aimlessly roamed until she saw her clock. She let out a small scream, scrambling out from under her purple covers. "I'm late! Late! Late!" she glanced back at her clock and sighed in relief when she realized she had read the time wrong. "Thank god, I'm not late."

The girl we are currently with is known as Megumi Himura, only child of the Himura family. Well, for now, at least. Megumi sighed and ran a hand through her blonde hair. She grabbed the red bow off her nightstand, setting out for the bathroom.

Any sane person would be wondering what she thought she was late for in the first place. It's quite a simple answer, actually. Today was the first day of her second year of senior high school. It was an understatement to say she was excited. Twenty minutes after she entered the bathroom, she exited in her school uniform. It was simple enough: a blue skirt and a white polo shirt. She loved it though. As much as she had enjoyed summer break, she was happy to be going back to school.

She couldn't wait to see Aoi, who had gone away from the summer, and bug the Minami kids. And- and- and- Megumi took a deep breath. She was getting too excited, but she couldn't help it! With a squeal, she jumped into the air. She raced into the kitchen, offering her mom a small greeting a kissing her dad on the cheek. Quickly, she stuffed her food into her face before racing out the door, "Bye, mom! Bye, dad!"

After pulling on her shoes and grabbing her school bag, Megumi threw open the door and greeted the day with a smile. This was going to be great year!


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#, as written by Felilla

Tomoyo Wantanabe woke up in a way that wasn't exactly unusual for her. Sure, for others it might have seemed weird, but for her it was completely ordinary. She woke up at her desk, her laptop shining unnatural light onto her pale face. Her cerulean blue eyes popped open before she sat up and leaned back in her chair with a yawn. After taking a quick look about the crop circles popping up all over the place and deeming them a hoax, Tomoyo forced herself off of her chair.

Then, she groaned. Today was the first day of the new school year. Someone kill her now. She flopped onto her bed, hoping to catch a few a few precious moments of much needed sleep. But the world seemed to hate the poor girl and her alarm clock started blaring from some unknown spot she had probably stuffed it to keep it quiet.

With a resigned sigh, Tomoyo pushed herself up and started throwing pillows around to find the blasted clock. Her hands wrapped around it. She shut it off before climbing out of bed.

Tomoyo was not one to dawdle, even if it meant losing peaceful sleep. She started to dress in her school uniform, pushing back the wave of exhaustion rushing over her. It probably wasn't the best idea to stay up all night. Next, came her books. She shoved them into her schoolbag, glad that she hadn't procrastinated on her summer homework. Tomoyo stalked out of her room and into the bathroom, splashing cold water on her face. As she ran a brush through her long blue hair, her mother walked in. "Morning, mom," she greeted as she adjusted her school uniform. It was an ugly thing to be sure, she would have much rather preferred the high school uniform. She glared at her hair, trying to push down a flyaway. It didn't work, of course. To distract herself, she directed her attention to her mother. "How did you sleep?"


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It had been another late night, something Mio would probably never get used to despite being on the force for so many years. There was no such thing as a shift end with her, and even on days off she'd usually be called into work anyway. That was tiresome, but it was also one of the things she enjoyed about her job. It wasn't the same 9 to 5 everyday, just sitting at a desk doing the same paperwork over and over again. Her hours were flexible and everyday was a new thing, so she never got bored.

She lumped her way into the hallways bathroom, dragging her bare feet across the wooden floor. She wore nothing more than a black sports bra and a pair of light blue boxers, her short hair sticking up oddly on the right side.

"Morning, mom."

At the sound of her daughters voice she perked up a little, meaning to smile but instead letting out a long yawn as she approached the sink beside Tomoyo.

"How did you sleep?"

She leaned over slightly, turning on the faucet and letting the cold water run over her hands for a moment before filling up her palms and splashing her face. "Like a rock!", she said before letting out a small chuckle and pressing her face against a towel. "Heh, I wish. Maybe one of these days I'll be able to catch up on some Z's for once."

She made her way to the shower and turned the nobs, the sound of spraying water now filling up the bathroom. "Your sister still asleep or did she take off already? I never know with that girl."

Once she felt the water was at a good temperature she let her clothes fall to the floor and stepped in, pulling the shower curtain closed behind her. "Sorry I never get to walk with you girls. Make sure you be careful on your way to school!"