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Takeru Koizumi

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a character in “Life is a Highway”, as played by Idiotic Noob


The Koizumi family is a wealthy family that consists of a mother, a father, and their first year college son.

So begins...

Takeru Koizumi's Story


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#, as written by Felilla

The crisp spring air drifted into the small room. The pastel walls danced in the sunlight filtering in from open window as the curtains fluttered softly in the breeze. It was a beautiful morning and outside the world was starting to bustle with activity. Everything in the world seemed to be right, if only for that one moment. The owner of the room was one girl. Her long blonde hair was spread out around as she rested peacefully in her bed, taking deep even breaths. If someone was in her room, looking down at her, they would find the girl to be ordinary and nothing special. Maybe that was why she never let anyone in her room when she was asleep.


The alarm clock next to her twin bed went off. The girl groaned and rolled over, as if that would make the clock shut off. When it did nothing, she let out an irritable yell, sitting up quickly. She slammed her hand down on the "snooze" button and rubbed her eyes. Her pristine blue eyes slowly opened to star around her room. For a few seconds, her eyes aimlessly roamed until she saw her clock. She let out a small scream, scrambling out from under her purple covers. "I'm late! Late! Late!" she glanced back at her clock and sighed in relief when she realized she had read the time wrong. "Thank god, I'm not late."

The girl we are currently with is known as Megumi Himura, only child of the Himura family. Well, for now, at least. Megumi sighed and ran a hand through her blonde hair. She grabbed the red bow off her nightstand, setting out for the bathroom.

Any sane person would be wondering what she thought she was late for in the first place. It's quite a simple answer, actually. Today was the first day of her second year of senior high school. It was an understatement to say she was excited. Twenty minutes after she entered the bathroom, she exited in her school uniform. It was simple enough: a blue skirt and a white polo shirt. She loved it though. As much as she had enjoyed summer break, she was happy to be going back to school.

She couldn't wait to see Aoi, who had gone away from the summer, and bug the Minami kids. And- and- and- Megumi took a deep breath. She was getting too excited, but she couldn't help it! With a squeal, she jumped into the air. She raced into the kitchen, offering her mom a small greeting a kissing her dad on the cheek. Quickly, she stuffed her food into her face before racing out the door, "Bye, mom! Bye, dad!"

After pulling on her shoes and grabbing her school bag, Megumi threw open the door and greeted the day with a smile. This was going to be great year!


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||Mood:Energized||Location:Koizumi house||Current Actions:Waking Up||

6:29 am.

"Ah! I beat the clock again!"

Takeru sighed before pressing the snooze button of his clock. For some reason, he has never been woken up by the sound of the alarm clock no matter how early the time is set and it’s been bugging him since his middle school years. ‘This is what they call body clock, isn’t it, the boy just realized. After he finished cleaning up his bed and doing his daily morning stretches, Takeru felt a smile etched upon his face as he felt energized and ready to go. However, as soon as Takeru took a step out of his room, he was welcomed by a bunch of junk food wrappers, bottles of half-drank wine, and even a white lacy bra which were all scattered around the floor.

Instead of freaking out or at least be surprised by the amount of garbage in the hallway, Takeru merely went to the kitchen and grabbed a huge, black, garbage bag and started cleaning up the hallway until it was sparkling clean and free from dirt. Seriously, though, what happened here? It’s impossible that Takeru’s dad would do a get-together with his workmates, considering his work schedule. Plus, even if they did have a get-together, the hallway wouldn’t be that messy. So, it leaves him with but one conclusion:

Mom must have been eating chips and drinking wine during the night. Geez, even after making a deal to eat only one pack of chips per day and only a bottle of wine per week. That’s really bad for the health! Sheesh…I guess I’ll have no choice but to ask father to reduce the amount of junk food and wine we’ll buy.

And with that decision, Takeru carried the trash bag outside and threw it inside the big yellow trash bin. Seeing as the sun was just about to rise, Takeru realized that he still had time for a short run. Mornings wouldn’t just feel right for him if he didn’t. After changing into his sneakers and locking up the gate of their house, Takeru went for a jogging session around the town. As he did, he politely greeted a few people that he passed by with a smile. He ran around and passed by his old school, his new college, and a few of his classmates and friends’ houses.

After jogging for about 20 minutes, Takeru headed back to the house. Surprised as his mother hasn’t woken up yet even after he’s returned, Takeru decided to take a bath. Afterwards, he went to the kitchen to cook breakfast for himself and his mother.